Parties get Better when Taken Off Road

Is there anybody who does not like to party? It gives us a break from our routine and takes our mind off the professional track and gets it racing in a whole new circuit.

At Avalanche Adventure we believe that roads are the routine – and that party is the equivalent of an off road experience.

While we’re on the subject of taking a slight detour from the regular course, let’s take you through some of the off road activities that we offer here at Avalanche Adventure.

Quad Bike Safari

Suppose you’re walking around the neighbourhood and come across this ATV parked in a shed. Looking at those mud stained wheels, you will probably wonder what that ride must feel like. If you’re willing to take our word on it, the feeling is pretty good.

Now riding a dirt motorbike is quite enticing too but not everybody is comfortable trusting their lives to two wheels. It can also be intimidating for those who aren’t used to riding it. You need to balance yourself on two wheels and off roads are not like regular roads, as they throw at us their little surprises and catch us off guard.

All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs as they are commonly called are much safer than dirt motorbikes. It’s an off road activity which is suitable even for those who do not have much experience of off road driving. Its four wheels provide much more stability than bikes and their tyres are designed especially to hold a good grip on the trail below.

In this way our Quad Safari Activity offers the perfect balance between thrill and safety, making it an ideal off road activity for adventure enthusiasts of any age group.

Gemini Off Road Buggies

Are you looking for an off road activity which is not very extreme for your liking? In that case you should try our Gemini Off Road Buggies activity. We have designed a special 800 metre circuit which means there is 800 metres of mud splashing fun ahead of you. We have placed some interesting turns and twists on your way to make the ride exciting and fun.

If you’ve tried Go-Karting and you liked it, you’re going to fall in love with these Buggies. Our Gemini race Buggies are powered by 400cc engines which means they are more suited for racing than ATVs which have 250cc engines. You are bound to feel like you’re sitting in a small rocket which pretty much dashes its way through our custom built race track.

Try as you might, you won’t be able to hold back your huge grin whilst riding one of these. It will seem as impossible as sitting with a poker face on a roller coaster ride.

Land Rover Off Road Driving

Have you ever seen a Lion walk? The way it moves, there’s no need to tell you that it’s the king of the jungle. The same applies to a Land Rover Defender. When you see it cross a stream or rise from a pool of mud, you will be convinced beyond doubt that it is the king of all off road machines.

Driving this powerful beast can be the highlight of your party. If it’s a stag-do you’re attending, then this is an ideal masculine activity to do, but it’s a perfect activity for any occasion as long as you are open to trying something different and adventurous.

Also, it’s natural to worry about your safety when signing up for an off road activity. We understand that you may have concerns and for this reason, we have qualified instructors who will be present with you at all times during the ride to ensure that you are safe and sound.

So if you’re ready to dance to a different tune, contact us today and get some exciting vouchers for your party.