3 Perfect Halloween Outdoor Activities for Team Building

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As Halloween approaches, there is always an evident buzz in the air as people try to decide the best way to celebrate it. While you always have the options of traditional pumpkin carving, costume parties, Halloween games and haunted house visits, when was the last time you explored something new for this holiday? 

This is especially true for offices and workplaces that are celebrating Halloween. You are probably looking for fun activities that are ideal for Halloween while also perfect for team building

If you are stuck in a rut and coming up short of ideas, you should consider trying out some of our Halloween outdoor activities for team building. While they are certainly unusual, we guarantee that you’ll have the most fun stories to tell about how you spent the holiday.

This Halloween, it’s time for you to explore some of the most thrilling and exciting activities with Avalanche Adventure—they’ll be perfect for your team. Let us walk you through some of them!

3 Halloween Outdoor Activities That are Ideal for Team Building

1. The Lost Explorer Experience

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If you and your team are fans of adventure and the whole “Man vs. Wild” concept, you are in for a treat. Avalanche Adventure’s Lost Explorer Experience offers the most realistic and thrilling survival adventure and it is absolutely perfect for large groups. 

You can either pick the half-day event or the full-day event. Your team will be divided into groups that will rotate around certain challenge zones. You will move to the next one once you have successfully completed one challenge. 

Moreover, you will have the support of instructors who are all former military experts, so you are guaranteed to have a safe and fun experience.

This is the perfect Halloween outdoor activity for your team because it puts you in a challenging situation and takes you away from the comfort of everyday life. 

It can get spooky too, with challenges like the Snake Pit and the Quicksand. It gives you the perfect opportunity to do something unique, fun and adventurous for Halloween team building. 

2. The Quad Biking Experience

outdoor activities for team building, a man on a quad bike

Are you and your team members fans of racing? Does the idea of rough, dangerous driving get you excited? Well then, our quad biking experience is the perfect activity for you this Halloween. 

You will be provided with some of the most excellent ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). These vehicles are considered a cross between a regular motorcycle and a car, which elevates your quad biking experience and makes it all the more enjoyable. 

With ATVs, you can drive on all types of terrain, including rugged or mountainous terrain. Quad bikes are designed to provide excellent flexibility and can absorb all bumps and dips. This is why this activity offers you the perfect opportunity to drive around or race with your team.

You may particularly enjoy this as an outdoor activity for team building during Halloween as we offer 400 acres of tracks that go through woodlands and farmlands, making it a thrilling experience for everyone. 

3. The Paintballing Experience

halloween games, a paintball match

Avalanche Adventure also offers an action-packed paintballing experience that is just the perfect Halloween outdoor activity for you and your team. Get into the spirit of Halloween by challenging your team to a paintball match.

Our Chaos Woodland Paintball game is designed specifically for a realistic and fun paintball experience. The field that you use for the game comes with strategically placed objects that you can easily use for cover.

We offer several activities that can make for perfect Halloween games, like Defend the Flag, Jungle Patrol and a whole lot more. Once you sign up for our paintballing experience, you are in for the most fun and spirited adventure.

What makes it all the more remarkable for Halloween is that it encourages everyone to work together towards one goal, facilitates team building and ensures that the spirit of Halloween lives strong within everyone.

Choose Avalanche Adventure for Thrilling Halloween Outdoor Activities for Your Team!

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from Avalanche this Halloween, it’s time to sign up for the most stimulating Halloween experience of your life.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for team-building activities, activities for couples or for hen-do and stag-do activities, we’ve got you covered.

From blindfold driving and axe throwing to pay-and-play days, you are spoilt for choice with Avalanche. No matter what you pick, we guarantee that you will have a memorable experience with us.

Book your slots for your perfect Halloween adventure today! You can also call us on 01858 880613 for more information.

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