A Guide to Planning the Ultimate Stag Party for Your Best Mate

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Being the best man and the closest friend of the groom is an honour that comes with its own set of responsibilities. The biggest being to plan an epic stag party for the groom. 

To organise this event, you’ll want to make sure to go all out and perhaps even consider hiring a stag party guide. However, if you’re simply looking for the ultimate stag do checklist that has everything you need to know, including the best stag party ideas, we’ve got you covered.

With immense experience in organising epic adventures for stags with our stag party activities, we know all the things required to plan the perfect event down to a T. 

The experts at Avalanche have put together an ultimate stag party guide that will ensure an unforgettable time for your best mate.

Let’s get started!

1. Choose a Location and Finalise the Date

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Most people usually limit their stag parties to pub crawls and clubs. If you’re looking to plan something truly unforgettable, go all out and find something new and thrilling.  

From outdoor adventures, thrilling sports and perhaps even camping – there are several fun options available for the stags and groom to try out. With so many unconventional stag ideas out there, why settle for something ordinary?

Once the location is decided, coordinate with the groom-to-be and the rest of the squad to finalise a date when everyone is free, preferably a weekend, then you can proceed with all the other arrangements.

If you’re looking to organise a hassle-free stag party, let Avalanche help you! All you need to do is book your slot and tell us what you need so that our experts can put together an amazing adventure for you and your squad.

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2. Decide on a Budget and Make the Bookings

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Once the location and date are decided, planning your budget is the next step in your stag party guide. While everyone wants to put together the absolute best possible party for their friend, we all do have to remain practical and make sure not to exceed our means.

Since there will be other stags joining you on this adventure, you can all discuss the budget together and decide on one which you’ll all stick to. When discussing the budget, make sure to have some leeway for any unexpected costs which may arise. 

With the budget checked off, you can go ahead with the booking process to secure your chosen location and make all the other arrangements for the stag party.

3. Create a Checklist and Assign Duties

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What’s a good party without a checklist? Chaotic. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any hiccups, create a stag party checklist so that you can always stay ahead of the process and any potential problems.

Additionally, while you may be the best man, you don’t need to take on all the planning yourself when you have other stags who can help you out. Assign the duties amongst the group so that everyone can take care of different tasks to make your life easier.

Once this is done, the stags can send updates on your WhatsApp group to keep everyone informed of the progress and you can deal with any issues that may arise.

4. Plan a Few Surprises

stag party guide; a stag party at Avalanche

With all the different planning elements taken care of and a reliable stag party guide to help you out, you’re almost ready for an unforgettable adventure. However, to make things more memorable, make sure to plan a few surprises for the groom.

Whether it is an inside joke about a blast from the past, quirky t-shirts for the stags or something fun like stand-up comedy targeting the groom, there are several incredible ideas for a stag party that you can consider.

While you may have the best locations for a fun stag party in the UK, personalise it further by adding a few surprises that make the stag party one that everyone will always remember.

Avalanche Adventure – The Perfect Place for Your Stag Party

With this stag party guide, you can plan the perfect adventure for the groom before his big day. If you’re looking for a thrilling stag do, with the best outdoor adventures, Avalanche Adventure is the perfect place for you!

From quad biking to off roading, you can try several outdoor adventures and leave all the planning to us – we guarantee to give you a memorable and fun stag do.

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