Where and How Can I Go Off-Roading in the UK?

We have extensively covered how to recover your vehicle and how to successfully winch your 4×4 if you get stuck. Now that the essentials are out of the way, we can concentrate on where and how you can go off-roading in the UK!

If you are an adventure enthusiast, it won’t be surprising if you have your own beefy 4×4 or an ATV. If you are in the UK and are yet to go off-roading, you have come to the right place. 

At Avalanche Adventure, we know that driving enthusiasts wouldn’t mind if their vehicles got a bit muddy. In fact, splashing around in the mud is one of the appeals of off-road driving. 

Off-roading in the UK is very straightforward with our beautiful countryside offering some of the best scenic landscapes to drive in.

Let’s take a look and explore what your options are!

Do an Off-Road Driving Course

With an off-road driving course, you will learn how to handle your 4×4 when driving on mud, gravel and snow especially if you are a beginner. What’s more, the course will teach you how to skillfully control your vehicle in extreme conditions, equipping you with the necessary skills and driving knowledge. The duration of such courses is not more than two to three days. 

You will learn how to drive on steep slopes and rough gravelly terrains as you go off-roading in the UK. If you are looking for an off-road course, you are welcome to come drive around at our activity in Leicester as we offer exceptional 4×4 play days!

Go Off-Roading on Green Lanes

Since 2006, the number of publicly-accessible green lanes has dropped significantly but there are still many unclassified lanes scattered around the country that are perfect for off-road driving in the UK.

Green lanes are occasionally used public byways, generally reserved for recreational activities like cycling. However, you are allowed to take your 4×4 down these roads provided you are capable of handling driving around such lanes. This is perfect for off-road drivers to have a bit of fun as they zoom in and out of the public byways. 

As long as your 4×4 is road legal, these routes can be used by off-roaders like yourself as it is open to the general public. Nevertheless, always check route maps beforehand to ensure that you won’t cause any harm to the local area or the lane as you go for a drive. 

Prepare Your 4×4

To ensure that you have a good time as you off-road, it will be a good idea to prepare your vehicle beforehand for the journey that lies ahead. Carry big chunky tyres and winching essentials in case you get stuck in the mud.

Pack along all the necessary recovery gear along with warm clothing should the worse happen and your 4×4 gets properly stuck.

Plan Your Off-Roading Route

While preparing your 4×4 is important, mapping out your journey is integral to a successful off-road adventure. If you are driving in the countryside, you might struggle for a phone signal. If your 4×4 gets stuck, you won’t be able to call someone for help. 

However, if you plan ahead of time taking into account your car’s limit, you can pick a route where there are lower chances of your vehicle getting stuck. Carry water, snacks and a first aid kit to stay hydrated and safe. 

Off-Road At Avalanche Adventure’s Countryside Tracks

If you are looking for a safe, gravelly terrain where you can go off-roading in the UK with experts to assist you in case you get stuck, book your slot at Avalanche Adventure today!

You can off-road either in your own vehicle, or use our on-site 4×4 to drive around our tracks that are specially curated to give you a delightful driving experience. What’s more, you can leverage the expertise of our team to have fun without worrying about getting lost or stuck. 

Make a day out of it as you engage in quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and camping at our site with your friends and family. 

We even host hen and stag parties for the adventurous lot out there!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do for you!