Avalanche Adventure Mud Run

Here at Avalanche Adventure we host mud runs which are organised by Quest Events. Quest Events is committed to organising exciting and fun sporting events. Our mission is to provide events that we would participate in ourselves and to provide each and every person with a memorable experience.

You can either take part in 5k, 10k or 20k running through mud and tackling purpose built obstacles.

The obstacles are built to test your mental grit, camaraderie and all- round physical fitness. Individuals or teams are welcome and there is no clock to race against- just a day out running outside without dealing with everyday problems.


Avalanche Adventure Run- Chase the Yeti

A series of epic winter endurance runs to test you and your body to the max in the UK’s toughest winter mud run.

Farmageddon Fun Run

In your quest to escape the farm you will tackle manmade and natural obstacles through woodland, farm tracks and across grassland on a course designed to deliver the ultimate running experience.

The Twilight Fun Run

Can you finish before nightfall?

You will be tested to the max with all of our manmade and natural obstacles. Remember to bring your head torches.

Can you handle our mud runs? Sign up here now for the next mud run on the 25th of February…