Quad Biking at Avalanche Adventure

If you are looking for a fun-filled and great outdoor experience then, Avalanche Adventure’s four-wheeled quad bike safari is tailor made for adrenaline junkies like you. The popularity of this sport has been growing rapidly and with our unique and scenic countryside route, we take quad biking at Avalanche Adventure to another level.

Quad bikes, also known as All Terrain Vehicles, are tough four-wheelers that are a fun way of getting out into the real countryside, away from traditional routes. Quad biking at Avalanche Adventure is an absolute delight with our venues boasting of rugged terrain and wide open spaces, offering the perfect platform for an adventure of a lifetime.

For people who are yet to try this sport, quad biking is an exhilarating adventure that is not difficult to master. All you will need to do is to learn to stabilise your balance and be ready to embrace the adrenaline rush that awaits you. While you are at it, do not forget to explore the facilities that we provide onsite.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have been quad biking for over 14 years and all of our instructors are Lantra qualified so you are in good hands. We offer basic instructions for beginners ahead of the ride. You will be shown the correct way to fit your helmet, control your designated quad bike and change gears, refrain from making mistakes along with making the most of your ride.

We also provide you with practice track so that you can get your confidence up and learn to be in command of your bike. Once conquered then we take you around our 400-acre site with woodlands, open areas and challenging windy trails.

Different Packages for Quad Biking At Avalanche Adventure

1 Hour Quad Bike Safari

This package is aimed at beginners to build up the confidence without tiring them out too much.

1.5 Hour Quad Bike Safari

This is for more intermediate petrol heads with the need for longer quad bike safaris.

2 Hour Quad Bike Safari

For more advanced riders who have the confidence and ability to handle a quad bike safely. This session is split into two with a break in between hours so that we don’t wear you out too quickly. If the weather is good we can then use our natural stone quarry to go around towards the end.

Quad Biking appeals to both men and women, and the beauty of quad biking on our site in Leicester is that we tailor sessions to the individual person or team. Quad Bikes can be dangerous when not ridden correctly and safety is always at the forefront of our activities.

Take a look at the price list here!

Quad biking venues at Avalanche Adventure takes into consideration varying levels of proficiency and generally offer beginners, intermediate and advanced trails, so that both experts and beginners are guaranteed to have a good time. Another thing that we’d like you to keep in mind is while the quad biking is the primary experience; do not forget to drink in the beauty of the natural splendour spread across the trail.

An Introduction to Quad Biking At Avalanche Adventure

When you book your quad biking adventure with us and arrive at the venue, you will be given a brief on the dos and don’ts of quad biking and the general safety talk. Luckily, our team of expert instructors will make it very easy for you to get into the vehicle and before you know it, you will soon be manoeuvring an ATV.

You will also need to look the part while preparing to cruise through the mud on your quad bike. Feel free to wear comfortable clothes and the remaining riding gear will be provided by us – overalls, helmet and gloves to shield your head, face and hands from brambles and branches.

Your Quad Bike

Our Quad Bikes are Honda 250cc semi-automatic. These Quad Bikes have electronic gear shift that can be operated either by your thumb or by your foot. The bikes are body active which means they require your weight to be able to steer.

The Honda’s offer a comfortable riding position, great suspension, Off Road Grip Tyres and they are easy to control, making quad biking at Avalanche Adventure, even more amazing!

Quad Biking at Avalanche Adventure – Riding Tips for Beginners

Quad biking is a great way to cross the threshold of adventure sports and experience the thrill of trailblazing down a track or zigzag your way around the venue on four-wheels.

But, in case you are just starting out (or even if you are an expert), do not be fooled. It is easy to underestimate the power and response of a quad. Go slow and heed the advice of the instructors around you for a memorable experience.

We have highlighted some tips for beginners because at Avalanche Adventure, we believe in absolute safety.


Quad bikes are recreational vehicles so dressing in appropriate gear is necessary. This means going all the way right from boots and gloves to helmets and goggles. Quad biking at Avalanche Adventure will give you the necessary gear that will help you suit-up.

Avoid Wheelies

As a beginner it will be a wise choice to steer clear from wheelies. Do not get overexcited with the vehicle in hand as you would not want your adventure to end in a disaster. So, avoid standing on the seat or grabbing the bar when attempting this stunt. If you do, chances are you might land flat on your back trapped below the quad.

Practice the Clutch and Shifting

For a successful quad biking adventure with Avalanche, just like the way you practiced the stick shift in a car, practice using the clutch and shifting before taking it to the next level. When you learn to ride your quad smoothly, the entire experience automatically becomes more enjoyable. So, figuring out how to effectively shift gears means coming back for more.

