4 Father And Son Activities To Strengthen Your Bond In The Best Way

thrilling activities for Father's Day; a father and son duo taking a walk

Appreciation for our dads is something we should show at every chance we get.

Special days dedicated just to them are the perfect opportunity to make them feel special and remind them just how incredible they are. You can strengthen your bond with them too. 

Father’s Day in particular gives you that chance to bond with your dad. No matter what he may say, spending time doing the things he loves will be one of the best things you can do.

If your dad is a fan of the outdoors, we’ve got the perfect idea for you! 

Our experts have put together a list of thrilling activities for Father’s Day that let you spend quality time together in some of the best ways.

Let’s get started!

1. Go Off Roading!

thrilling activities for Father's Day; a 4x4 at a scenic location

For those of you who’ve heard of off roading, you already know why this activity tops our list. For those that don’t – off roading is a thrilling activity that lets you speed around in a 4×4 over challenging terrains.

You’ll get to experience the best of speed and adrenaline rushes, with the choice to travel to wherever you wish. With your father by your side and some good tunes, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

To make it even more interesting, consider ending your off road adventure with a camping trip, your old man is sure to love this!

2. Try An Intense Shooting Experience

thrilling activities for Father's Day; Clay Pigeon Shooting at Avalanche Adventure

For all those dads who love recreational shooting, clay pigeon shooting or perhaps even air rifle shooting can be on your list of thrilling activities for Father’s Day.

Whether you have tried out this activity before or not, it’s relatively easy to understand, as long as you’re equipped with some basic information and tips. Since it requires focus, concentration and the right stance, you might even want to practice a little bit, to be able to keep up with your old man.

At Avalanche, we offer clay pigeon shooting and air rifle shooting, so every father and son can try it out. With our team of experts briefing you beforehand, you’re ensured a safe and enjoyable experience.

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3. Go Fishing

father and son fishing at a lake

If a relaxing day near the water is his ideal day, surprise him with a fishing trip! For those dads who love sitting by the water with a fishing rod in their hand, a fishing trip is the perfect idea for a Father’s Day surprise.

The pair of you can sit together at his favourite fishing spot and talk, spend some quality time together, and bond in one of the best ways. Catching a few fish can only add to your day, making it even more special.

Additionally, if the two of you are outdoor people, the fish you catch can also serve as supper! You’re guaranteed to have a memorable time together.

4. Rent His Dream Car

a silver Porsche 911 parked near a building

Every dad has a car they’ve always dreamed of driving. While buying this may not be possible due to the high costs involved, you can help him achieve his dream for the day, by renting it instead!

Renting the ultimate dream car for your dad and going out on the empty roads to make the most of it, will be something close to a dream for your dad. It’s sure to surprise him and will stay etched in his memory forever.

While it may not necessarily top the list of the most thrilling activities for Father’s Day, it’s still something he would definitely enjoy.

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Thrilling activities on Father’s Day let you spend quality time with your dad in a fun environment. Any of the activities we’ve talked about will guarantee an enjoyable and memorable time with your old man.

If you’re looking for adrenaline-filled adventures for son and dad, Avalanche Adventure offers several outdoor activities that you’re sure to enjoy!

From quad biking to a hovercraft experience, we have various diverse activities that will bring out the adventurous spirit in you.

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