Stag Do Locations

Nowadays, a normal bachelor party is not enough for a man who is about to get married in a few days. A stag do is much more than drinks and dance, it’s about making memories with your mate, experiencing new even if weird things and creating a bond that lasts for a lifetime. But, are you confused about the best stag do locations and how to organize a stag do party? Don’t be, because we’re here to help you with everything you need to plan a perfect stag do for your best mate.

How to Choose Stag Do Locations?

If you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of organising a perfect stag do for your mate and wish to send him off with some great memories, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only will we help you to figure out the perfect stag do locations but will also relieve you of the worries of organising one.

Forget the pitchers, glasses of wines, and give something memorable to your mate by kicking things up by a notch. At Avalanche Adventures, we have got plenty of ways to show you how you can plan a better party at our stag do locations.

All you have to do is plan a stag do smartly; think about all the adventures you want to do together, the adrenaline-pumping excursions, relaxation and finally take home a one-of-a-kind experience. Thinking of such things will enable you to make the most out of the stag do locations, where you and your mates will have an amazing time while performing adventurous outdoor activities.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just take a look at our simple tips below to select the best location to give your mate a perfect stag do. These tips will take you through a step-by-step process and you’ll be able to organise a perfect send off at the best stag do locations. If you are planning a stag do in the UK and do not wish to settle with anything other than the best stag do location then Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre is the only place that meets all the requirements of a perfect stag do. At Avalanche Adventure we offer a wide range of outdoor activities for parties and events at one of the most ideal stag do locations, which is our own activity centre. It is located in the centre of the country between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. It’s hard to find a man who doesn’t have a knack for adventures and shooting games. If your groom-to-be is an adrenaline junkie or outdoor enthusiast then there is no better place than Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre. So, gather your herd and break the ice with some competitive adventurous activities like blindfold driving, quad bike safari, clay pigeon shooting and much more.

At Avalanche Adventures, we have built our activity centre across an area of 400 acres in Leicester and this is the perfect stag do location for a man who would love to be young, free and single one last time before getting married. Our activity centre is located in the picturesque scenery of the Leicestershire countryside and we have been building it for the best part of two decades now. At Avalanche Adventure, we are proud to present; what we have created slowly and carefully to give our customers an experience of a lifetime.

Once you’ve cleared the first obstacle of picking one among the various stag do locations, all you have to do is plan a perfect weekend for your groom. Here are some things which you should consider before planning a perfect stag do. Confirm the Wedding Date This is the first thing you need to ensure before making any stag do arrangements. Many people don’t take this seriously and eventually face a crunch of time to arrange things. Talk to the groom and ask him to get the time for at least two weeks before the marriage. After finalizing the date ask your other mates to arrange things for the stag do.

Confirm Dates for the Stag Party

Choose a date for stag do at least 2 weeks before the marriage. Because if you make bookings for the stag party in close proximity to the marriage day then things could go wrong such as; if you choose a stag do location far from the wedding place, the groom may not make it to the wedding. As the best man of the groom, it’s your responsibility to fix rough dates for the stag party and it will also make it easier to create a rough schedule of events. The most important person for the stag do is the groom and if he doesn’t make it then the stag do doesn’t make any sense, so be sure that you invite him to the party.

Invite others

As an organizer it’s your duty to invite groom’s other friends to the stag do location. Ask the groom to know about the people he wants to invite to the stag party. Marriage is a hectic affair and the groom may not always be around to help you plan his send off. So, it is your responsibility to invite important friends such as his school friends, college friends, friends from work, etc. You can also invite some people from bride side which are close to the groom. You may find articles cautioning you against having a large invitee list, but here at Avalanche Adventure we believe the more the merrier. We are not just confident of making the necessary arrangements for the guest list but also of giving them a great time.

Planning the Stag Do

After making a list of people who are going to be at the stag do and deciding the stag do location, you should move on to the more important question, what to do at the stag party. Even the guests and other members would want to know about the stag do location and which activities you’re going to make them sign up for. After or before making all the arrangements, ask the groom to check if he is okay with the arrangements or of he wants to do something in particular. There are plenty of ideas to plan a perfect stag do for your mate and here at Avalanche Adventures we offer many amazing activities that you can enjoy at our stag do location.

