7 Solo Activities To Try This Christmas

‘Tis the season for decking your halls and Christmas tree, checking out magical lights, binge-watching movies, attending social gatherings (yes, Skype celebrations count too!) and, of course, exchanging thoughtful gifts with your family.

That said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the thought of spending Christmas solo can feel not so merry and cheerful. 

Regardless of whether you’re working over Christmas, or simply have some time to yourself, at Avalanche Adventure, we’ve put together our list of unique activities to help you have a jolly good time and turn your solo Christmas into an unforgettable one.

Let’s dive in!

1. Prepare Christmas Dinner for One

Of course, you’ll miss your mum’s legendary Yorkshire pudding back home, but look on the bright side – for once, you can prepare a Christmas meal all for yourself, just the way you like it.

Perhaps shortlist a couple of your most-loved dishes or ask your mum for some of her secret recipes and cook your own meal.

Moreover, since those traditional rules won’t apply this time, Christmas dinner could be anything you like. Craving a spicy curry or a bowl of noodles? We say go for it; no one’s going to stop you…

2. Indulge In an Adrenaline-Filled Activity

If you’re someone who loves going on an adventure but hasn’t got the opportunity to indulge in any such activities this year, Avalanche Adventure has got you covered!

With the lockdown being lifted, we’ve reopened our activity center to offer you a wide range of fun-filled activities. From quad biking and clay pigeon shooting to off road driving, you can participate in any or all of these activities.

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3. Binge-Watch Series You Had No Time For

Couldn’t catch up on Schitt’s Creek? Haven’t got enough time to watch The Crown or The Haunting of Hill House? This Christmas, why not surround yourself with Friends even though they’re on your TV?

After all, there’s no denying that there’s definite comfort in putting on your fuzzy socks, not changing your pajamas all day and committing to binge-watch some of your favourite shows.

4. Sweat It Out

Although the festive season is all about delicious food, gifts and family get-togethers, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your daily dose of endorphins. Additionally, if you’re spending the holidays alone, it could be the best way to start your Christmas morning.

That said, why not start your morning by streaming an online yoga class or workout video and elevate your mood for the rest of the day?

To find out more such workout-related solo activities to try this Christmas, click here!

5. Be a Secret Santa for Those In Need

Spread some Christmas cheer this season with your small act of kindness.

Donate money, if possible, to some hard working organisations and local charities. However, if you’re on a tight budget, why not consider volunteering your time instead

You could choose in-person volunteer opportunities and give away food, clothes and presents to those in need (while maintaining social distance, of course!).

If in-person opportunities aren’t available, then you could choose the virtual ones or perhaps send Christmas Gift Vouchers to those who can’t afford it. After all, you never know… your gifts could be a Christmas miracle for people in need.

6. Go On a Virtual Tour from the Comfort of Your Couch

Yes, you read that right.

There are many virtual places that could visit this Christmas without having to leave your couch or change your pajamas.

With various tourist destinations and man-made attractions across the globe, you can choose to visit any of these places virtually and make your solo Christmas a memorable one.

Head to this page and figure out the various places you could visit online.

7. Immerse In Some Self-Care Routine

This year has been one big roller coaster ride and with Christmas fast-approaching it’s easy to dwell on bad vibes.

To ensure you’re at your best and have an incredible Christmas, why not turn your home into a makeshift spa and experiment with some DIY self-care routines?

Not only is it one of the best solo activities to try out this Christmas but also an excellent way to keep yourself positive and in good spirits throughout the holiday season.

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While you’ll be celebrating Christmas 2020 all by yourself that doesn’t mean it has to be lonely and blue. You could still have the time of your life by indulging in various activities.

If you’re ready to have some fun and a Merry Christmas, contact Avalanche Adventure and book your slots today!