4 Adrenaline-Filled Dad & Daughter Activities to Try This Father’s Day

Father and daughter activities; silhouette of a daughter and father playing together

Father’s Day is a special time to spend some quality time with dad and a great opportunity to take part in some incredible activities together.

While we should try our best to make time for our dads every now and then, this special day gives you the perfect opportunity to go all out. Plan a great day and start ticking off the activities you’ve always wanted to do on your father-daughter bucket list.

From something simple like cycling to something more adrenaline-filled like off roading, there are so many father and daughter activities that you can try out.

The experts at Avalanche have put together a list of the best activities for this special day that will guarantee you both have an incredible time. You don’t have to Google “father and daughter activities near me” anymore, we’ve made the job easy for you!

Let’s get started!

1. Clay Pigeon Shooting

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If you’re looking for father-daughter activities for adults, this intense shooting experience should definitely be on your list. 

For those dads who love a bit of recreational shooting, clay pigeon shooting is easily one of the best experiences out there. The intense focus and attention that one needs to have to successfully hit the target, makes this sport challenging.

Since this adventure requires you to stay up to date with a few basic aiming and safety tips, make sure you’re aware of those before you book the activity for you and your dad.

At Avalanche, our experts can help you have an unforgettable clay pigeon shooting experience. Book your slot today!

2. Off Roading

Father and daughter activities;a 4x4 driving over mud

For those fathers and daughters who love a good drive, off roading could become your new favourite activity to spend some quality time together. There’s nothing like speeding on challenging terrain in a 4×4 and, when it’s with your dad, it’s bound to be even more memorable.

For off roading novices, trying out the activity may seem daunting, especially if you want to be the one behind the wheel. However, with a few safety tips and off roading basics, you’ll be good to go!

If you wish to try out the experience before you embark on a full off road journey, we offer off roading and 4×4 pay and play days, which will slowly ease you into the world of off roading. Get in touch with our team today!

3. Mini Golfing

a golf ball near hole

For those looking for something lowkey yet adrenaline-filled, mini-golfing can be a great idea to add to your list of father and daughter activities. 

If you haven’t tried out this activity yet, worry not, as it’s something you can easily learn on your first try. While practice always makes perfect, the laughs and fun times you’ll enjoy with your dad will make the day memorable and special for you.

Make sure to head to a local mini-golf range and perhaps have a nice meal after to make the day even more memorable.

4. Fishing Expedition

Father and daughter activities; a person fishing at a lake

For those dads who enjoy spending their days near a lake, catching fish, fishing is perhaps one of the best ways to have some me-time. If this describes your dad, why not surprise him with a fishing trip?

Since he might already have a favourite spot, you could make the required arrangements so that both of you have a nice day out. If you wish to do something different, do some research and find other good spots nearby where the two of you can go to fish.

With the right equipment and arrangements in place, you’re bound to have a great time outdoors with your dad.

Visit Avalanche Adventure For Thrilling Outdoor Activities

Thrilling activities on Father’s Day let you spend quality time with your dad in a fun environment. Any of the activities we’ve talked about will guarantee you both an enjoyable and memorable time.

If you’re looking for adrenaline-filled father and daughter activities, Avalanche Adventure offers several outdoor activities that you’re sure to enjoy!

From quad biking to a hovercraft experience, we have various outdoor activities that will bring out the adventurous spirit in you.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Book your slots today!

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