The Secret Behind Having A Workforce That Perform at Their Best Constantly

The Secret Behind Having A Workforce That Perform at Their Best Constantly

What if we were to tell you that old is not always gold? The conventional ideas of team motivation which worked for the team next door may or may not work for your team. To make your team think outside the box, wouldn’t it make sense to try something out of the box to get them motivated too?

The Convention

When the motivation of a team falters, most team leaders come up with age-old techniques of raising their morale. Some wicked ones come up with the idea of holding a performance review which only squashes their motivation further. It’s important for them to know that taking team members to the conference room and cornering them will certainly do them more harm than good.

The ones that follow convention look up on Google and come up with ‘fun’ activities which hardly ever have any fun involved. We’re sure you know exactly what we’re talking about… you know, those horrendous team building activities we’ve all been forced to do.

The ones who think out of the box bring their team to the gates of Avalanche Adventure.

Make Fun a Priority

The gospel of most offices may dictate otherwise, but to truly motivate a team it is important that they have fun. It may sound like one of those solutions that are easier said than done, but if you are able to pull it off, it is also a solution that is sure to work.

A team building activity can only be called successful if it makes creative ideas flow freely in the minds of those participating in it. But how can our minds come up with anything good if we are always confined to the walls of our office?

Now, biology says that we begin to feel good when endorphins flow in our mind. But there’s another chemical that works great – it goes by the name of adrenaline!

Team Outings

Most offices around the world believe that taking their team out for fun activities is a waste of time, resources and money. On the contrary, it is the best medicine you can apply on the wounds inflicted by poor morale.

Think about the last time you went to the Zoo or a botanical garden? Would it not be a pleasant change from the regular office routine?

Taking a field trip together can make the entire office unwind from the tough week they just endured in the office. Even a trip to the museum would serve the purpose better than the office walls would. Just bring them out of their regular work environment and see what wonders it does to their dampened spirit.

At the heart of every team building activity lies the underlying purpose of bringing a team close together and nothing does it better than sports.


Indulging in sports or fitness activities is a tried and tested method of lifting spirits. It worked all through our childhood and it is bound to help in our adulthood. Sports not only make us feel better, but it also helps us to bond by instilling in us team spirit.

You can participate in any activity that involves movement, be it bowling, wall climbing or any of the amazing activities that we offer here at Avalanche Adventure. These activities will get your blood pumping adrenaline, we promise you that. Whether it’s a whizz around our track on the quad bike safari experience, or letting your competitive streak see the light during a paintball battle, what’s on offer at Avalanche Adventure will definitely get the blood rushing through your veins.

You can set aside an hour or two from your daily office schedule for activities that stimulate the mind. You can trust us when we say this, these activities work like a charm.

Celebrate Often

It would be reckless on our part to say that you should celebrate more often than you work. But celebration is almost as important as working when it comes to raising a team’s morale.

Turn seasons into reasons for celebration. If the Christmas season is coming up, you should make sure that there is a pretty awesome Christmas tree on the office floor. It’s the simple things that make all the difference.


Adventure is something that brings out the best in each of us. When a team does something adventurous together, they tend to express themselves better. Even though they might be pitched against each other, they are actually getting closer in the grand scheme of things.

So get in touch if you want to break away from convention to see your team perform at its very best ALL the time.