Left Your Stag Do Booking Until the Last Minute? Here’s What You Should Do

So, you’ve been bestowed with the honour of being your mate’s “best man”, huh? Well firstly, congrats, as that’s pretty damn awesome. But if organisation isn’t a strong point of yours, you may have found yourself running around trying to get things sorted at the last minute…

Well, we know what it feels like… whilst some of the lads are unable to make up their mind on where to go or what to do, some of the others are still mulling over the proposed budget and the odds of seeing pigs fly suddenly becomes more likely, than you pulling off a last minute killer stag-do.

But calm down and do not fret, because we’re here to get you out of this tight spot so many other men have found themselves in.

The team at Avalanche Adventure believe that a stag do must be filled with gallons and gallons of beer – just the way you’d want it to be and moreover, after all is planned and paid for, the entire event should be stress free.

So, here are some of our first-rate ideas for you last minute best men out there… We will see to it that your mates last days of freedom are a huge hit, hopefully without any hiccups, no matter how late you’ve left it…

Figure Out What Venue Is Best Immediately

Have you ever come across the phrase “you snooze you lose”? Of course you have! And this is certainly true, at least to some degree…

Though we don’t advise anyone to leave booking a stag do venue until the last minute, all is not lost if you haven’t got somewhere chosen in advance. Whilst it might be too late to whisk everyone away to Vegas for a week, it Is certainly not too late to organise an awesome few days away doing fun activities.

Once you’ve got that ticked off your stag do to-do list, you just need to sort out accommodation.

Put Your Name Down for A Paintballing Experience

Okay, we accept that this idea seems a little obvious, but hear us out, as there’s a reason why we feel you must absolutely opt for doing this.

Sure, most of the lads may probably be crazy cricket, football or rugby fanatics, but nothing is as good for boosting group morale as paintballing. It’s one hell of an experience and you can have fun comparing bruises over a beer afterwards.

The best part about this activity is that you need not be an Olympic athlete or Rambo with some exceptional skills to qualify for the activity – you’ve got to be an adventure junkie, that’s all!

It is a sure-fire stag do activity, especially when texting around and asking what the others might like to do seems next to impossible. It’s perhaps the best way to kick-start the stag do weekend. Plus, if you’re good enough, you definitely get bragging rights for the remainder of the trip.

In fact, adventure activities are a great way to enjoy time with your mates all year round. So if you’re stuck on what to get your mate for his wedding or impending birthday, you can get him some vouchers so that you both get to spend some time together as lads, even once that ring is firmly on his left hand.

Last Minute Stag Do – Party in Style!

Planning for a big night out on the town, only to find that you’re rejected from every decent club because everyone else has decided to venture out at the same time is the worst! Save yourself the hassle by thinking ahead and booking a booth.

The best part about this is that you’ll be able to skip the queue and you can all have a laugh over a bottle of grey goose – or three?

Every stag do venue needs its fair share of alcohol but be careful not to overdo it. We know you may feel like you’ll never get to see your mate again, but don’t worry, you will get the opportunity to have him back again once he’s returned from the honeymoon!

Well, there we have it – the top things to remember to ensure that the lads and of course, the groom, all get to experience a kickass stag do. To find out more, get in touch with the guys at Avalanche Adventure today to get your vouchers.