If you’ve Never Tried Camping Before, Here’s Why That Needs to Change

If you want to break free from the walls around you, camping is something you should definitely try. Why? Well, because fun begins to multiply when there is just a layer of cloth between you and a picturesque landscape.

For those of us trapped in our city lives, spending the night in a campsite is the closest we can get to sleeping under a sky full of stars. This is also the closest we can get to turning nature into our own little playground.

Change of Surroundings

At Avalanche Adventure, we can relate to those who crave to get out of their regular surroundings and do something irregular for a change. Many fun activities can be brought to life when you ditch the walls and decide to turn a tent into your home for the night.

You can take your family out on a camping trip or you can bring your gang here for a fun weekend away from the hustle bustle of the city. No matter who you come here with, you’re guaranteed to have a great time with friends, family, nature and adventure.

It serves as a perfect retreat from the city routine, whilst offering you the convenience which you expect an accommodation facility to offer.

Fresh Air

Camping is also the equivalent of bringing some fresh air into your life. The moment you leave your belongings in the tent and step out to take a look around, you will feel the country air fill every corner of your lungs.

Your stress will melt away and you will find yourself a lot happier and relaxed upon leaving, due to the few days you spend away from the strains of day-to-day life.

In this Accommodation, there’s Room for a Lot of Fun

By staying in one of our camps, you get access to our whole range of exciting activities. Imagine all the fun you can have when you know that you don’t have to take that long trip back home.

There are many benefits of crashing here for the night. You can take an evening walk with your loved ones and see the sun set against a beautiful view. Or you could put an end to your perfect day with a campfire burning and your close ones gathered around.

If you like to spend your morning somewhere quiet and serene, you can take in the scenery  and shoot some arrows in a game of archery. If you like to start your day on a high note, you can go for a round of clay pigeon shooting and fill the air with the sound of air rifle shots.

At Avalanche Adventure, no matter what your idea of fun is, we have activities that suit every personality type out there.

Feel Better

The conversations that take place in the outdoors can be a lot different from those that we have at our workplace or even in coffee shops. They go way beyond the usual niceties and cover topics that do not start and stop at how good or bad the weather is.

Engaging in our fun activities as a group or a family gives you the chance to know each other better, have great conversations and take home with you memorable experiences.

We live in a society where hard work is in control of the steering and fun often takes a back seat.

But here at Avalanche Adventure, it is the fun loving that sit behind the wheel and go on a great off-road drive. Spend a weekend with us, alongside friends and family, and we promise that you’ll be feeling more rejuvenated and joyful than you have in a long while…