5 Outdoor Group Activities for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Singles on Valentine's Day, group of friends getting ready to do outdoor activities.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and guess what? It’s not just reserved for lovey-dovey couples. We’re flipping the script and turning this day of romance into an adrenaline-fueled celebration for singles!

We’re ditching the clichés like candlelit dinners and heart-shaped chocolates, for a lineup of outdoor group activities that’ll make your heart race in a whole new way. Whether you want to have a blast with your single friends or celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends, this blog is for you and all the other singles out there on Valentine’s Day!

Get ready to dodge paintballs, navigate the twists and turns of a buggy track, and channel your inner Cupid by aiming for the bullseye. That’s not all – trust us when we say that with some of our activities, love is not the only thing that’s blind. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and try our blindfolded driving activity.

Buckle up for a Valentine’s Day like never before – where adventure, laughter and a little muddy romance awaits you. Let’s make memories that’ll have you saying, “Who needs roses when you’ve got paintball guns?”

1. Love is a Battlefield – Literally!

Want to trade the flowers for paintball guns with our epic paintball adventures? This Valentine’s Day, you can gather your single friends for a heart-pounding paintball war where the battlefield can be the space for laughter, strategy and a riot of colours.

Team up, gear up, and let the paintball chaos begin! While it’s not your typical romantic rendezvous, it’s a celebration of camaraderie, adrenaline and the sweet taste of victory. Remember, friends that dodge paintballs together, stay together!

Think of it like dodging Cupid’s arrows in a maze of vibrant paint, because on this battlefield, the only thing you’ll fall for is the thrill of the game. Has your single life ever been this adventurous? Well, it can be if you book our packages for singles on Valentine’s Day!

2. Love Takes a Detour

This Galentine’s Day, convince your gal-pals to try a hilariously confusing journey of opposite steer buggy driving. Partner up and hold on tight as you work together to navigate the twists and turns of the track.

It’s common knowledge that love, much like the bumpy road ahead, can be unpredictable, chaotic and wildly entertaining. Think about that as you laugh and create a unique bond forged by shared experiences with your girlfriends while the wheels spin in opposite directions.

This unconventional detour is a metaphor for love’s twists and turns, proving that sometimes, the most memorable moments happen when you take the scenic route.

3. Cupid Who? We’ve Got Axes!

Singles on Valentine's Day, woman practising archery.
Sports archer, target and bow and arrow training for archery competition, athlete challenge or girl.

When celebrating with singles on Valentine’s Day, a suitable approach is to swap the traditional Cupid’s arrow for something more substantial! You could consider throwing axes in a thrilling display of precision and strength. However, if Cupid has failed you one too many times, why not take up archery for revenge? 

Whether you want to hone your archery skills or channel your inner lumberjack with axe throwing, these activities give love a whole new edge. Don’t forget to aim for the bullseye, especially if it’s a picture of your ex.

This challenge isn’t just about hitting the mark—it’s about realising that love and romance can be as sharp and impactful as your aim.

4. Love is Blind(folded) – Just Like Our Driving Activity!

This year, invite your single friends to test trust and communication in a unique Valentine’s Day adventure. In this activity, participants will pair up, with one blindfolded and the other guiding the driver, to navigate a challenging yet fun obstacle course.

You can expect laughter as chaotic detours and sharp turns become metaphors for relationships—requiring patience, teamwork and a good sense of humour. In blindfolded driving, your connections are strengthened as you rely on your partner’s guidance.

This activity demonstrates that the journey of love is as thrilling and unpredictable as a drive without sight. Will your bond be stronger by the end of the ride? There’s only one way to find out!

5. Quad Goals for the Single Souls

Singles on Valentine's Day, multiple quad bikes lined up.
Many atv quad motorbikes standing in the mountains with trees in background, on a sunny day

If you’d like to indulge in some off-road excitement with your group of singles on Valentine’s Day, this is your chance to rev up your engines and hit the trails on quad bikes for a day of adrenaline-fueled fun.

The roar of engines and the thrill of navigating rugged terrain can make for quite an adventure. It’s not just about tearing up the trails; it’s the laughs and thrills that come with it.

As the quad bikes kick up dirt, your group will realise that on this unconventional Valentine’s escapade, the only relationship goals are the ones set against the backdrop of exhilarating off-road quad adventures. Quad goals, anyone?

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