3 Fun Activities to Break The Monotony of Lockdown

With the second lockdown to be in effect soon, life might become a bit monotonous again as we stay home for days on end. You need to shake things up a bit (whilst keeping safe!) to keep yourself entertained. Make the most of your situation and have some fun with activities that help break the monotony.

Have a party with those you live with or maybe indulge in some creative DIY activity or try something completely different altogether. There are endless possibilities and at Avalanche Adventure, we have put together a list of activities that can help you have a jolly good time!

1. Have an Outdoor Party with Your Household

stag party guide; a group of friends sitting against the sunlight

Even with things getting colder, getting some fresh air is great for the mind, especially if you’ve been cooped up. Make the most of your garden or your backyard, wrap up warm in blankets and watch a movie on a DIY silver screen. Look up some ideas online about how you can pull this off and have a bucket of popcorn ready to munch on as you recreate the movie-going experience. 

If you need a break from staring at the screen, indulge in some outdoor games with your loved ones. Play mini frisbee, football or cricket, perhaps even a board game or two to have fun while staying home.

2. Organise Family Olympics

team building games; people playing volleyball

While Olympics 2020 has been postponed this summer, there’s no reason why you can’t have your own sports event! It may not be as glamorous and attention-grabbing as the actual Olympics, but you are guaranteed to have fun with your family. Host an amazing sports event at home with fun games like sack race, tug of war and the likes

Include some of your favourite family pastimes with activities that help break the monotony. 

To make things more fun, bake some Olympic-themed cookies and cupcakes and print posters of your event. Be sure to have customised medals made for the event because, why not!

3. Have a Fancy Meal at Home

Since dining out is not an option at the moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy meal at home. Start by transforming your dining room into a fancy restaurant. Bring out the expensive glassware and china and dig out your best tableware too. Decorate the table with fresh flowers and candles for a fine dining experience. Give your pyjamas and sweats a break and dress as if you were going out. 

Put your heads together and decide the cuisine and the theme that your ‘home restaurant’ will have. You can either cook at home or order in but remember to serve food in the fancy dishes you dug out. 

For the final fancy touch, put on the fancy music and ensure that it matches the theme you’ve chosen. Why not prepare(or order) a fancy dessert that complements your fine dining experience?

Call Avalanche Adventure to Indulge In Fun Activities to Break the Monotony

The cure for monotony is to be spontaneous and at Avalanche Adventure we help you get acquainted with your happening side! Whilst we’re going to be closed from Thursday 5th until the lockdown is lifted, why not book yourself and your family a slot, ready for when things get back to normal? 

You can camp, ride ATVs or participate in our very popular 4×4 play days as you off-road on one of the best terrains in the UK. At Avalanche Adventure, you get to be as daring and adventurous as you like!

We have activities suitable for families and individuals alike meaning a good time is guaranteed!