The Do’s And Don’ts of Camping With Friends

Camping With Friends

With summer almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to start planning for a camping adventure. The UK is home to many incredible campsites where you can pitch a tent, follow basic camping do’s and don’ts, disconnect with your everyday life and revel in the beauty of nature. It’s a fun way to explore new places, seek adventure, indulge in outdoor activities and bond with family and friends

While it’s the ideal way to spend your summer, it is important to be aware of the basic camping tips. From general safety protocols to the campsite boundaries, you need to keep yourself informed, as every campsite has different rules that you need to comply with. 

Things are still a bit uncertain so it’s important to check and read up on a place before you head out for an adventure. At Avalanche, we’ve put together a list of essential camping do’s and don’ts to help you achieve a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Let’s take a look!

Camping Do’s And Don’ts to Keep In Mind

Do – Check the Facilities and Policies of the Campsite

Planning beforehand is key to a great camping experience, so ensure that you read up on all the rules, regulations and policies of the camping site. Refrain from bringing things that are not allowed, while also checking up on the various facilities available like access to electricity, water and bathrooms. 

This will help you better plan for the things you need to bring along with you to the campsite. If there are green lanes near your campsite, check if you can bring your 4×4 for a bit of an off roading adventure

Don’t – Have a Pessimistic Attitude

Some camping spots might lack basic facilities, for example no access to electricity or water. By knowing where you are going beforehand and staying prepared, you can avoid disappointment and discomfort. Try and have a more positive outlook on your adventure. Come up with solutions to make your camping experience a memorable one.

To book a safe camping experience, give us a call!

Do – Comply with All the Safety Precautions

Many campsites have arrangements for visitors to indulge in various recreational activities like fishing, swimming, boating and more. You may be an expert at the different activities being offered at the campground, but that doesn’t mean that you ignore the warning signs. 

If a particular signage instructs you to stay away from a restricted area or forbids you to swim or dive in specific spots – these should be heeded at all times diligently. 

Don’t – Leave Trash Lying Around 

Irrespective of whether your camping location is in a protected region or not, it is important to be mindful of littering and taking care of the natural environment

Wherever you camp, do not leave any trash or unwanted items lying around. When packing up to leave, see that you haven’t left anything behind. Bring garbage bags along to dispose of your waste and take it with you when you leave. 

Do – Pack All Your Camping Essentials 

Regardless of the number of days you plan to spend camping, it is crucial to be completely prepared before you go. Ensure that you have packed all the necessary trip essentials that you may require. From tents and safety gear, to first-aid kits and food, be sure you are more than prepared for any camping situation that may come up. 

While packing light has its own benefits, it shouldn’t be at the expense of you leaving out things you might end up needing after all. This is why having a list of must-haves is important. Things like tents, maps, compass, clothes, food and first-aid are a no-brainer. 

Be sure to pack a flashlight too in case of an emergency or if you plan to camp overnight.

Don’t – Wear 100% Cotton Clothes

While we can all agree that cotton clothing is comfortable to wear, the downside is that once this material gets wet, it stays damp for a while. You might find it difficult to dry it off and may end up catching a cold. It is therefore crucial to bring along clothes that are suitable for an outdoor escapade. You need to be prepared in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Do – Set Up Your Tent Before Sundown

If you plan to camp overnight, it is best to arrive early at the campsite. Pitch your tent when the sun is still out as it could be challenging to do so at night. Once you’ve set up your tent, you could dedicate more time towards exploring the place. 

For a proper camping experience, gather some wood to start a campfire. You can then proceed to roast some marshmallows for s’mores or barbecue food you’ve brought along.

Don’t – Consume too much Alcohol

If you are intoxicated, you might not be fully aware of your surroundings and take necessary safety precautions, especially when you are out and about in an open campsite. You might end up inviting danger especially if you are camping in an extreme region.

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