Our Top Tips to Get Your Quad Bike Winter-Ready

Pretty much every quad bike is designed to suit every type of weather condition. Simply put, even during severe winter weather, you can zoom up and down the off road trails atop your quad bike and enjoy an adrenaline-filled, fun-packed off roading experience!

However, the question here is – how do you get your quad bike winter-ready so that you can make the most of your day?

At Avalanche Adventure, we know what it feels like to hit the snow-capped terrain while perched atop an ATV and therefore, to ensure that you have one hell of an experience, we’ve compiled a list of effective and practical tips to prepare your quad bike.

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Keep Your Quad Bike Clean

Keeping your hands warm and toasty is one thing, but it’s crucial to ensure that you’re keeping your ATV or quad bike clean throughout the colder weather.

The reason why we recommend you to keep your vehicle clean is that you’d want to prevent rust from settling in. Keeping that in mind, once you’re done riding the bike and it’s time to park it, make sure you wash and dry down the quad bike thoroughly. You could even spray its metal elements down using an oil lubricant.

Alternatively, you can clean your quad bike by parking it under the tarpaulin cover. Simply weigh it down using small weights or strip it down with a rope.

No matter what method you use to clean your off road vehicle, it’s still a best practice to spray its metal components from time to time.

Change the Oil Frequently

Believe it or not, frequently changing the oil in your vehicle is the smartest way to get your quad bike winter-ready.

This is primarily because, in colder weather, the weight of the oil can make all the difference between stalling and riding your quad bike. Put simply, the thinner is the vehicle’s oil, the better is the experience. When you alter the thickness of the oil, you make it easier for you to turn the quad bike.

What’s more, changing its oil is one of the best methods when it comes to the servicing and maintenance of your quad bike.

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Charge the Battery

While this tip might seem quite obvious, you’ll be amazed to know that the majority of people always forget this step!

Running out of battery is equivalent to running out of fuel – after all, getting your vehicle stuck in the middle of nowhere and during severe winter is the last thing you’d ever want.

The easiest way to prevent this situation and ensure that you aren’t stranded in cold is to keep the battery charged (always!).

You also need to ensure that the battery’s terminals aren’t covered in debris and corrosion while connecting the trickle charger. That way, your battery will be powered up at all times and ready to go.

Go for Snow Tyres

Again, this might seem very obvious, but ensuring that your vehicle has the right tyres is extremely important, especially when you’re trying to get your quad bike winter-ready.

When it comes to snow tyres, its lugs are placed further apart as compared to the normal ones and this is what prevents the snow from getting stuck to your tyres, enabling you to have a safe yet fun-filled experience. If you wish to give yourself more clearance between the elements of your quad bike and the snow, then you could even go for taller snow tyres.

By adjusting your vehicle’s tyres based on the current weather conditions, you can increase the quad bike’s lifespan and prevent it from faltering every now and them.

Additional Quad Bike Safety Tips for Winter

Keep Your Hands Warm

When riding a quad bike, your hands are the most exposed part of your body. This means you need to be prepared beforehand with some warm gloves.

Since you’ll be using your hands to steer and accelerate your quad bike, ensure that they’re warm at all times as that’ll help you keep your vehicle under control. However, do not use something that restricts your hand movement so it’s best to go for hiking or mountain gloves.

Follow Your Instructor

During winters, if the outside conditions are extremely bad then it’s important that you follow your instructor word for word.

Getting caught off guard is the last thing you’d want and since your instructor has the experience in different weather conditions and terrain, they’ll know what you should and shouldn’t be doing to stay safe.

Take it Easy

Keep your driving style as simple as possible.

There’s no need to look cool and accelerate at full speed just in a matter of seconds. The key here is to stay safe particularly in winters, so it’s best to keep it slow and steady while being as smooth as possible. You will also want to avoid potential obstacles and bumps, so always keep an eye out!

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To Sum It Up

Servicing and maintaining your quad bike every now and then is extremely important, irrespective of the weather condition. You should also ensure that your indicators are always in tip-top condition, as that is what helps you be on the road and to get off it!

It’s these small things that we often overlook, which have the potential to put a damper on your quad bike experience.

Just ensure that you’re following the tips that we’ve discussed and you can get your quad bike winter-ready in no time!

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