Our Essential Quad Bike Maintenance Checklist

Just like cars and motorbikes, routine maintenance of your quad bike is necessary to ensure that it runs smoothly. What’s more, mud and other debris, when left to dry, can grind against your quad bike’s essential fixtures and fittings like brakes and chains, leading to corrosion.

However, the servicing and maintenance required for a quad bike can vary based on its make and model.

While premium quality models can undergo extreme wear and tear (provided you stick to the manufacturer’s quad bike maintenance guideline), the cheaper ones might require a rigorous regime.

That said, it’s best to take your bike for professional servicing if you’re unable to maintain it yourself. 

Nonetheless, if you still want to do it yourself, our experts at Avalanche Adventure, have put together a handy quad bike maintenance checklist for you.

Check the Brakes and Chains

It’s crucial to not only check and bleed the brakes of your quad bike before using it but also to wash off the mud from its chains and other cables before it completely dries up.

Additionally, if you’re planning to wash off heavy grime, then avoid using a high-powered pressure washer. Too much power can result in the water getting past the bike’s bearings and seals,  causing long-term damage to the electrics. Always make sure you’re using low-pressure while washing off the mud.

While all the brakes have to be checked and cleaned after every 2 months, the chains need to be inspected frequently for correct tension and rust.

When it comes to your quad bike’s chain care, do not commit the most common mistake of using the wrong lubricant as that can cause more harm than good to your vehicle’s gear.

If you aren’t sure which chain lubricant would be best for your vehicle, make sure you speak with a professional before using one.

Change the Oil and Its Filter

Old oil tends to collect dirt and debris, meaning the oil filter is another crucial area that needs to be taken proper care of as it can cause your bike’s internal elements to corrode.

When you change the oil frequently, your quad bike is likely to perform more efficiently on muddy terrain.

However, make sure you’re going through the manufacturer’s quad bike maintenance checklist before changing your vehicle’s oil. For instance, the oil in some ATV models might have to be changed after every 5 hours whereas for others it could be changed after 20 hours or so of driving.

When it comes to draining out the oil filter, ensure that your quad bike is warmed up as that helps the oil flow better and allows the contaminants to easily leave the engine.

Clean the Air Filter

Just like your quad bike’s oil filter, its air filter can also get clogged due to dirt and exert unnecessary pressure on the bike’s engine. This is why it’s best to get it checked after every 1,000km or 100 hours.

While you don’t have to clean the air filter too frequently, make sure you’re washing it thoroughly after going on an off-roading experience.

Additionally, when cleaning the air filter, don’t use compressed air or abrasive brushes as that can cause severe damage to it. Instead, a normal cleaning solvent and water should be enough.

Tighten the Nuts and Bolts

Tightening the nuts and bolts of your quad bike might be the easiest and least time-consuming task, but it can be a crucial deciding factor between a dangerous ride and adventurous days out.

Since a quad bike is designed to be used on rough terrain, there’s no need to inspect every fitting and attachment on your vehicle.

However, you need to check its small-but-important components such as sprocket bolts, wheel hubs, and pivot bolts regularly, and tighten them up whenever they start vibrating or come out loose. This will ensure that you have a safe and adrenaline-filled quad biking experience!

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The Bottom Line

In order to ensure that your quad bike is in solid condition, it’s important to take it for servicing as frequently as possible. Although, if you’re maintaining it on your own, then make it a point to strictly follow this quad bike maintenance checklist.

Moreover, what might seem like an unimportant or small task to you, could actually stop the bike from having an engine malfunction or brake failure.

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