What Every Responsible Bridesmaid Should Do

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honour. But the shrieks of joy that begin with the request are usually followed by panic attacks and moments of stress. After the initial excitement fades away, you may find yourself fretting about how you’re going to live up to your close friend’s expectations.

But being a responsible bridesmaid goes much beyond calming her nerves before the big event. The responsibilities of a bridesmaid begin a long time before the wedding and can keep her busy even after the wedding has passed.

Here are certain things that you should pay attention to as a kick-ass bridesmaid:

The Dress

You’ve seen it in the movies and have read about it in books, but you will see it with your own eyes how hysterical a woman can really get if something goes wrong with her wedding dress. You know exactly how much it matters to the bride.

You may have to assist her when she goes shopping for her bridal dress. As her maid of honour you’re expected to know what she likes and you’re also the one with the best idea about which dress she would look absolutely gorgeous in.

Wedding Gifts & Planning

You may have to give some serious thought into what you will be gifting the bride. Hopefully her husband to be showers her with gifts throughout their marriage, but until then, it is your gifts that will matter a lot to her, especially what you gift her at the wedding.

You may also have a crucial role to play in the process of wedding planning. There are several things that need to be taken care of and naturally, the bride may need more than just a helping hand. These tasks include sending out invitations, tasting cakes, taking care of the decorations – the list goes on…


A wedding is one of the time’s in life that people let go of their inhibitions. As the maid of honour, you are expected to help lead the room. When people are called onto the dance floor, you can’t be the one standing in the corner, so you better learn how to move your feet even if you think you were born with two left ones.

Constant Support

The bride will become really busy as the wedding day draws closer. Everybody will want to meet her. She will be busy greeting and meeting many people at the wedding. From time to time she may ask for your opinion on whether her makeup needs a touch up or her hair looks fine. It is your job to ensure she looks as beautiful as possible during her big day, even if you have to play the bad cop and tell her that she’s got food in her teeth.

Hen-Do Party

The Hen-do is not just a party. It is a story that is waiting to be heard at the wedding. It is the last time the crazy “single” girl inside her sees the light of the day. It is a fond memory of her bachelorette days and one that she will cherish for a long time to come.

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Get in touch with us and take the first step in becoming a responsible bridesmaid.