6 Quirky Team Building Activities That Will Boost Team Morale

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Have you noticed a decrease in your team’s morale? Perhaps, you’re seeing signs of a lack of motivation or slumped energy levels? 

In any workplace environment, team cohesion is critical to the levels of productivity and output, which is why it is important to nurture the team bond to create a strong and passionate team. That’s why we are huge fans of team-building activities!

Team building activities provide a great opportunity to build a positive work environment, boost team morale and form deeper connections between team members and management. These activities focus on collaboration and encourage problem-solving and innovation within different teams. 

Choosing an activity which is both fun yet challenging may be exactly what you need to bring your team closer together and improve their performance. 

In this article, we will explore six quirky team building activities and how they can help build stronger relationships in the workplace.

Let’s begin!

1) Axe Throwing

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Unleash your team members’ inner warriors with this adrenaline-pumping activity. Whilst it’s not a very conventional team building exercise, axe throwing is extremely effective in bringing teams closer together. 

In this unique activity, your team members aim for a target and hurl axes towards it to score points. Simply enough, the team that scores the highest points wins. 

Axe throwing is extremely cathartic and allows your team to channel out their inner rage in a fun and healthy way. With this thrilling exercise, you will watch your team let go of any work-life stress and enjoy this unique experience.

Of course this activity is supervised by our trained instructors at Avalanche Adventures. We ensure your safety while teaching you all the different ways to have fun with axe throwing!

2) Team Scavenger Hunt

You don’t even have to leave the workplace with this quirky corporate team building activity. Team scavenger hunts are an excellent way to make your team members move around and take a break from work!

Simply split your team members into groups and make a list of fun things they need to find or do in the office space. Next, make it every team’s mission to find and take a picture with everything on the list within a specific time limit. The first team to complete the hunt for all the items on the list wins!

Although a scavenger hunt may seem rather plain as an activity, it requires teams to cooperate and effectively interact to achieve a shared goal. By hunting for various obscure items, you give your team members the ideal opportunity to improve collaboration, test their problem-solving skills and build new relationships. 

A scavenger hunt is one of the best ways to boost team morale and help your team develop practical skills to empower themselves.

3) Blindfolded Driving

Are you looking for an exciting activity that can help build trust among your team? Look no further than blindfolded driving

Prepare your team members to direct each other around a tricky course while avoiding strategically placed obstacles. As always, the team with the quickest time claims victory, (and boasting rights of course!).

This fun and unique activity allows your team to hone their teamwork skills and encourages them to communicate more effectively as they work together to drive the vehicle forward. 

A great opportunity to foster and build trust among colleagues, blindfolded driving is a must-try team-building activity for all.

4) Escape Rooms

Do you want to test the problem-solving skills of your team? The classic escape room activity is the pinnacle for testing a team’s strategic problem solving ability. 

An escape room offers a fun and engaging opportunity to boost team morale through a blend of mystery and suspense. In this activity, your team is locked in a themed room, where they’re required to solve a series of challenging puzzles to escape within a set time limit. 

With a variety of themes to choose from, this unique scenario demands collaborative problem solving, attention to detail and effective communication. Every team member’s input is crucial for success and the high-pressure environment is perfect for strengthening co-worker bonds and team dynamics. 

Enjoy the fun of decoding mysteries and solving puzzles while forming deeper connections with your colleagues. An escape room is an ideal team-building activity to boost morale as well as build some essential workplace skills.

5) Lego Building

Take a trip down memory lane with this creative and enjoyable activity that encourages your team to think outside the box! 

In this activity, you split your team members into different groups and each group is given a set of Lego bricks. They are then tasked with building a structure based on a specific objective or theme. Through this fun exercise, you can push team members to share ideas, innovate and foster creative thinking. 

As team members work together to build their Lego creations, they actively develop a sense of unity and accomplishment. Not only does this quirky exercise brighten the mood, but it also strengthens team bonds and can significantly boost team morale.

The tactile nature of Lego building allows your team members to relax, embrace their playfulness and satisfy their inner child, making it a great addition to any team building program. 

6) Paintballing

activities to boost team morale at work, paintball team strategising in a huddle

If you’re looking for a more physically-intensive team building activity, paintballing is just what you need. 

Paintballing is an activity that tests focus and your determination to win. Your teams will surely have a hilarious time as they navigate the course and prepare strategies to beat their opponents. 

Running through the woods and feeling a rush of adrenaline will re-energise your team members as they hunt each other down in an epic battle for victory. Experience the thrill of combat in the safe setting of a paintball field and watch your team grow closer than ever in an all-out paintball war. Without a doubt, paintball is a team-building activity that always leaves its mark. 

Boost Team Morale and Empower Your Team with Avalanche Adventure

As you can see, there are various team building activities that can help you boost team morale whilst allowing them to have a fun and enjoyable time. 

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