Amphibious Vehicles: An Experience like No Other

It has become a part of our day-to-day routine now, getting into a car, shifting gears and driving it on the same concrete roads as we do every other day. So, for a welcome change in our lives, let’s make driving interesting again. Jump off the bandwagon and hop into one of our amphibious vehicles. Trust us when we say this, it truly is a unique experience.

The Argocat

Even a geek will tell you that an 8×8 is greater than a 4×4!

Many things change when there are 8 tyres below you. To begin with, you become free. You no longer have to stick to roads – or convention. With this newfound freedom, you can practically venture into any territory. You don’t have to steer away from rocks, dirt or even tree roots. Water? No problem at all, as this baby can swim too!!!

The Argocat reveals its true usefulness when the wheels ditch the ground and embrace water. What it means is that you literally stop at nothing! You don’t have to make a U-turn if you stumble across a pool of water. You can just keep on going and it will take you to the other side. In many aspects, the Argocat is similar to our other popular experience with the  Hovercraft.

Whether it is land, water or ice – the Argocat is unstoppable.

The Design

Upon first looks, you may wonder how such a small thing runs on wild terrain. But the Argocat has been built for the wild. In the simplicity of its design lies its true beauty. It has been designed in a way that its body acts as a hull. The engine has been placed in the front with the entire drivetrain safely enclosed within the bottom of the hull.

It has a dedicated chain-driven output shaft for each wheel which ensures uniformity and simultaneous motion of all eight wheels. This simultaneous movement of wheels make them work as propellers in water, which is why our drivers have such an amazing experience.

A greasable bearing is placed inside each bearing carrier and it is locked by a double seal which keeps the moisture away. It can safely carry a load of approximately 750 pounds across water bodies, so your mind will be at ease when driving one of these badboys on our man-made all-terrain course.

The versatile experience that driving an Argocat offers makes it a perfect activity for making a day memorable, whether it’s a stag-do, hen-do or any such important day of your life.

The Driving Experience

Without a steering wheel and handlebars, you may find yourself at your wits end when you sit for the first time in this amphibian vehicle. But don’t you worry, with some concentration and a laugh or two, you will easily find your way around driving this vehicle once you’ve warmed up.

However, there is a small glitch. None of the wheels move! So that brings us to the question – how in the name of heaven do I drive around corners? The answer to this question lies in the technology of skid-steering. The Argocat is powered with two levers and depending on which set of wheels you wish to move, you make use of any one.

Upon using a particular lever, one set of wheels will lock themselves while the others will keep turning. This enables the Argocat to perform a spectacular 360 degrees turn, if that’s your intention. This mini-tank may be difficult to control, but as you may have realised already, things that come easy are hardly ever any fun!

On its eight wheels, this small vehicle can take up to 6 people for a ride into the wild. With two seated in the front, it allows up to 4 passengers to be seated in the bin like structure at the back. In this ride, there may be little space for you, but there’s plenty of room for fun, we promise!

And better yet, for the competitive souls out there, you can compete with friends, colleagues and family members on a time-trail event.

So, if you wish to indulge in the pleasures of driving and floating in the same ride, book now! If you are almost certain that your friend or family member will love this, but don’t want to take the risk of booking this activity specifically, you can instead gift your loved one with a gift voucher.