Last Night of Freedom – 3 Most Extreme Stag Do Activities to Try Out

Extreme Stag Do Activities; A group of four boys in the outdoors.


Stag parties should be grand; they need to be an event that can beat all the other celebrations that are to follow. After all, it is one of the most precious times you get to spend with your lads before your wedding, so naturally, you should be making it a huge deal.

At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that stag do can be more than just beer and banter. In fact, it’s the best excuse to get out of your comfort zone and venture into outdoor activities you’ve always wanted to try. These adrenaline-filled activities have a lot of benefits and are a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

That said, we are here for you with our list of extreme stag do activities to make your celebration that little bit more fun and memorable. 

It is time to put a spin on common ways of enjoying a stag do and with this article, you can start planning your grand outdoor party and experience a day filled with adrenaline rushing activities!

Let’s get started! 

1. Blindfold Driving 

Avalanche's Blindfold Driving Experience.

Blindfold driving is probably one of the most challenging yet fun outdoor experiences that you can choose for your next stag do. It is a group experience where one driver is blindfolded and the other team members are expected to guide him through the course.

It is the ultimate test of communication and bonding but more importantly, it’s a team activity that can bring all your lads together. The fun part is when one team member really gets confused and everything falls apart.

What’s more, since you have to beat the twisting course in the best time possible without hitting anything, this activity can be a real challenge that can make your stag do party more fun and memorable. 

At Avalanche, we allow a minimum of four people to participate in this activity. As for the rules, they are quite simple – no accelerator, clutch or brake is needed except at the end of the lap. Your friends will guide you throughout the activity and it is amazing to see how quickly you can forget your lefts and rights!

2. Sky Diving 

Extreme Stag Do Activities; Three men seen to be falling from the sky- skydiving.

This activity is probably the definition of an extreme stag do activity – you literally have to throw yourself out of a plane. This outdoor activity can bring you the ultimate rush and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (unless you are in the habit of jumping out of planes every day).

Skydiving is exploring a whole other world that is out there but if you are a beginner, you could try either a tandem skydive or fly solo. Generally, beginners jump out at around 15,000 feet and free fall for about a minute. One minute might not sound long, but the experience you will have will make it feel like the longest minute of your life.

By participating in this activity, you’re sure to feel your heart pounding in your mouth; it’s an experience that is extremely breathtaking and totally out of this world.

3. Blindfold Archery 

A group of men posing with bows and arrows.

If free-falling from a great height is not your thing, you can choose Blindfold Archery as one of your extreme stag do activities. 

In this activity, you need to awaken your combat and shooting side to unveil the hidden archery master in you. Not only does this activity enhance your stag do experience, but it also has numerous fitness and health benefits.

At Avalanche Adventure, we offer archery or blindfold archery, perfect for everyone out there. Whether you are visually impaired or not, we promise you a day filled with fun. 

Plan Your Stag Do With Avalanche Adventure 

Avalanche Adventure is home to multiple outdoor activities, perfect for all your adventurous pursuits. Moreover, the beautiful English countryside adds to the overall experience; only when you have these experiences, will you know what we mean! 

We offer various other outdoor activities such as axe throwing, quad bike safari, clay pigeon shooting and many more. We aim to make your days filled with fun so that you can go home with a bag full of memories. 

We also have experienced professionals, trained for everything that we provide as part of our outdoor experiences. This means, you can rest assured that you are safe with us; our activities are curated with the right balance of safe and fun.

Choose us as your next location for extreme stag do activities and enable us to witness the blooming friendships while you have fun with your lads.

Contact us to book your slot today!

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