9 Activities Every Dad And Son Should Try Out For Fathers Day

There are many ways to celebrate your dad on Father’s Day. While giving him a card with a thoughtful message is a given, how about you break character this year and become the son of the year through fun activities for dad and son?

Since it’s all about making your dad feel special and loved, you can experiment with ideas and activities that’ll make your bond stronger than ever. At Avalanche, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of activities that are perfect for a father son duo. 

So without further ado, make Father’s Day 2021 the best day of your dad’s life with the fun activities mentioned below!

1. Rent His Dream Car

There’s something about dads and their love for cars. Your dad probably has a car in mind that he always wished he had. Why not make his dream come true by renting his most cherished ride for the day? Make a road trip out of it as you and your dad enjoy the ride more than you should! If a sturdy 4×4 is what your dad likes, why not go on an off-roading adventure? It’s hands down one of the best activities for dads and sons as you conquer the bumpy roads on a fun, obstacle-ridden track. 

2. Go for a Bike Ride

Relive your childhood memories from when your dad taught you how to ride a bike. The icing on the cake though is that it’s the start of summer, which means the weather is just perfect. Get some fresh air, not to mention some exercise with your dad as you pedal away on a scenic route. If the bike ride is too lowkey and you want to step it up, why not book an adventurous quad biking experience at our Leicester activity centre? We have special gift vouchers for Father’s Day to make it all the more special!

3. Plan for a Fishing Trip

A classic father-son activity, you can never go wrong with planning a fishing trip. Not only will you get to enjoy some much needed quality time with your old man but also have fun in the outdoors. Look up some fishing tricks in advance to spice things up and get some really cool equipment to make it all the more fun. Laugh, vent and catch up with your dad while out and about on peaceful waters.

4. Put Your Go-Karting Hat On

This father’s day, take your dad on a thrilling ride and unleash the childlike wonder and happiness he’s kept locked away. Watch your dad go crazy on a Go-Kart as he speeds away brimming with happiness. Find a Go-Kart track nearby and ensure that both you and your dad have helmets and other safety gear on before you zoom around racing each other. If challenge is what you are looking for, how about giving our opposite steer buggies a try?

5. Go Paintballing

For a successful paintball outing, it is best that you get your dad’s friends and their families involved too. It could be dads VS their kids challenge as you engage in a friendly battle of the generations. Let your dad connect with his inner warrior as he tries to get the upper hand while having fun with paints. If aiming and shooting is something your dad enjoys, why not book him a session of clay pigeon shooting, or perhaps archery at our venue?

6. Book a Golf Lesson

Golf is another popular activity for dads and sons and for good reason. There’s no better opportunity to practice your swing while spending time with your old man. Hire an instructor for a series of golf lessons as you work on improving your game while learning a few neat tricks from a professional. Head to a nearby golf course and have a great day out indulging in this fun father’s day activity.

7. Explore Nature

With a year of being cooped up in our homes, it’s a great idea to start a camping tradition. One of the best activities for dad and son, going on a camping trip is bonding at its best. Look for a campsite near you, pitch a tent, build a campfire, barbecue some food and speak your heart out with your old man. Be sure to pack all the camping gear and safety essentials and explore nature in all its glory! If you don’t wish to put in a lot of effort in camping, why not book a safe, pre-decided camping experience at Avalanche Adventure?

8. Treat Him To a Spa Day

Move away from the conventional stereotypes and book yourself and your old man a relaxing spa day to spend your time enjoying all the pampering. Book him a luxurious massage, a professional shave or a great haircut and give him a day of total relaxation. Gift your dad a basket full of self-care goodies with lotions, shaving creams, soaps and scented candles. Make this a tradition, one that only a father son duo can enjoy and make the most of.

9. Host a Beer Tasting

If your dad enjoys a good beer, have an assortment of craft beers delivered and host a beer tasting event for your dad and his buddies. Have a father’s day bash committed to sampling new brews and getting a happy buzz. You can take things up a notch and give your dad a heartwarming toast. Your dad and you get to guzzle down some of the tastiest beers without a single care for beer bellies. Sip on your brews and make the most of father’s day with this no-brainer activity for dad and son.

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