Why Camping Is a Must at Any Stag Do Venue

Crowded pubs, loud music and a bunch of stags entertained by a scantily clad woman. It’s become quite the cliché, hasn’t it? When you spot these in one place, you can tell right away that a stag party is going on as they have literally become that predictable.

Best men are often smitten with the desire to do something off beat for their friend’s farewell. They want their stag do story to be different and not just a cheap imitation of the Hangover series, but making it happen is often the difficult part.

Do you also wish to defy convention and want to try something new and exciting for a change? There’s a way you can make all of that happen, by camping here at Avalanche Adventure for your stag weekend.

Why Do Something Different?

The groom-to-be will soon be missing his bachelor days. Naturally, he pins a lot of hope on you as his best man to make this weekend memorable for him. After all, the stag night will be his last memory of those good old days pre marriage.

If you decide to camp at Avalanche Adventure on your stag weekend, you can add a lot of spices and flavours to this memory. The memory will have everything in the right mix, the serenity of outdoors, the sound of roaring engines and the occasional blast of gun fire.

We offer a range of activities which ensures that nobody feels left out. We have designed these activities keeping in mind every personality type. For those who dare to take on something which isn’t exactly their cup of tea, we have our experts to guide them at every turn and corner.

Crash when you Like

Do you remember how you felt when you first stepped into a Hamleys store as a child? You probably gave yourself a strain in the neck from all the looking around at the toys in front of you.

You’re likely to feel the same when you drive through the gates of Avalanche Adventure. If you’re a wheels guy, you will find it difficult to keep your excitement at bay. Sometimes they will be fixed on the Land Rovers, or perhaps you’ll cast your gaze to the quad bikes or amphibious vehicle. You will find yourself wishing you could take each one of them out for a ride… yet the great part about this all is that you can!

Not much of a driving enthusiast? No problem at all, as you can hold a rifle in your hand and shoot some clay pigeons instead. Want to go for a slightly more traditional attack? Take a bow, stretch the arrow and aim for glory on the archery board.

You may experience some tiredness after a day full of fun activities. So having a tent to crawl into at night will certainly give you a sense of relief, as there’s nothing worse than a long slog of a drive back after a day full of activity and excitement.

When the Night is on Fire

It is in the night that camping reveals its true charm. It is the time when the bonfire is burning, the stars are out and so are the beers.

Those city lights won’t hurt your eyes and there will be no neighbours to complain of loud music or laughter that’s got out of hand. In this way, your gang will get all the privacy they need to wreak as much havoc as they wish to, which is exactly what you want from a stag do vnue.

Also, staying in a camp gives you the option to continue the party the following day which means you have more time on your hands for activities that will keep you awake with excitement.

So, before your best friend says ‘I do’ to the woman of his dreams, bring him to Avalanche Adventure and make him say yes to some manly outdoor pursuits first.