Top 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Axe Throwing

axe throwing benefits; two axes placed in a cross.

It is no surprise that outdoor activities are not only fun but they give you a good workout too. Be it off-roading, shooting, or safaris, these activities offer an exhilarating experience. 

Avalanche Adventure, in addition to all the activities we provide, has 400-acre wide land to support your adventures. Sure, doing these activities will be memorable, but we’re here to tell you something more. 

In this blog, we are going to address how our outdoor activities like axe throwing improve your overall well being. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at some axe throwing benefits.

1. Stress Release

A person with an axe in his hand.

Similar to the feeling you get when banging on a drum set or punching a punching bag, axe throwing can also help to relieve stress. 

It, instantaneously, brings your stress levels down, helping you to get rid of all your pent up emotions. 

The process has a unique therapeutic element that enables you to feel lighter – the forceful hurling of the axe, releasing it with all your strength, watching it spin and cut the wind, and finally hearing the sound it makes when it splinters into the wooden target. 

At Avalanche, we suggest you tag along with some co-workers or friends who would be up for a game of axe throwing. When accompanied with a few more team building activities we offer, you will remember this day forever! 

2. Effortless Exercise

three axes on a wood piece

When you attempt to throw an axe multiple times, the repeated motion will give you a feeling similar to cable exercises. This motion forces your muscle group to work, particularly strengthening your core, shoulders, latissimus dorsi, pecs and legs. 

Now, the best part is that when you’re engaged in this activity, you don’t notice the muscles work – axe throwing is extremely exciting to make you pay attention to its physical effort. 

This activity is a great alternative way to work out. For instance, if you join a league, you’ll get visible strengthened muscles over time.  

3. Social Touch

a group of friends posing with axes in their hands.

Axe Throwing is a unique experience to enjoy with a group of friends, which makes it more fun. It brings a competitive element to your groups, making your day exhilarating and fueled with energy. 

A breath of fresh air – axe throwing is the right kind of activity to free your mind. Spending days with like-minded people can help you to develop your overall psychological well being.

In simple words, along with the several axe throwing benefits, you also get to spend some quality time with your family and friends. 

After all, sometimes, the healthiest thing to do, except for regular exercise, is to make yourself feel happy.

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