Quad Biking Venues

The thing that makes driving fun is a flat and smooth road but the thing that makes adventure activities fun is venues. When going water rafting you must select a river that has a variety of rapids that can add to the excitement. Similarly, at a quad biking venue you need a terrain that gets your pulse racing.

Keeping this in mind we have designed a venue that takes you through the gentle ups and downs of a terrain that will carefully craft your quad biking experience. So if you happen to be a mud loving and adventure seeking adrenaline junkie then Avalanche Adventure is here to quench your thirst.

The moment you enter our quad biking venue you will have an intuition that you are about to have a great time.

Unlike many activities that can be completely ruined by rains and sun, quad biking safari remains unaffected because muddy splashes and sweat can only make the experience more memorable. Thus every season is favourable for quad biking and you can take out a quad bike for a spin whenever you want.

Our Quad biking venue has been designed in a way that anybody above the age of 12 can participate in this activity. There is no need for them to have a prior experience of quad biking as our training and guidance is sufficient to keep them safe while they enjoy this activity.

Quad biking can be the perfect way to rekindle old friendships and establish a great rapport among members of a team.

Splashing mud at each other can be considered offensive out on the streets but inside a quad biking venue it is nothing but endearing. So team up with your favourite guys, splash the mud and bounce off terrains and let the kid inside you revel in the joy of this activity.

Quad Bike Safari

Quad biking is an outdoor activity that is most suited for open spaces such as forest trails, rocky hills, muddy areas, open fields, orchards and wooded quarries.

We have an array of Honda 250cc quad bikes which we believe are perfect for beginners with semi-automatic foot-shift gear system that is easy to understand and adapt for all age groups.

Our quad biking venue is a vast 400 acre site with the perfect mix of fast paced tracks and c trails that make it an ideal venue for quad biking.

Whether this is the millionth time you’re putting your gear in place to enjoy quad biking or your first, following are some of the fundamental safety guidelines that must be followed by the expert and novice alike. Since it has four wheels just like any other car, many are coaxed to believe that driving it is going to be a lot similar to driving a car. But it is quite different and with the right training and experience you will understand how. When you sign up for a quad bike safari, many of these guidelines and tips will be covered in the pre-ride session in which our trainers will educate you about quad biking. They may seem obvious to some of you but they are nevertheless important and should be followed to prevent any kind of accident at the quad biking venue.

Wear the entire gear

Safety gear is extremely important when it comes to any adventure sport and quad biking is not an exception. One aspect in which a quad bike is drastically different from a car is the absence of seat belts. Being reckless in the ride can lead to you flipping over and it is definitely not something you would wish happens. A gear you must definitely wear is the helmet as it can help to prevent serious head injuries. To ensure maximum protection, snug fitting of helmet is important. It should be securely fastened and comfortable before you enter the quad biking venue. Some other important gears that should be worn to remain safe are as given below.


Due to the extreme movement of the quad bike it is possible that your feet may slip off from the footrests. This makes it necessary to have minimum protective footwear. We provide a pair of boots that extend over the ankles and have low wheels so as to offer maximum protection. These types of boots greatly diminish the chances of slipping.


Clear vision is of paramount importance when it comes to riding safely. There is always the possibility of rains or mud splashing at a quad biking venue and therefore you should wear goggles that are big enough to conceal the area of your eyes and prevent any dirt from going into them. The face shields or goggles provided by Avalanche Adventure are free from scratches and abide by the required standards for day or night riding.


We believe that gloves are an important gear as they can prevent hands from getting tired, cold or sore and for this reason we provide off road gloves to all those who participate in this activity. They are perfectly balanced in terms of the protection and comfort that they provide. They have an extra layer of padding over the knuckles for added protection.


At a quad biking venue you should be adequately dressed in order to protect your skin from scratches. Thus you should wear loose fitting and long sleeved jersey or sweater along with long trousers. Such type of clothing is perfect to keep you safe from mud splashes and scratches.


All the quad bikes at Avalanche Adventure have been maintained in top condition and this makes it unnecessary for you to inspect the quad bike yourself. But if you’re going quad biking on your own then you should always carefully inspect the quad bike. The common components that you should inspect carefully are tyres and rims for any signs of wear and tear. Heavily worn out tyres will fail to provide you the required grip on an uneven terrain. You should also check the controls by manoeuvring the quad bike on a trial run. See if all the cables and connections are in their right place. There should also be enough lubrication and no worn links on the chain.

