Unusual Hen Do Ideas for the Not-So-Regular Hen

We have a stereotype in mind when it comes to hen parties. We expect every picture of that night to have plush spaces, foxy ladies wearing devil horns and a male stripper providing some much required clothless entertainment.

Well, not all ladies are the same. For some, an ideal hen weekend isn’t about being pampered, sipping on cocktails and having a stripper thrust in their face. Some may have a different idea of fun and may want to defy the tried and tested hen party ideas and instead opt for a more unusual hen do venue.

Tackling the Tough Job

If you have a not-so-regular hen as your friend, you may be looking for some unusual hen do ideas to make the experience fun for her. Finding the right activity for a friend who does not enjoy the ordinary may not be an easy thing to do.

But if that’s what you’re seeking, you have surely come to the right place. At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that there are two ways to have fun. One way is to stick to convention and do things that others are seen doing in their social media pictures. It is safe, it looks great on Instagram but it’s certainly nothing new.

The other way is to go down the unconventional route and do something which you have never tried in your life before. The advantage of doing something like this is that there’s a strange anticipation. A feeling which you usually experience when you’re about to do something for the first time… which will be fantastic for the bride to be, as she may well be feeling nervous if she’s never tied the knot before! Most activities at Avalanche Adventure will give you this feeling.

Dust off the Driving Cobwebs

Most of us drive when we have to go from point A to point B. That’s hat what the city roads and mundane town driving is for? But to have a real driving experience you need a change of roads, scenery and also a different set of wheels. That is when you no longer drive for the sake of commuting but for  fun.

At Avalanche Adventure, we redefine the experience of driving. We throw in some dirt tracks, some badass machines (we have many of them) and what you get is pure unadulterated driving pleasure. If your hen likes to burn some rubber then you should definitely include one of our driving experiences in your hen weekend.


Considering that the bride-to-be is more likely to enjoy activities that are slightly different from the regular, you may want to give paintballing a try. When your entire girl gang is out there on the field holding guns in their hand and running around, it will be a memory which you can all giggle over for years to come until the next hen do of the group.

This is also the furthest that you can get from the conventional idea of hens having a great time with a naked male butler. Instead of those devil horns, you will be wearing a combat uniform and we bet it also makes for a really offbeat social media picture!

If after the paintball session you find yourself craving to hold a real gun, you can also try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. In this activity you will be holding a shotgun and aiming to take down clays that will pop out of nowhere.

Another warfare activity that you can give a try is archery. There’s a certain thrill in holding a bow in your hands and shooting arrow after arrow at the archery board. You can also make it competitive by keeping score.

Avalanche also offers you the option to crash here in one of our camps if the night gets too heavy, which in all probability it may, given that it’s her last night of freedom. Your best friend’s wedding is a once in a lifetime event (or at least we hope it is) and it certainly deserves a string of unique experiences.

Get in touch with us if you wish to capture something else in the pictures you intend to click on that day. Or enquire about our vouchers if you want to leave the activities down to the bride…