Off Roading Essentials You Need Before You Go Off On a Trip

Last week, we talked about where and how you can go off roading in the UK!

Today, let’s take a look at some of the off roading essentials and winching tools that you need before you go off on an adrenaline-filled off road experience. These are tools you’ll require should your vehicle get stuck in the mud, break down or face other common 4×4 problems.

Let’s dive in!

Off Road Tyres

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Usually, the tyres that are used for modern 4×4 vehicles aren’t meant for serious off road driving. Therefore, it’s recommended that you replace them with tyres that provide a higher level of traction and grip before taking your 4×4 for a fun-filled off roading experience.


Additionally, ensure that you’re keeping a spare tyre in your vehicle (one of the most common things overlooked by many 4×4 owners) since most of the new off road vehicles no longer have one.

While not having a spare tyre isn’t a big deal when driving in the city, it could lead to major problems if your 4×4 suffers a puncture somewhere near the countryside.

Lug Wrench and Jack

When it comes to off roading essentials, lug wrench and jack are two crucial tools that you cannot afford to not carry with you.

While a jack helps you easily change your 4×4’s tyres, make sure you aren’t carrying those smaller ones that come along with most vehicles. These may be of no use, especially when you have to lift a two-plus tonne vehicle off the ground.

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Carry an electric jack instead as it not only takes away all the physical toll but also runs on a 12-volt power socket, making things much easier for you.

It’s also recommended that you use a heavy-duty lug wrench to tighten and loosen the lug nuts of your vehicle’s wheels, as the standard ones could probably be inadequate.

If you want you could speak with a professional to find out more about which jack and lug wrench would be best for your 4×4.

A Couple of Wooden Boards

While it’s crucial to carry a sturdy jack to lift up your 4×4 vehicle, it’s equally important to have some additional support for the jack to be placed on. This is why it makes sense to have a couple of wooden boards with you.

These solid boards can be used not only to place your jack on when changing tyres but also to chock them, to prevent the 4×4 from rolling.

Headlight Protectors & Bonnet Defenders

When on an off road trip, it’s common for debris and stones to come your way and break your 4×4’s headlight, leaving you in complete darkness. This is where headlight protectors can be a useful investment.

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If you want, you could also invest in bonnet defenders as they can help you keep expensive scratches and dents at bay.

These off roading essentials aren’t expensive. In fact, they’re much cheaper than getting your bonnet or headlight repaired. Additionally, they even reduce your maintenance expenses.

To find out more about how to maintain your 4×4 or ATV, click here!

Navigation Tools

You’re on a thrilling off road adventure, exploring the wilderness but suddenly you lose your bearings and find yourself in the middle of nowhere. While you may think the built-in GPS on your smartphone can help, it’d be of no use if there’s no signal.

This is where a satellite navigation tool can make all the difference, as it can point you in the right directions without depending on any internet-based signal.

Along with a navigation tool, ensure that you also carry a traditional map with you. This can help in case your satnav runs out of battery or starts to malfunction.

Traction Aids and Shovel

Have you ever come across the saying, “stuck up a creek without a paddle”?

This idiom is usually applied to situations when your 4×4 vehicle is bogged down. If you want to keep this from happening, ensure that you maintain a low speed. However, if your vehicle still ends up getting stuck, don’t commit the mistake of turning your wheels at full speed.

Rather, try winching your vehicle by using some carpet-covered planks and a shovel. If this doesn’t help, then it’s best to use a robust recovery line and heavy-duty jack.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn more about how to set up a 4×4 winch, then click here!

Mobile Phone

This is one of the most crucial off roading essentials that you need so that you can stay in constant touch with your family and friends, and probably (we hope you don’t reach this situation) the emergency services if something goes wrong.

Most of the mobile networks offer extensive coverage across the UK still, it’s best to check with your provider before you hit the road.

Lastly, make sure you’re carrying a smartphone charger – after all, even the world’s best mobile phone is nothing more than a costly paperweight when its battery dies!

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