4 Amazing Activities that Retail Head Offices Need to Try Out

activities for retail head offices; team building activities for retail head offices

While it’s important to make your employees work hard, you should also provide them with fun activities to do every once in a while. It helps to contribute to a happier experience for the people who are working hard at your office. 

It should also be noted that these activities are not only a relaxing break from work. They can also help your employees to engage with others more, helping to bring out creativity, teamwork and competition. 

This helps to promote a healthy work environment and a strong company culture, as employees and heads will bond over these team-building events. They also help to improve communication skills.

Now that you’re probably convinced, let’s take a look at the exciting activities available for retail head offices—everyone’s bound to enjoy them!

1. Lost Explorer Experience

corporate days out; lost explorer experience

The lost explorer experience activity will test the teamwork of your employees. You’ll be taken to a forest for the ultimate survival experience. You’ll need to take your professional camping and hunting skills and apply them here to complete the tasks. 

In this unique team-building activity session made by Avalanche, you’ll learn how to create fire, build a shelter and do a search and rescue mission. These activities require you to coordinate with others and you’re bound to have a few laughs along the way.

Your employees will be divided into teams and it’s one of the best team bonding experiences out there. All you need to do is contact Avalanche Adventure and choose between a part- or full-day session.

2. Team Training Activities

retail head office activities; team building activities

If you’re looking for something shorter, you can try out our unique team-training activities that are made to help employees bond with each other. They’re ideal activities to try out during a corporate day out and involve an hour of fun and interesting games that require teamwork.

We assure you that your team will receive the opportunities they need to bring more enthusiasm and co-operation to the team. We recommend a group of 8–13 people for this activity. 

3. Archery or Blindfold Archery

corporate bonding events; people trying out archery

Archery is a popular sport that requires some skills, but it’s also an amazing activity for those who love to play shooting games at a corporate bonding event. It’s a sport that both young adults and veterans in your retail head office can get involved in for a fun time. 

You can also compete with each other by following the classic archery rules. If you want to add an exciting twist to it, you can put a blindfold on while trying to shoot your target. You will be supervised by professionals and it’s a completely safe activity that is perfect for providing some fun moments. 

4. Paintball Battles

team building activities; person participating in paintball battles

Team up with your employees for an intense paintball battle against other members of your company in this team-building activity. This adrenaline-filled activity will be filled with intense and funny moments that’ll leave you wanting more. 

You will wear a padded NBC suit and helmet to run around and take down your other employees. You will also need to cooperate with your teammates as you plan to take your opponents out of the game. It’s a good idea to learn about the basics of paintball before trying this activity. 

If you’re eliminated early, there’s always a second chance, as Avalanche Adventure offers five paintball sessions every day. You can book these sessions by contacting them now!

Contact Avalanche for More Activities for Retail Head Offices

Now that you’re familiar with our fun outdoor activities for retail head offices, it’s time to book a fun session for a corporate day out. Avalanche Adventure offers several exciting activities, all filled with excitement and adrenaline. 

Other than the activities mentioned above, we also offer axe throwing, hovercraft experience, blindfold driving and more. If you’re struggling to choose between them, you can contact us and we’ll create a plan for you within two working days. 

To learn more about us, visit our homepage or book a slot now!

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