The Secret to Being a Kickass Groomsman

People like hearing stories on wedding days, but surprisingly, only a few are interested in knowing how the bride and groom met – as it’s the stories about your stag-do that everybody is excitedly waiting for.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been friends for just a few years, or whether you were running around in nappies together… if you’re mate has asked you to attend his wedding as one of his groomsmen, it is considered a huge honour to be selected, so congratulations for being such a good friend.

As a groomsman, it’s your responsibility to make everything wedding related run smoothly, which includes the stag-do of course.

Now, we know that you’re not taking this responsibility lightly, or else why would you be here, reading up on how to be a kickass groomsman? We understand, you want to make this day special, so let’s end the suspense now and dive right in.

Keep Things Closer to Home

We have met many people throughout our journey, but we haven’t had the fortune of meeting a host that’s better than us! Drinking on the train down? Don’t worry, we will send our guys over in the landrover to grab you all, so crack those beers open and start reminiscing about the good old days. Then when you’re ready, we can take you on a Land Rover off road driving experience.

Sure, there are casinos in Vegas with plenty of alcohol and gambling on offer, but there’s a huge price to pay if you want to live that idea out. Why don’t you bring Vegas closer to home instead? Get a poker set, bring some beers and camp with the lads. We have everything you need, from showers, toilets, to a marquee that will keep you warm whilst you all gamble your lives away!

At Avalanche Adventure, we know that organising a stag-do is a big responsibility, and a responsibility as big as this should not be shouldered alone. So, allow us to share the weight of it with you and we’ll do our best to make the stag-do as memorable as possible for each and every one of you.

No Half Empty, No Half-full. Fill it to the Brim

On an occasion such as this, whether it’s the glass you hold or the excitement inside, we believe it should overflow. At Avalanche Adventure, we have designed activity days that are perfect for occasions such as this.

When you know that the party has only begun and that it must step up in excitement with every passing hour, you need activities that just keep getting better. You need activities that won’t allow you to think of anything in this world but fun. One’s that can get your pulse racing, make you experience fear, adventure and bliss, all at the same time.

You could sit behind the steering wheel of our beloved beast and take it for an off-road drive. Or perhaps you can hold a gun in your hand and indulge in the thrill of shooting.

The possibilities are endless at Avalanche Adventure – there really is something for every thrill seeker out there.

Face Your Fears

Want to make this day memorable? Make the groom do something he’s always been scared to do. Once he’s faced his biggest fear (and come out the other side), he will manage his wedding day nerves a lot better, so you’re actually killing two birds with one stone with this one.

At Avalanche Adventure, we add thrill to people’s lives in the safest way possible. Our activities may seem extreme at first glance, but we ensure that the concern for safety is at the forefront of our minds, all whilst making sure it doesn’t ruin your experience.

Once you’ve stepped into the appropriate safety gear and are about to crack on with your chosen activity with our experts, you will certainly feel invincible.

Getting your mate over his biggest fears can be good for him but hilarious for everyone else, so it’s a win-win essentially.

Imagine blindfolding the groom and placing the steering wheel of a Land Rover in his hands. Even if he hasn’t paid much attention to what you’ve been saying all your life, this time he definitely will!

Inject some Adrenaline into Your Lives

Alcohol in your veins can be fun, but have you ever experienced a huge rush of adrenaline?

We have activities that can and will pump adrenaline into your blood. Imagine the fun you will have each time your friend forgets that he’s riding an opposite steer buggy and turns left when he wanted to turn right, throwing you around a little too abruptly?  Imagine all the fun that your gang can have shooting arrows, clay pigeons and throwing axes?

Send him Away with Memories

The only way you can ever be a kickass groomsman is if you’re able to give the groom some kickass memories on his last day of being single. And what better place can you think of to create memories, than here at Avalanche Adventure? Ok, so perhaps Vegas or Miami comes to mind initially, but in reality, this option will give you everything you need from a perfect stag-do venue, with a huge whack bumped off the final price in comparison…

Get in touch with us today to spend his last day of bachelorhood in style.

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