How Blindfold Driving Gets Your Team Closer?

Let’s face it. Is it not everybody’s dream that others have to follow exactly what they say blindly, without question? With the Blindfold Driving activity at Avalanche Adventure, this dream actually comes true! Intrigued? Let us tell you more…

What is Blindfold Driving?

To put it simply, blindfold driving is a communication test. It tests how clearly instructions can be given and how well they can be followed. Still confused? Let’s take you through it step by step.

How it Works?

Suppose you have brought your team to the gates of Avalanche Adventure. You want to bring them closer together as a team. You’re looking for an activity which improves their inter-personal communication.

Our suggestion to you is the same as the suggestion we have given to countless teams in the past. As long as your team is out there having a fun time together, they are getting closer, no matter which activity they are involved in.

But there is one activity which is specifically tailored to improve communication between members of a team. This activity goes by the name of Blindfold Driving.

Each team is blessed with that fellow who has trouble following instructions. You ask them to do one thing and they end up doing something else altogether. If your team has one such blessing, make them sit behind the steering wheel of our Land Rover Defender.

And another one of you, possibly the one who has trouble giving instructions, gets to sit beside the driver. The co-pilot must give clear instructions to the driver for navigating the car around the course that we have specially designed for this activity.

Sounds simple enough, right? But there is a slight twist. The driver must be blindfolded.

How will the Car Move?

The Land Rover is set in to the second gear and the beast will drive itself around without the need to accelerate, clutch or brake. The driver will not need any of these controls until the end of the lap, except the steering wheel of course.

For those of you worried about the car hitting trees and other obstacles on the path, we have a solution for this. We have placed tyres along the course so that even if any of you makes a mistake, the car and those seated inside are safe and sound.

Besides, do you really think we would trust our beloved Land Rover to a blind driver? Of course not, our experienced instructor will be present at all times inside the car to prevent any motorised mayhem.

What to Expect Along the Way?

Besides some weird manoeuvres, strange noises and some wacky driving there is a lot of fun to be had along the way. Each of these elements, the clumsy driving included, brings your team closer together. Here are some other things you may find along the way:

Finding Solutions

In order to successfully complete this activity, you have to rely on trust, communication, some lateral thinking and also innovation. You will be faced with complex problems and you may have to find alternative solutions to overcome them.


This task is clearly not for those who consider themselves to be a one-man army. As the wheels move forward, you will realise just how important teamwork is. One learns to drive with blindfolded eyes, while the other learns to steer the car without touching the steering wheel.

Different Roles

Despite the safety precautions, the driver will feel responsible for the safety of others. The co-pilot will think of himself as nothing less than a guardian angel, guiding others to safety. With this activity, you are encouraging people to take on different roles and responsibilities.

Out of your comfort zone

The overall blindfolded driving experience can be quite disorienting. It catches people off guard and brings them out of their comfort zone. When you are able to steer the car perfectly well, despite being uncomfortable, you will have truly developed the art of performing under pressure.

On completion of this activity, you will walk out with a team that is more capable than ever of communicating comfortable with each other. Get in touch with us to bring your team closer together, or get your team some gift vouchers as a corporate incentive.