Things to Do With Your BFF Before Her Wedding

When your bestfriend tells you that she is about to get married, there are many emotions that you experience, sometimes all at once. A part of you is really happy for her, but the other part of you is heartbroken at the thought of having to share her with another person.

You are reminded of all the fun times you had together and you cannot help but think of all those things that you had been planning to do together. Suddenly, a checklist appears in front of your eyes and you simply wish you could tick every item off that list, in whatever little time you have until the wedding.

If your best friend is about to marry the love of her life, following are some kick ass things that you may want to do with her by your side:

Take a class together

If eating delicious food is something that you and your bestfriend look forward to, why not take your passion to the next level and learn how to cook together.

Find out which is her favourite cuisine or restaurant and check with them if they are willing to offer cooking classes. You may not become a masterchef by the time the course is over but a lot of fun is guaranteed in the process.


Now, what girl doesn’t like getting all dressed up and having the proof to show for it too? So, get ready to strike a pose in front of the camera and if you don’t have anything to wear, that’s certainly the excuse you need to go on a shopping trip!

Grab your camera and select some cool spots where you can go on a clicking spree. Strike different poses, click different types of pictures and have some fun – or pay and get a professional to do it instead.

The impending wedding is without a doubt, one of the most defining moments in your best friend’s life and also for your friendship – so capturing this moment in pictures is something you will definitely not live to regret.

Go on a girls trip!

Whether you would like to get away with her for just a few hours or an entire weekend, taking a trip together one last time as a couple of bachelorettes is bound to be an amazing experience.

It doesn’t have to be a very exotic location or an incredibly cool place. You may already have a place in mind and may have always wanted to take a trip together. Now is the right time to make it happen.

Offer help

The chances are already quite high that she may have asked you to be her bridesmaid at her wedding. Irrespective of whether that is the case or not, you can still offer help, as it’s likely she has a lot to do in preparation for her big day. There are many responsibilities that need to be taken care of and she will certainly need a helping hand.

You can help her organise her closet to she can sell them for a little extra towards her wedding fund, help her plan her big day and even help her finalise her final choice for her wedding dress. It is possible that she may need help with other things as well, such as talking to her when she gets cold feet or helping her destress.

Go to a spa

Make a booking at a spa and get pedis and manis, just the way she likes them. Help her get out of her mind and make her life bliss, even if only for a few hours. Book in for a few massages if you can stretch your budget that far, or opt for an afternoon tea slot at your chosen spa.

Such gestures have a long lasting impact and she will be really thankful to you for helping her escape the stress of planning a wedding. What more can you really ask for from a best friend?

Organise an epic party for her

What better way to send her off than throwing her a grand party? Also, with a hen do, you can tick many items off the list at once! She certainly deserves a crazy farewell and a hen do is just right for the occasion to do this.

Line up some fun activities for the day and reserve the night for creating some drunken merry memories! There are plenty of events companies out there that are happy to plan an entire weekend of fun for you.

At Avalanche Adventure, we cannot make it easier for you to part with your best friend, though it’s worth remembering that nothing is really changing in your friendship and she will have you by her side always. But what we can definitely show you is how to send her away in style in an adventurous trip packed with awesome activitys that will get the adrenaline pumping around your body.