Top 4 Unusual Team Building Activities To Try!

a group of employees participating in unusual team building activities

In the corporate world, every modern business is experimenting with unusual team building activities that go above and beyond, without breaking the bank. These activities not only help companies strengthen the bond within teams but also enhance employee culture and drive productivity. 

Amidst the demands of modern work, team building activities offer a refreshing break, boosting employee engagement and morale. Such activities encourage creative problem-solving, shared conversations, enhanced communication and motivate employees to approach tasks with fresh perspectives. 

However, as businesses grow, so will the demand for these team building activities. To stand out in your industry, try incorporating some new and unusual activities to encourage a culture of innovation. 

We have prepared this guide featuring some fun yet unusual team building activities for you to try with your employees as soon as possible! 

Let’s see what Avalanche Adventure has in store for you!

1. Blindfold Archery 

a woman participating in team activities like blindfold archery

Unlike traditional archery, Blindfold Archery eliminates the sense of sight, increasing the need for accuracy and making this team building activity twice as fun. 

To set up the activity, participants are divided into teams and provided with bows, arrows and blindfolds. Participants are then assigned their respective roles, such as archer or guide, encouraging engagement and camaraderie. 

Participants, guided solely by verbal cues from their teammates, rely on each other’s directions to hit the target using a bow and arrow. As this game requires great teamwork and communication skills, employees learn the importance of active listening and effective communication. 

As a result, blindfold archery leads to enhanced collaboration, which they can mirror in their working environment. These team building activities encourage employees to share experiences, face challenges and employ effective strategies to achieve their activity goals and in some cases, beat the other team. 

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2. Axe Throwing
an axe hitting the spot - unusual team building activities

By incorporating unusual team building activities into your corporate day out, businesses infuse a sense of adventure, fostering teamwork and cohesiveness. Axe throwing is a great example of this!

Before beginning, participants receive a safety brief and gaming instructions to carry out the activity smoothly. Later, participants are divided into teams, ensuring a mix of roles and responsibilities for cross-functional interactions. 

During the game, team members take turns throwing axes at wooden targets, aiming to score points for their teams. This competitive yet light-hearted atmosphere encourages teamwork as team members exchange advice and strategies to improve accuracy. 

Additionally, axe throwing offers surprising benefits and reinforces skills like effective communication, adaptability and mutual support. After the axe-throwing activity, teams gather for a debriefing session where they discuss their experience and share highlights with general feedback.

3. Clay Pigeon Shooting

a woman hitting the target as a part of team building activities

Another unusual team building activity is clay pigeon shooting, which offers a unique blend of excitement and skill development among participants. 

Similar to other team building activities, clay pigeon shooting involves dividing participants into smaller groups or teams where they decide on strategies to perform this activity. 

Team members take turns aiming at clay discs launched in the air. Evidently, this dynamic sport requires quick decision-making and coordination, encouraging employees to communicate effectively and focus to avoid common mistakes

Additionally, in this activity, teams can inject an element of friendly competition. For instance, teams can aim to hit certain targets within a particular time frame or challenge each other to hit a certain amount of clay pigeons in a row. These challenges push employees out of their comfort zones, promoting teamwork and efficient collaboration.

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4. Lost Explorer Experience
Two participants enjoying the Lost Explorer experience as a part of team activities

Under the category of unusual team building activities, the Lost Explorer Experience truly stands out. This game of survival is a unique and exciting activity. 

Initially, groups are divided into teams of equal members. Specific zones are set up and every team gets an opportunity to face survival challenges until they are all completed. Before the activity begins, participants are provided with an instruction manual and necessary equipment to perform their tasks. 

Next, the teams engage in activities such as fire management, shelter building, water source challenges and snake pit challenges. All of these team building activities involve a mixture of skills and perspectives to beat the other team and come out on top! 

As a result, this activity fosters problem-solving skills, amplifies communication and fortifies the skills of team members to collaborate seamlessly. In this way, this exceptional activity offers participants a sense of accomplishment and unity. 

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These unusual team building activities are a great alternative to the traditional corporate days out, injecting an element of novelty and excitement, where participants engage and collaborate on a deeper level. 

At Avalanche Adventure, our team of skilled professionals considers your needs and preferences. We ensure that all participants have a wholesome adventure experience with utmost safety, precision and care. 

What’s more, along with these team activities, we also offer other solo activities such as hovercraft experience, amphibious vehicle driving, power turn buggy, digger driving experience and more! 

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