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Stag Do Venues

Stag Do Venues

There was a time when the groom-to-be used to celebrate with his close friends just the night before he got hitched. There were few drinks, some laughter, a toast and that is how a stag night petered out.

Times have changed and getting married is quite an occasion. It deserves to be one of the events that should be remembered in all its glory.

Sensibly, the stag (groom-to-be) nowadays rarely gets drunk when it’s their stag night.

It is also less likely for him to spend just an evening with his mates as was custom, before ideas to make this ‘one night’ (or day) as fun as it can get; as adventurous as it can be, owing to the demand of the occasion itself.

Sporty and action filled activities make for a great stag weekend unlike the clichéd getting together and exchanging a couple of beers.

Avalanche Adventure is the ideal location for stag parties and events that you do not want to forget in a hurry.

The groom to be along with his favourite people can have an amazing time with activities such as paintballing and clay pigeon shooting that we offer.

These games and activities work wonders for team bonding, given that the stag dos throw together friends from different parts of life and more often than not these people do not know each other very well.

Who is to know the people brought together at the stag do venues may end up becoming great buddies and you get to take the credit unabashedly.

Planning a stag do in Leicestershire?

Avalanche Adventure is what you need for a buzzed stag do. We are located in the middle of the country between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire just of the M1 making us the perfect choice for stag do venues.

We offer a wide range of outdoor activities, for instance quad biking for which we have a spread of 400 acre space allowing you to have an exhilarating quad biking experience.

So if you or your stag is an adrenaline junkie and dedicated outdoor enthusiast then we have the perfect stag do venues set up for you.

Our quality equipment and happy-go-lucky attitude will make sure that you will have a great day and be ready for a good night out to finish the day off.

The activities that we offer are flexible, so we are sure to meet your requirements within the budget without cutting down any of the fun event.

We take up the responsibility of planning out everything for you in detail and deliver you with the best of times filled with enjoyment.
All you need to do is turn up for the event.

Looking for Stag Do Venues? No Pressure!

If, as the best mate you have been given the task of arranging the stag do, there is nothing you need to worry about.

You have arrived at the right place so relax and breathe. Our years of experience and satisfied clientele are witness to our ability.

Let the groom-to-be wave goodbye to singledom and to the young and carefree days by opting for challenging and adventurous outdoor activities.

All you get from an ordinary stag do is headache from a hangover, but here you can get high on adrenaline minus the headache.

List of Activities in Avalanche Stag Do Venues

Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Engage in several outdoor activities that we offer at our stag do venues. Take a look over our list of activities below and have our assurance to guide you with the perfect package that you choose to set up.
The range of stag do adventures include:

  • Quad bike safari
  • Off road Land Rover driving
  • Off road race buggies
  • Amphibious vehicle driving
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Archery
  • Blindfold driving
  • Opposite steer buggy
  • Hover crafting
  • Paintballing
  • Team building activities
  • Buffet Lunch

Why Choose Avalanche Adventure?
We at Avalanche have our own resources to cater to your requirements as we boast qualified and trained professionals to supervise all the adventure activities. We understand what will work best for you at our stag do venues as we have acquired the local knowledge and experience. We are certified in the activities that we conduct so your safety is assured.
You get to have:

  • A great and unique time at the stag do event
  • Deals that deliver your money’s worth with no hidden extras so you can budget accordingly
  • Our expertise in helping you plan to the smallest detail so that you have a fun and
  • hassle free time engaging with the thrill.
  • Assurance of the delivery of our quality service

Planning for a Stag Do

We have taken the liberty to compile a list of tips that can come to your rescue when planning a stag do for your best mate.
Here is a list of things that you can do in order to have one of the best time of your life.

Talk to the Stag

Girls tend to be overly excited with their wedding plans detailing the tiniest aspect as well. Well, boys do not have to lag far behind and they can plan out their stag dos for their best mate.

Talking to the stag regarding what he wants will give the mates a direction to plan something out of the box. Discuss with the stag what he wants, be it a weekend away or a day filled with adventure and thrilling activities.

It is much easier once you have an inkling of what the stag wants for his stag do. Although, keep in mind that it is not your stag do and it should be planned in a way that it benefits the groom-to-be.

Make a List of the Guests

Ask the groom-to-be to think of the friends he would like to be at his stag do and then prepare a list of key people. Try and keep it limited to proper friends and eliminate acquaintances and work mates. Work out whether the bride’s father, brother etc should be in attendance as it is likely to shift the dynamics of the group. You can always organize a separate affair for family members. A lot will also depend on how you and the groom think the various friendship circles will interact while at the stag do venues, so it is definitely something you need to be mindful about.

Obtain Contact from the Stag

Obtain the final list of names, numbers and email addresses from the groom and touch base with your charges. The simplest method of keeping everyone in the loop is to maintain email groups; or a group on WhatsApp or a private Facebook group. When you contact the potential guests, enquire about their budget range so it becomes easier for you to establish a standard range which will suit everyone’s pocket.

Explore Options

With the stag’s opinions on board and an idea of the budgetary constraints of the guests, you can get online and explore a multitude of options. Try selecting an idea or activity which is not like every other stag do. If you wish for stag do venues filled with outdoor activities like paintballing, quad biking etc, Avalanche Adventure is the place that you are looking for.
Once this is decided, make a final and informed decision with the groom. If you are taking assistance from stag operators, be sure to read reviews and cross check their credibility.

Fix a Date

You need to be careful of the date that you chose for a stag do as it should be close enough to the wedding so that the excitement is maintained but not so close that it will impact and overshadow the main event. It is a universally agreed truth that stag dos conducted just a night before the wedding is a big fat ‘no’. Try coming up with a few dates between two to five weeks before the big day. Discuss it with your group and see which is the most suitable date that for everyone.

Take into Consideration the Passage of Time

When planning for a stag do, make sure that you settle on a plan and book them early. This way you get the advantage of availing best prices as compared to peak seasons. It is risky to book stag do venues at the last minute.

Appoint a Treasurer

It is always a good idea to set up a fund to pay for activities that you and your team will be engaging in at the stag do venues. It is a given that at least one person in your clan is good with accounts and money so play to his strengths and appoint him as the treasurer. This way you can tick this task off your hands. It will be the treasurer’s responsibility to keep a record of who has paid what and any and every expenditure. More importantly, they will need to chase the late payers and mind you there will be many.

Be Responsible

You may want to play some pranks on the groom-to-be and pull his leg just a tad bit more, but remember you want to keep it safe and get him home in one piece (or be answerable to the bride!). Be responsible especially when choosing to participate in outdoor adventures at stag do venues.

Why Stag Dos with Avalanche Adventure?

At Avalanche, awarding every stag and his best mates with an experience of a lifetime is the core of all the activities that we offer to unleash the potential of everyone participating. We have CIPD qualified staff that boast of over 20 years experience in training development, including delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations. Our qualified experts stretch the mind a lot more than the body for strategic development all the while incorporating your main theories and tools and making the stag do venues more memorable and fun.

We assure you of an experience that you will forever remember. We pride ourselves on the personal and friendly connect that we have with our clients.

If you are looking for an out of the box and fun activity at our adventurous and outdoor stag do venues and much more, then Avalanche Adventure is your one stop shop for top notch entertainment at budget friendly prices.

Have a look at the price list page and the activity pages for more information on each activity. We will tailor your choice into a bespoke package for you. All you are required to do is fill out the enquiry form or call us on 01858 880613.

Call us today to book your adventure!