6 Outdoor Team Building Activities for the Fearless

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Outdoor team building activities play a pivotal role in employee engagement and the success of your organisation.

These activities provide a fun outlet to help both small  and large  teams connect around a common goal while having fun. Moreover, these activities improve team bonding and promote employee well-being. 

By integrating outdoor team building activities into your team development and training plan, you provide your team with a unique opportunity to develop crucial skills, build trust and create a sense of shared accomplishment.

However, with so many activities to choose from, how do you pick the ideal activity for your team? We’re here to help you out!

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of some of our favourite outdoor team building activities that will help your team feel more connected and improve their collaboration skills.

Let’s begin!

1) Experience Adventure with Quad Biking

Enjoy nature at its finest through amazing quad biking safaris. Designed to get your adrenaline pumping, this unique activity will surely bring your team closer together.

Stepping away from your traditional outdoor team building activities for work, quad biking allows you to race around woodland tracks while admiring the beauty of the English countryside.

Simply hop on one of our all-terrain vehicles and set out on an adventure with your team, all under the careful guidance of our trained instructors of course! 

Whether your team members just want to cruise along on their vehicles or race against each other, quad biking is an outdoor team building activity they are  sure to love!

2) Shoot to Win with Clay Pigeon Shooting

quick outdoor team building activities, two people aiming shotguns

When it comes to exciting outdoor team building activities, the unique experience of clay pigeon shooting is unbeatable. Prepare to feel a rush of energy as you aim, focus and finally squeeze the trigger and blast your clay target to pieces. 

This innovative activity tests your team’s shooting skills and also trains your team to effectively absorb information in a practical setting. Clay pigeon shooting will bring out everyone’s competitive spirit, this activity is one that will have every member of your team attempting to one-up each other.

Whether your team is made up of novice shooters or seasoned experts, clay pigeon shooting is a team building activity that will never disappoint. Ready, aim, fire!

3) Test Your Driving Skills with Blindfolded Driving

If you want to build trust and improve collaboration within your team, blindfolded driving is the perfect team building activity. 

With the driver blindfolded, it is solely up to the other team member to direct the driver through a tight and twisty course, all while being timed. In this trust-testing activity, you’d be surprised at how quickly your team will forget their lefts and rights!

Blindfolded driving is one of the best ways to test group collaboration skills while also mixing in a bit of friendly competition. Ideal for teams who want to improve their communication skills, this fun activity requires skill, teamwork and clear communication to seize victory. 

4) Sharpen Your Aim with Archery

outdoor team building activities UK, person with instructor aiming bow and arrow

Everyone’s dreamt of wielding a bow and arrow in their hands at some point during their lives. This activity is perfect for making all those mediaeval dreams come true!

Get ready to bring out your team members’ inner archers with this engaging and challenging activity. When it comes to outdoor team building activities, archery presents a unique experience that makes for a fantastic day out with your colleagues. 

Testing their skills of precision through this adrenaline-filled activity is something your team will surely enjoy. They can sharpen their aim while also engaging in a bit of friendly competition as they aim and shoot at their targets.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more of a challenge, you could always take things up a notch with blindfolded archery. Our skilled archery instructors will be by your side to ensure your team has a safe yet hilarious day.

5) Challenge Your Instincts with Opposite Steer Buggy Racing

Ready to put your team’s hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test? Opposite steer buggy racing is an interesting activity that will have your team questioning everything they know about driving.

With opposite steer buggies, as you steer left, it will go right and vice versa. This seemingly easy activity requires extreme concentration as your team members attempt to go against their instincts and challenge what they’ve always known.

Watching other team members struggle with the controls is almost half the fun. However, once they get the hang of it, they will surely have a hilarious time racing through our course. 

6) Battle It Out through Paintballing

outdoor team building activities for work, paintball team  cheering

The siren call of paintballing is one that cannot be ignored. While not among conventional outdoor team building activities, paintballing is the perfect way to enjoy some fresh air while levelling up teamwork.

In the thrilling game of paintball, you can’t trust anyone except your own teammates. Work as a team to plan strategic attacks and fire at your opponents when they least expect it. With limited tactical cover, this high-stakes game is the ultimate test of collaboration to transform your team into a single-minded unit.

Have you got what it takes to go all out in an epic paintball war and come out victorious? Book your slots now and settle things on the field!

Choose Avalanche Adventure For Exciting Outdoor Team Building Activities!

As you can see, many outdoor team activities in the UK can help make your team a force to be reckoned with. 

Need help finding a location for your next outdoor team building adventure? We’ve got you covered. 

At Avalanche Adventure, we provide exciting, safe and unforgettable experiences that will leave you wanting more. From off road racing to riding hovercrafts and amphibious vehicle driving, we’ve got it all!

Our skilled and trained experts will be right there beside you to ensure your well-being and safety throughout each of our exhilarating activities. With regular equipment checks, we ensure your experience has minimal risks with maximum reward!

What’s more, we also offer custom adventure packages, along with special booking vouchers to improve your experience. 

Book your slots or call us on 01858 880613 to learn more about our services.

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