5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Fathers Day Outdoors

With June almost here, and time seeming to pass by in the blink of an eye, Father’s day is just around the corner.

While many of us are guilty of scrambling at the last minute to put together a decent gift every year, with time on our hands, why not make the most of it? 

Since gifts are the usual go-to, changing things up a bit by participating in fun outdoor father’s day activities is sure to make his day enjoyable and special, especially with his family.

At Avalanche, we know just how amazing bonding over outdoor activities can be. If you’re wondering about how to make Father’s day special, we’ve got you covered.

Here are six fun ways you can celebrate father’s day outdoors to make the most of this special day. Let’s take a look!

1. Engage In Thrilling Activities

With outdoor activities now open, there are many possibilities available for you to pick from. With this, why not go all-out and partake in thrilling adrenaline-filled activities?

You could consider gifting your father a voucher for a fun quad bike safari, a challenging off roading session, or even an intense clay pigeon shooting afternoon. Since we can finally leave our laptops at home and go outdoors, thrilling activities can let you make the most of this special day.

Additionally, by engaging in fun outdoor sports and activities with your dad, you’re sure to build some memorable experiences and adventures!

If you’re looking for such vouchers, at Avalanche Adventure, we have several options available. Check out our fun activity vouchers to book the perfect father’s day adventure.

2. Host An Outdoor Barbecue

Let’s face it, very few things are as amazing as a family barbecue; with your dad grilling the meat and you helping him out, you’re sure to have a day well-spent with your nearest and dearest (British weather depending!). With Fathers Day 2021 approaching, consider an outdoor barbecue with your old man as a fun outdoor activity.

Food and family are two important things in everyone’s life and when put together, it doesn’t get any better than this. The smoky meat, the hearty food, and the endless conversations and laughter can prove to be just what your dad needs.

Additionally, play some music in the background and you have the perfect day, it’s sure to make your father feel happy and cared for.

3. Visit His Favourite Pub

A pub is a great place to have a nice time – from craft beers to the amazing ambience, there’s no surprise behind the increasing number of pubs around us. Since most dads like their beer and their usual pub visits, consider visiting your dad’s favourite pub with him – just in time too as the pubs are set to reopen in just under a week!

Especially great for those who love a low-key celebration, visiting your dad’s favourite pub and enjoying the experience with him is sure to warm his heart. You could try out different types of beers, have a drinking competition and maybe even reminisce about your fond memories. A pub visit may turn out to be a surprising bonding experience with your father.

Moreover, spending the day with him having his favourite beers, it can possibly be one of the best things to do for Fathers day.

4. Have An Outdoor Movie Night

From Back to the Future to Kill Bill, pick out your dad’s favourite movies of all time to celebrate father’s day with a fun outdoor movie night. Create your own small and snug outdoor theatre and set it up with your dad’s best theatre snacks, the experience will leave you with great memories and laughs.

To elevate the personal cinema experience, you could set up comfortable recliners, chairs, or mats with blankets and pillows. Additionally, consider hanging festive string lights to make the ambience even more soothing.

Moreover, with the final touch of all your family members favourite snacks and popcorn, an enjoyable and memorable movie experience is guaranteed.

5. Plan A Hike/Camping Trip

Relaxing in the great outdoors is always a good idea to freshen up your daily life and get a much-needed break. Since our fathers are always busy with something or the other, let them take a break and relax through a leisure hiking and camping trip.

Hiking across a stunning trail and ending the day with camping is an amazing adventure that lets you experience the best of nature. For a unique Father’s Day celebration, these activities can serve as a great bonding experience for the both of you. 

From packing your trip essentials to personal equipment and camping gear, prepare everything beforehand to surprise him with this exciting outdoor activity. Your father is sure to appreciate the time he spends with you on this trip and will remember it fondly down the years.

Visit Avalanche For Thrilling Outdoor Father’s Day Activities

If you’re looking for thrilling outdoor activities for Father’s Day, Avalanche Adventure is the right place for you!

From camping onsite to trying out different sports at our activity centre, there’s a lot you can do for a fun and memorable day with your dad. You can rest assured that we will help you with all instructions and safety measures to ensure you have a great experience.

To get started with your adventure, give us a call today!