Top 4 Air Rifle Mistakes to Avoid

air rifle mistakes; a person holding an air rifle

Whether you’re starting it out as a new hobby or have been in the game for years, air rifle shooting is a thrilling activity that requires laser focus and attention.

While you may have some experience with the sport, we all still tend to make a few air rifle mistakes that can affect our overall shooting experience. However, most of these can be fixed with a few tips which will improve your shooting and bring you a step closer to mastering the sport.

At Avalanche, we have a team of experts that know all there is to know about this activity and if you’re looking for tips to avoid air rifle mistakes, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of air rifle shooting tips to ensure that your skills keep improving; let’s take a look!

1. Over-Oiling and Over-Cleaning the Gun

air rifle mistakes; a person aiming their air rifle

A common beginner mistake that most people will make during air rifle shooting is over cleaning and oiling their gun. 

Traditional air rifles have leather seals that need to be oiled frequently to prevent the material from drying out. However, when it comes to the modern air rifle, whilst it does need to be oiled, the synthetic material doesn’t actually need frequent lubrication. 

Over-oiling can cause long-term issues that will damage the gun with an effect called dieseling. Dieseling causes excess oil to enter the gun’s barrel ignites and may cause small explosions that can lead to increased power during combustion and thus, poor accuracy. 

Additionally, over-cleaning can make the rifle prone to rust, which can damage the accuracy of the gun and make it uncomfortable to use.

2. Proper Setting Up of The Rifle

a blurred shot of a gun

Another addition to your list of air rifle mistakes to avoid, is an improper setup of the gun. Every new air rifle needs a break-in period and the length of this period can differ from gun to gun, depending on the model and type.

Underestimating the length of this break-in period can mean your rifle isn’t entirely ready for use yet. This can cause major inaccuracies in power and aim, which can frustrate you, the marksman and lead you to believe that the air rifle is malfunctioning.

If beginners try to take out the parts to figure out which component is malfunctioning, they can also cause unnecessary damage to the parts which can harm the air rifle.

3. Sighting in Your Scope

air rifle mistakes; a person sighting in their scope

A beginner shooting an air rifle will first have to sight-in your scope right. If you’re under the assumption that this is complicated, there’s a possibility that you might not fully understand the process.

When sighting in a scope, shooting consistently from the same spot is essential to accurately hit your target. Many air rifle beginners zero in on their target and during the check, they move the gun away or pick it up with them, which is a mistake. 

Not having a firm rest is another air rifle mistake to avoid as it affects your shooting consistency and also makes it difficult to scope accurately. 

Another related mistake people often make is not keeping an accurate distance while shooting and thereby wrongly using the scope. Most of these errors can be fixed easily by learning the right stance and by keeping yourself prepared with our air rifle shooting tips.

4. Poor Gun Control

a person aiming at a target

Poor finger position on the trigger, flinching during recoil and not following through can indicate poor gun control on the part of the marksman and can have a significant impact on the outcome of the shot.

While some of these mistakes may seem unnoticeable, they do impact where the pellet will land and your overall air rifle shooting experience will be unsuccessful. Moreover, tensing during recoil causes the rifle to drop forward, which can affect your aim.

Not following through forces the pellet off the mark and may cause the gun to jerk either sideways or up and down, making you miss the target by a lot.

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Now that you know all about air rifle mistakes that you need to avoid, you can easily improve your skills and become a pro at this activity. Why not begin your shooting journey at Avalanche?

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