4 Fun Ways To Celebrate Fathers Day Outdoors – Part 2


In our previous blog, we covered some of the best outdoor activities with your dad to consider for Father’s Day. However, the list did not come close to covering all the other amazing things that you could do on this day.

Since this special occasion will be here sooner than you think, preparing things beforehand can ensure a fun outdoor adventure for you both!

With the easing of restrictions, we are nearly free of lockdown. Whether it is with family or just the two of you, there are a lot of outdoor sports, recreational activities, and bonding experiences to partake in with your dad to ensure you have a memorable day.

After all, being outdoors and indulging in enjoyable activities with your nearest and dearest is always going to lead to good times.

At Avalanche, we’ve created another list of activities that you could consider trying out. Here’s our ‘Part Two’ of fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day with amazing activities that guarantee a fun and memorable day out.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Consider Eco-Travelling

Simply put, eco-travel means travelling responsibly. Since popular destinations are usually overrun by tourists, the environment of these incredible sites is often damaged. Instead, exploring off-beat paths overseas can lead you to unexpected destinations to experience.

While exploring nature and the great outdoors with your dad is good, being environmentally conscious is always better. By embarking on a fun yet responsible trip abroad to quaint places in the outdoors, you can enjoy the local culture and new experiences with one of the best people in your life. 

Additionally, eco-travelling can prove to be an adventure that lets you and your dad see the world from a different perspective. Although, make sure that you also prioritise safety and visit places that are open for tourists and travellers.

2. Adrenaline-Filled Off Roading Experience

Imagine this – you and your dad in an amazing Land Rover, speeding over muddy terrain; the thrill and adrenaline rush you experience is like no other! If this activity sounds like something you and your old man would enjoy, consider going on an off roading trip.

With many courses and paths for off roading in the UK, you could consider this for a fun day out with your dad. This activity would be especially great if your dad is a car enthusiast; you can experience freedom and speed like no other.

Additionally, staying aware of safety tips and car-related maintenance is essential for an enjoyable trip. It will do you well to be prepared for any unexpected situation that you may come across. However, the memories you and your dad make on this adventure are sure to make both of you feel elated and happy on this special day.

To try out this adrenaline-filled off roading adventure, contact us here.

3. An Incredible Clay Pigeon Shooting Session

Concentration and focusing on your target – that’s what clay pigeon shooting is all about! If you fancy trying a unique and fun activity with your dad, this sport is perfect for you.

While this activity may seem like something that only a seasoned expert can do, worry not, it is relatively easy to learn. Maintaining the right stance and having a good aim is all you need to focus on in this intense sport. To make things more interesting and competitive, you should definitely keep track of who’s shooting more accurately for a chance to decide who’s the best shot!

With the various health benefits this sport brings to the table, you could consider making this a hobby you enjoy more often with your dad.

4. Visit The Beach

If you’re looking for a more low-key, peaceful experience that is also fun, consider having a beach day! Sitting on the sand and watching the waves is a blissful experience and is sure to help your dad relax and make the most of the atmosphere.

Sunshine, sand, and sea-breeze is the ultimate combination for a perfect day out and since it’s Father’s Day, it is a great idea that you should try out. With the chaos of our daily lives, a beach visit can serve as the perfect escape that will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Additionally, you could go all-out and have a beach picnic with your dad’s favourite snacks for an even better experience.

Visit Avalanche For Incredible Outdoor Activities With Dad

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor adventure with your old man! If you’re looking for amazing outdoor activities for Father’s Day, Avalanche Adventure is the perfect place for you.

From camping onsite to trying out different sports like archery and paintball at our activity centre, there’s a lot you can do for a fun and memorable day with your dad. 

You can rest assured that we will help you with all instructions and safety measures to ensure you have a great experience.

To get started with your adventure, give us a call today!