Christmas 2020 – 5 Outdoor Activities To Try Out This Year

It’s almost Christmas season and despite the roller-coaster of a year we’ve had, our excitement levels have not decreased. 

With the events of the year, making Christmas plans as normal might not be possible. Many people stuck at home may give up on making special plans due to Covid-19.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make the most of the Christmas festivities with your family and friends. With England coming out of lockdown tomorrow, Avalanche will be reopening to offer all the thrills, ready for Christmas.

Why not switch things up a bit by trying some unique outdoor activities?  To help you make the most of this season, at Avalanche Adventure, we have compiled a list of unique outdoor activities for you and your loved ones. 

Let’s get started.

1. A Christmas Themed Treasure Hunt

A very interesting idea that you should definitely consider is having a Christmas themed treasure hunt. Although it may require a little planning, it is without a doubt a fun activity for you to try out with your close ones.

To make the treasure hunt more interesting, you could use Christmas riddles and anecdotes as hints. You can leave these in obvious places outside and in your home with wreaths or a Santa cap. To make things more fun, why not try out different costumes for a more festive feel. 

The treasure could be the Christmas gift you intend to give to your significant other, friend or family member.

2. Quad Biking With Family or Friends

If you’re looking for a thrilling activity which is a bit different from what you usually do at Christmas, a quad bike safari with your squad definitely tops the list.

An adrenaline-filled activity, quad biking can help you have fun and bond with your family and friends. If you wish to make things more Christmas-sy, you could compete against one another while wearing red and green – the traditional Christmas colours.

Visit Avalanche Adventure to book your slot for quad biking with your close ones in advance. 

3. Checking Out Christmas Light Displays

Celebrating with your neighbours and getting together may not be possible this year. However, there’s another thing you could do – walk through your neighbourhood to check the residential Christmas light displays.

Most town centres and streets will have spectacular Christmas light displays.  Make an activity out of this and surround yourself in Christmas ambience as you go check out the merry displays with your family and friends. 

You could maintain social distance while also appreciating the festive spirit, making the most of the winter season

4. Explore Christmas Markets and Pop-ups

There are various markets and pop-ups in the UK, which are held especially for Christmas. Exploring these could be a fun activity.

Whilst we’re not sure what this might end up looking like this year, Christmas markets are fun and offer copious amounts of Christmas cheer. If you’re looking for something traditional and fun, exploring these markets might be perfect for you.

Shopping, enjoying warm beverages and checking out different stalls are some things you could try out. Make sure that you maintain social distancing and keep yourself protected at all times by wearing a mask and sanitising your hands.

5. Participate in Local Charity Work

This Christmas season, help spread the festive spirit by doing some charity work. Embody the true meaning of Christmas by helping those in need.

Consider doing something different this time. Instead of the usual donation, why not do something more personal? Be it handing out Christmas presents to the needy, giving toys to children, or serving food at a local charity or community centre, there are various ways through which you could give back to the community.

Contact Avalanche Adventures For Fun Outdoor Sports and Activities

While there are many outdoor activities to enjoy this Christmas season, if you’re looking for adrenaline-filled activities, Avalanche Adventure is here for you. 

We offer a wide array of activities such as clay pigeon shooting, archery, camping, off-roading and many more. Adhering to all the Covid-19 guidelines stated by the government, Avalanche Adventure also offers solo activities

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