Team Building Northamptonshire

Team Building activities are growing in popularity due to their various benefits. Businesses are opting to invest in team building activities for their employees as it combines fun along with enhancing team spirit and a better understanding. It is of utmost importance that employees like and understand each other better for conducting business activities smoothly. Team Building in Northamptonshire is a well-placed investment with guaranteed return of high value.

How Can Day Out At Avalanche Adventure Benefit Your Office?

We offer many fun and interactive outdoor activities for Team Building in Northamptonshire. Here’s how spending a day out with your employees in Avalanche Adventure can benefit your company:

Networking and Socialising

Socialising and making friends in an office is a great way for a team to enhance its productivity. It creates a stronger team spirit among your employees which accounts for greater efficiency in the workplace. Activities for Team Building in Northamptonshire provide your employees an opportunity to mingle and get to know each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This leads to better relationships between co-workers and also helps break down certain barriers that exist in the workplace.

Promotes teamwork among your employees

All Activities for Team Building in Northamptonshire involve your employees working together in teams. This helps team members to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better and also improves their communication with fellow team members. This understanding leads to a stronger bond between team members, which is considered important for the progress for any company.

Promoting creativity

Your employees should be encouraged to be more creative in the relaxed and fun atmosphere that exists during activities for Team Building in Northamptonshire.

Team building activities bring your employees together and can lead to many creative workplace solutions. Collaboration is vital for the success of any organisation. Studies have shown that 86% of executives and employees blame ineffective collaboration as the primary reason for workplace failures.

Why choose us?

Avalanche Adventure is located right in the centre of England in a 400 acre site.  We provide you with some of the most enjoyable and exciting team building activities such as:

Giant Jigsaw

Blindfold Driving

Opposite Steer Buggy 

Climbing Wall



We also provide top of the range equipment (ex military gore-tex overalls, helmets and gloves). This allows your team to have a fun, realistic and exciting experience. We also prioritise training which is why we employ CIPD qualified staff with over twenty years of experience in training and development.

We work closely with companies in planning out the best way to incorporate the company philosophies in our activities for Team Building in Northamptonshire.  We are open all the year around because we believe mud is fun!  If you are looking for fun Team Building in Northamptonshire, then Avalanche Adventure is the place for you.