4 Types Of Shooting Experiences To Kickstart Your New Year

types of shooting; A person ready to shoot.

The new year is your cue to accomplish something that you have been ignoring for a long time, but contrary to popular opinions, we think you should take it one day at a time. 

The pressure that comes with resolutions needs to be dealt with properly, and the best way to do that is to try our outdoor activities. Avalanche Adventure can fuel fresh energy into your routine, a kind that can help you prepare for the new year. 

We’ve brought together a list of types of shooting you can try for a memorable day in this blog. With the right kind of setting and equipment that we provide, you’ll be left with asking for more after your session! 

Let’s dive right in! 

1. Clay Pigeon Shooting 

A person setting a target.

Clay pigeon shooting is one of the most entertaining while engaging types of shooting experiences you could ask for. 

In this activity, a flying clay pigeon is released in the air; you’re expected to take a target with your shotgun and break the clay piece into a million pieces. The thrill, however, comes from the collision noise of your shot to the target; if this rings a bell, you should try our clay pigeon shooting activity soon! 

Wherever you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter, there’s always something new to learn. With our experts ready to guide your way, clay pigeon shooting is the next thing you’re looking for! 

2. Archery 

 types of shooting; An Archery arena.

Archery ropes back centuries; it is a traditional English style that has travelled in the contemporary world for you. 

Earlier, it used to be about survival, but now you can have the luxury of enjoying this activity for mere adrenaline rush and fun. It is enjoyed alone and with company, perhaps with your lads for a stag do. 

However, the catch here is that Avalanche has a twist on the traditional archery. We have something known as blindfold archery that can multiply the amount of fun you can have in no time. That makes our activity accommodate anyone, visually impaired or not; we promise you fun! 

3. Air Rifle Shooting 

People setting targets with their guns.

Perfect for a family day out, our air rifle shooting activity is for you if you feel that the big guns are a bit too much. We make sure to give you safety briefings, tutor you with necessary techniques, and provide you with the opportunity to shoot at various targets. 

The challenge is to fight the environment around you: the wind, snow, and the sun can very well make you weak in your knees. Amidst this, you are expected to shoot your targets set at a distance! 

The satisfaction comes from practising enough skills to hit a target precisely; this alone can be a majestic and rewarding experience

4. Laser Tag Shooting 

A person shooting in a digital setting with neon lights.

Lastly, if you do not fancy actual guns and shots, laser tags are one of the best types of shooting activities you can try. Outdoor activity centres have a separate section with dedicated space in the woods for laser tags. 

Different from paintball, laser tags are fun without the pain and mess. It can become your favourite team-building activity; with the skill required to work as a team, you’re sure to feel the competitive side of you finally coming outside. It’s all about combat and hunting down your friends before they do it to you. 

Book Your Slot With Avalanche Adventure for Shooting Experiences 

Avalanche Adventure has vast land surrounded by the beautiful English countryside. Given the season calls for it, our off-roading trails are filled with snow to make it look more appealing. The weather adds up to the challenges, but that’s the whole point! 

Shooting challenges are not only fun and challenging, but they have several health benefits too! 

We say – begin your new year with some energy-filled activities to get the ball rolling and achieve all your goals with this energy throughout the year!

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