Practice Using Brakes

At Avalanche, we understand that most people generally associate quad biking with a fast and exhilarating experience. This is indeed true, but to go faster you must first master the art of going slower. Learn how to effectively use the brakes and incorporate them into traction control and cornering. Once you have successfully learnt this, our instructors will then train you how to stop.

Standing Up

As a part of the comprehensive training that we at Avalanche provide you with, our proficient experts will also instruct you about the various seating positions you must assume depending on the type of terrain you are riding on. If you are in for a lazy stroll down a trail, then revel in the moment and take a seat. But, if you are seconds away from tackling high-speed fun track, then stand up and complete your trail. Standing up on the quad makes the ride easier, reduces fatigue and improves the overall experience.

Hover just above the seat with your elbows out and knees bent. This is known as the “attack position” and this allows the quad to move freely beneath you. Giving up some control to the ATV that you are on will enhance your quad biking at Avalanche Adventure.

Refrain From Locking Your Elbows

While riding a quad bike, it is best to not lock your elbows as it gives you less control and has the potential to hurt you when hitting a bump or any other obstacle.


The gas pedal on the quads is a thumb throttle that you can press. You can push it in and move forward, release and cut off the fuel supply. As a beginner, it is advisable to push the throttle slowly. Some riding techniques take time getting used to and remembering. But with the advance booking that you’d be making with Avalanche, you will develop a habit of grabbing the handlebars and draping your fingers over the clutch and levers, every time. Begin slowly and build your comfort level by increasing speed and terrain complexity while shifting and working the brake and thumb throttle.

While you are at it, you have nothing to worry about as Avalanche’s expert instructors will constantly be coaching you about the fine art of quad biking.

What Will You Do If Your Quad Bike Gets Stuck?

Whether you have booked you adventurous day as a part of a stag do or a hen do, chances are that you or one of your friends might get stuck while riding the quad. But, this is not something that you should necessarily worry about as our instructors will be with you all the time around the course. Although, we will train you in advance on getting out if you were to get stuck. Getting out from such a situation is fairly simple.

Reverse Gear

In case you get stuck, reverse gear is your best buddy. Simply reach for reverse and gently apply the throttle to try and pull yourself out of trouble. You will have plenty of volunteers around you if you need a little push.

One of the main reasons to get stuck is due to deep ruts in the ground or steep inclines. Try and locate the dry route through the track and follow the instructor from Avalanche who will of course know the best way through.

If you get stuck in a rut and attempt to power your way through it, do not panic. The worst thing that can happen is that you will get wedged in and you will be safe from everything but the ridicule and laughter of your teammates.

In case of steep inclines, it is all about selecting the best route up and applying power once you are on the incline. Avoid racing towards the hill as this can go against you and bang your quad into the ground while putting you off balance.

Sit straight and forward on the quad to keep the weight over the front wheels otherwise your quad may tip up.

If you do get stuck on a hill or slope, just employ the brakes to hold yourself and try to reverse back down the slope. It is safe to wait for the instructor to work out the best plan.

Who Can Book Their Adventure With Avalanche?

To have an experience of a lifetime all you need to be is fantastic with a thirst for adventure! Quad biking at Avalanche Adventure can be enjoyed by groups. You can have an amazing day with your family or a fun-filled corporate day out with your colleagues.

Is your best friend getting hitched?

Well, leave the cliché parties behind and organise a muscle-clenching and blood-rushing hen do/stag do for the bride/groom to-be.

Not only this, at Avalanche we have vouchers that can be perfect gifts for Birthdays and Christmas.

Why Choose Avalanche for Your Quad Biking Adventure?

We have a spectacular 400 acre site, located right in the centre of England, offering the best outdoor activities in the country.

Our Brand new air conditioned log cabin offers you comfort and refreshments and with over 10 activities, all tailored to suit your group, you are certain to have a great day out.

We are open all year round (mud is fun!) but advanced booking is essential.

We offer a variety of safari options, from a 1 hour trek around the farm’s woods to our advanced 2 hour course which includes a trek and advanced tuition and our technical tough terrain section.

The minimum age for the safari adventure is 12 years old. Each safari can be tailored to suit the age, ability and experience of the group.

All essential protective clothing/equipment will be provided.

We advise that anyone taking part wears appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, wellies or trainers depending on the weather. Sometimes a change of footwear and socks is required after the event due to excessive puddle splashing!

So, get in touch with us today!