Avalanche Adventure’s Christmas Gift Vouchers

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The festivities, the decorations and the jingling bells mean that the tippety-tap of reindeer hooves and the smell of freshly cooked turkey is just around the corner.

Everyone has something to look forward to; be it family get togethers or office parties, as a nation we love to make the festive period extra special… and speaking of extra special, we all have the daunting worry of getting the perfect gift for the special people in our lives.

Sure, you could be upfront about it and ask what they’d like and if you are fortunate, they will tell you exactly what they want and you can go buy it, but where is the fun in that?

We live for the reactions and pageantry that is gift giving. At Avalanche Adventure, we love the thought of giving something to be excited about, something that will blow your mind and leave you thrilled afterwards.

Yes, we are talking about the adventure gift vouchers specially tailored for Christmas! Give the scented candles and hot chocolate sets a break this year and give your loved ones something they’ll never forget.

Gift Vouchers for Corporate Days

If you are an employer wanting to give your employees a break before they go off to celebrate Christmas, then we’ve got you covered! At Avalanche we’ve tailored corporate gift vouchers especially for the occasion! This will not only bring together all your employees, but also rejuvenate team spirit.

Corporate Days with Avalanche Adventure is a big step towards strengthening team building, relieving stress of the employees and providing them with a welcome break from the daily grind. It is also a brilliant way to celebrate Christmas by offering them a day out from the four walls of the office environment.

Gift Vouchers for Stag Parties

Planning a stag do for the groom to be? Celebrate the final days of your friend’s singledom with gift vouchers from Avalanche Adventure.

If you’ve been anointed the best man, there is no denying that you’ve got a mountain of responsibilities to shoulder, the most important being organising an epic stag party! Stag parties matter simply because it’s the groom’s last few days as a bachelor and you’ve got to make every minute count.

Gift Vouchers for Hen Parties

Ladies, suit up and get ready to rock and roll! Cut out the basic ‘going out for a few drinks’ and come to Avalanche for something a bit out of the ordinary. We are conveniently located in the middle of the country between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire just off the M1 making us perfect for hen party venues.

This Christmas, get high on adventure and sway under the weight of thrill and excitement with our adrenaline filled activities. You do not have to break sweat over anything because we will help you plan your day to the last detail so you can enjoy yourself. The outdoor activities that we offer are flexible so we have the capacity to meet your requirements, so you can sit back and enjoy the thrill ride.

Just make sure that you turn up for the event and we take care of the rest!

Activities at Avalanche Adventure

Be it a corporate event, a stag or a hen party, here is a list of some activities that you can be a part of an Avalanche Adventure. Take a look at the price list page and the activity page for more information on each activity!

Quad Bike Safari

Quad bike safari is the perfect icing on the cake. It is adventurous, fun and will certainly get your pulse racing. In most group activities, quad biking has turned out to be the star event and a popular choice amongst other activities. Our quad bikes will let you zoom through our tracks and you are guaranteed to have the time of your lives!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Be it a stag or hen party or for that matter a corporate event, clay pigeon shooting is an activity that is the perfect blend of adventure and fun. At Avalanche Adventure, we house our very own Sporting Layout Automatic Traps with well experienced and highly qualified instructors.

Land Rover Off Roading

Off road driving is an activity that needs no explaining. Everything about it screams fun and the fact that you’re away from the beaten track and have the liberty to splash mud left right and centre only adds to the fun of it. You need not worry if you are a beginner; our experts will ensure that you have a great time just the same!

So, give the gift of adrenaline and add to your bag of memories with Avalanche Adventure’s gift vouchers!