If you’ve signed up for a quad bike session at Avalanche Adventure’s quad biking venue then we have experts who will be there to guide you throughout the ride. However, if you own a quad bike and are planning to go for a quad bike safari then you should avoid going solo. When you’re doing it under the expert guidance of trainers at Avalanche Adventure chances are very bleak that you should meet an accident but if you are going alone then you cannot rule out this possibility. This makes it necessary to do this activity in a group. Apart from accidents there are also other situations that can be equally stressful such as running out of gas or a mechanical failure that forces you to return. In such a situation having fellow riders can literally be lifesaving.

There are certain things that you should do to ensure your own safety and these are things that cannot be practiced on your behalf at a quad biking venue. These rules include avoiding the use of alcohol or drugs and not getting sufficient sleep before the activity. Such practices can impair your judgement and ability to drive safely.

While many may believe that rest is only required in activities that qualify as a workout, it is also equally important in quad biking. Quad biking requires you to engage your body and mind in order to drive well. As with any other activity that involves mind and body, getting sufficient rest is very important at a quad biking venue. Quad biking is an activity in which even the strongest people can experience fatigue due to the bumps, tight corners and jumps. Thus whenever you feel fatigue taking over a part of your body you should take some rest before going ahead. In order to prevent fatigue you should take sufficient rest and hydrate yourself whenever required.

When you sign up for quad biking at an activity centre like Avalanche Adventure you cannot twist many safety rules. But if you’re going quad biking on your own then remember that overburdening the ATV by having two riders aboard can be a perfect recipe for a disaster. There are special ATVs that are meant for two people in which the controls may not be in your hand and thus the ride will be a lot less exciting.

One should never get too blinded by the drive for adventure as it can sometimes take us to places where we are not supposed to be. The same applies to quad biking. Instructors and experts will chalk out a territory that they believe is safe to take your quad bike and this marks the boundaries of your quad biking venue. You can never be too sure of what waits for you in the uncharted territory; they can severely damage your quad bike and put your safety at risk.

Being aware of your surroundings is one of those basic things that are expected of you when you participate in an offbeat activity. When you ride in a group you should always have an understanding of where you are with respect to the others. You should constantly keep looking ahead to know what is coming next. Avalanche Adventure’s Quad biking venue has been designed keeping in mind the safety of even those who are trying this activity for the first time and therefore there will not be serious inconsistencies in the track that can throw you off balance. But if you’re going solo riding then you should be aware of the path ahead.

It is important to understand that quad biking is not one of those NASCAR races where you need to cut corners at high speeds and put distance between you and your competitor. The more you ride sensibly the more you can enjoy this activity. You should not look to ride beyond your ability, perform stunts or try to flout any of the safety guidelines that have been mentioned above at the quad biking venue.

The Quad Biking venue at Avalanche Adventure sprawls across an impressive 400 acre site that has been meticulously designed to craft the best possible quad biking experience for you. Apart from Quad Biking, there are many activities that Avalanche Adventure conducts such as Archery, Land Rover off road driving, Clay Pigeon shooting, Gemini off road buggies, Amphibious vehicle driving, Hovercraft experience, Paintballing, Caterpillar club days, DTV shredder riding, Blindfold driving and opposite steer buggy. Many of our customers participate in multiple activities and to help them relax in between activities, we have constructed a new air conditioned log cabin that has been designed keeping their comfort in mind. Our activity centre is an ideal quad biking venue that is also perfect for a corporate day out, team building exercise or school reunion. If you’re interested in group bookings then you should check out our exciting offers and vouchers. Those who seek adventure will not go dissatisfied as there is something we’ve got to offer to everybody. We firmly believe that everybody who walks into our activity centre should walk out with an experience that lives with them all their life. Our activities will get the best out of them and take their extremities to a whole new level. With our highly trained staff you can combine adrenaline and safety which we believe is the perfect recipe for a fun day. They have over 20 years of experience in training and development and they have worked as facilitators and coaches for many big organisations in UK and Europe. Contact us now to begin your adventure.