Don’t go too far for the Stag Do

Don’t come up with crazy ideas for the stag do that can make the groom sad and exhausted. As his best friend, you know the groom best and know where to draw the line if things seem to get out of hand. So our advice is refrain from doing something stupid during the stag party to embarrass the groom. A good way to enjoy the stag do and to involve everyone quickly is to have t-shirts printed with photos or nicknames of everyone.

Booking the Stag Do

Once you have decided everything such as; a plan in place, an idea of costs and a guest list then you need to book the stag do location as soon as possible. Get the budget in and book all the activities you want to do with the groom. At Avalanche Adventure, we offer all the activities at a cost that should fall within your budget. Apart from booking the stag do location and activities, you also have to look for the transportation and where your gang is going to stay for the weekend.

You will easily get a stag do location for the stag party, but what’s more important than that is choosing the stag do activities. Everyone wants to enjoy the stag do with some invigorating activities to blow their mind away, get the adrenaline pumping and make long adventurous stories for the wedding speeches. Have a look at the best stag do activities which can give you a thrilling experience and also goes light on your pockets.

Quad Bike Safari

To feel the exhilarating driving experience and make most out of the day, a quad bike safari is one of the best activities you can perform at any stag do location. A quad bike is an off-road vehicle such as a motorbike or a land rover which can be driven in desert areas, concrete roads, grasslands, etc. At Avalanche Adventures, we provide complete guidance to our guest about their vehicle before starting the ride. The quad bikes are designed in such a way that they can be used easily and are fun to ride in mud, watery surface or even woods. We also provide a variety of safari options in which you can go for a trek around the farm’s woods for an hour.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

You must be thinking that this activity is only for those who have prior experience of shooting. But, at Avalanche Adventure we believe that there is always something to learn from such activities. Before going for Clay pigeon shooting, our experienced instructors will demonstrate how to use a shotgun safely and how to aim for the clay in a pressure free environment. We will tailor each clay shoot to match your ability and experience so that you find the event rewarding and challenging.


Paintball game is a fun and exciting game which can be played by two or more teams in rough woodland. To play a paintball game, you have to be energetic and need a sense of adventure. Paintball game is as energetic as other sports; it requires stealth, strategy, teamwork, and initiatives. Paintballing is available at all stag do locations of Avalanche Adventure and can be add as part of any package. We have the best locations for performing the paintball game and we also provide log cabins to offer the stag do participants comfort, refreshments and shelter.

Blindfold Driving

It is a great stag do or corporate activity that requires skills, teamwork, communication and patience. If you love driving with your friends then this is the best activity for your best mate. To enjoy the stag party to the fullest and make the groom go crazy, this is an ideal activity at the stag do location. In blindfold driving, one of the team members is blindfolded for driving and in your case that person can be the groom and other team members navigate the driver around our course. We provide a Landover to a team and set it to second gear to drive itself with no use of accelerator, clutch or brake until you reach the end of the lap.

Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre is built across an area of 400 acres situated in the middle of England. We offer all the activities to our customers at very affordable prices and apart from the picturesque stag do locations, our activity centre has brand new air-conditioned log cabins which offer you a comforting refreshment area. A person may feel tired after participating in such activities and may need rest to get back into the game. Our log cabin offers everything you could possibly need in your leisure time. When customers visit our activity centre, we first welcome them to encourage a friendly, fun environment at our newly refurbished reception area. All our adventure activities are at a 5-minute distance from the reception area so you don’t have to go anywhere else for the fun. Our equipment are completely clean and we constantly improve them to ensure that they meet the uppermost safety standards. We have expert instructors for our every stag do location who give you a detailed tutorial of activities and areas before performing them. We also give training to inexperienced candidates, so that they can perform better. Apart from stag do activities, we also offer other activities and events such as; team building exercises, 4×4 Pay and Play, Amphibious vehicle driving, Land rover off road driving, etc. So Contact us today to book your favourite stag do location and to have unlimited fun with your gang.

As you can see we are a short drive from Leicester city centre!