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Gemini Race Buggies

2nd May 2017

One of our unique and fast paced activities on four wheels is the Gemini Race Buggies. We run sessions for groups of a minimum of 4 people. Each person gets the chance to practice at least twice and then we go into pursuit style races. These races are timed and there is no overtaking. You get the chance to beat your friends/family with the fastest time. The activity is a lot of fun and very exhilarating.

    Here at Avalanche Adventure we have our own purpose built which the Gemini Buggies race around. It includes long sweeping corners, hair pins and fast straights. The Geminis have a 390cc engine with a full roll cage built around them for your safety. They are automatic so no gears and only two pedals to focus on. Just be careful not to accelerate and brake at the same time or you will get a nasty shock. The steering is a little bit heavy so bring your muscles. Our track allows you to build up speed, negotiate tight bends to demonstrate your best driving lines. Our Qualified instructors will talk you through the Gemini Buggies and advise where the best lines are around the course to get the fastest times.

At Avalanche Adventure, we offer you a one of a kind and unique adventure with our Gemini Race Buggies. It is a fast paced adrenaline-inducing activity and at Avalanche Adventure we run sessions for groups containing a minimum of 4 people. If you are participating in this activity you will be given the chance to practice at least twice before our instructors give you the green light for pursuit style races we conduct. These races are perfectly timed and there is no scope of overtaking. You will have the chance to beat your friends and family members by trying to achieve the fastest time on the mean machine.

As you can see for yourself, this activity is loaded with fun and is the most exhilarating adventure sport there is, so book your Gemini Off Road Racing Buggy venture today!

Here at Avalanche Adventure we have our own purpose built where the Gemini Buggies race around. Our race circuit consists of long sweeping corners, hair pins and fast straights. The Gemini Race Buggies have a 390cc engine with a full roll cage built around for the driver’s safety. These vehicles are automatic so there is no concept of gears. It consists of two pedals that have to be your point of focus. You have to be extremely careful and not accelerate and brake simultaneously or you will be in for a nasty surprise.

 The steering of the Gemini Race Buggies is quite heavy so you need to bring your muscles. Our track will allow you to build up speed, deal with tight bends and put your best driving skill forward. Our qualified instructors will give you a complete brief on the Gemini Buggies and advise where the best lines are around the course so that you can complete the race in the fastest and best times. You can check the price list of all the available activities here.

Being Fit For Off Road Racing in Gemini Race Buggies

Off road racing in Gemini Buggies has witnessed significant popularity with an increasing number of participants every day. Gemini Race Buggies are a type of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and riding these power machines is a physical sport and hobby that requires core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. As is the case with other sports, training is a vital tool that goes a long way in improving one’s ability on the track or trail.

Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies at Avalanche Adventure involves dealing with heavy duty vehicle which has a hefty steering wheel that you won’t be able to handle if you aren’t fit and strong. This activity puts your endurance and flexibility to test as increased strength makes manoeuvring the race buggy more enjoyable and safer. Whether you are an adept rider or a total newbie, a proper physical fitness program can develop your riding potential and grant you countless hours of fun.

Riding an ATV vehicle like a Gemini Race Buggy requires full body activity as all aspects of human movement and functioning are put to use at the same time. A sport like this requires multiple movement exercises to which all the systems of the body are party to. This includes the nervous, respiratory, muscular and cardiovascular systems. At Avalanche Adventure we give you a taste of what Gemini Race Buggy activity involves but if you are planning to take this up as a regular sport, you will need a proper program design that includes movements responsible in stimulating actions while riding.

Top Tips For Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies

We have compiled a list of tips to help you survive the rocky and slimy ascents and descents. Off roading on our Gemini Race Buggies is simply fun and has its fair share of challenges which adds to the excitement. So, we tell you how to do it right and how to survive in the muddy trails and hilly terrains.

With no further ado, here they are:

  1. Control Your Speed – If you are going too fast, it’s an open invitation to risky slips and slides. Keeping your speed in check is fairly easy to do, but controlling speed on a steep and muddy trail is very difficult. The trick is to gauge the problem well in advance before you get to it and slow down to a crawl so you aren’t struggling to slow down where gravity and almost no traction create the perfect conditions for a slip and slide.
  2. Keep Your Eyes Up – We tend to look down whenever we are scared or tired. The problem with this is that as soon as you glance downward, you are hit with the sudden realisation of the terrain under the wheel of your Gemini Race Buggies making you unable to deal with it. This problem only multiplies and you are left baffled and fail to register what’s going on beneath the wheels and you rile yourself up and look down even more, increasing the possibilities of crashing. So, the best advice is to refrain from looking down.
  3. Employ Momentum – When you have limited traction available, you must rely more on momentum. This means keeping your eyes up to see what’s approaching and accelerating at the right moment before you land on a surface that has almost no grip.
  4. Believe That You Can Do It – Believing that you can make it through the race circuit, is half the battle won. If you falter, you won’t make it up that steep incline. So go for it with everything that you’ve got! That said, steer clear of terrains that are over your head.
  5. Stand Up and Sit Down – It’s next to impossible to ride off road on Gemini Race Buggies well if you aren’t good at riding while standing. Again, it is really important to gauge when it’s best to stand and when to sit. As a general rule of thumb, stand for any significant bumps so your legs bear the impact and sit tight while driving corners.

Corner speed is extremely important not only for getting across a corner but also for the straightway following it. Your corner speed is bound to take you through a corner faster and in the process, cut down your lap time as long as you have a tight line. Delay braking as much as you can without overshooting the corner and enter the race circuit as wide as you can.

  1. Locate the Centre – Whether you are sitting or standing, you must locate that one spot where your body’s mass is ideally placed for optimum manoeuvring and fluid control.
  2. Counter-lean – Balance has to be maintained properly while riding Gemini Race Buggies. You have to ensure that you are sitting in a way that keeps your weight pressing down vertically and allow the tyres to establish a good grip on the terrain.
  3. Use The Rear Brake – On muddy terrains, you will have to place your trust on the rear brakes. Rear tyre skid is no big a deal but if you skid the front ones, then you are in trouble.
  4. Use The Front Brakes – Well, not trying to contradict the point above, but when there is traction, you can and you should use both the front and rear brakes while descending. This may sound tricky because for the most obvious reason, it is. But, at times you need all the power to slow down. All you have to do is learn to apply the front brake with absolute care.
  5. Steer With The Rear – When you don’t have a good grip, trying to steer with the front tyre is a bad idea. Turn the Gemini Race Buggy in the general direction to prevent a front tyre washout.
  6. Make Sure That Your Buggy Is Good To Go – Before you participate in the circuit race, ensure that your buggy is fully functional and all its systems are in top working condition.
  7. Come Prepared – Off road racing takes up a lot of physical and mental energy. The steering wheel of the buggy is heavy duty too, so you will need to bring your muscles so that you don’t get exhausted. If you start getting tired too early it will affect you timing. You might start to look down too often and this can disturb your balance in the process. So best be cautious about it all.

It is best to not lose control over your buggy and end up making a mistake. While off road racing in our Gemini Race Buggies, you need not keep perfect smooth flowing lines like you would on-road but it will surely help you with your lap times. With off road, there are all kinds of bumps and jumps involved on most tracks you end up picking and choosing lines.

So ready yourself with these tips and book your adventure with us today! We have a list of other activities that you can check out here.

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