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Quad Biking Activity Days

If quad biking thrill is what you seek, then Avalanche Adventure call forth all the mud loving, adventure seeking adrenaline junkies. Our quad biking venues are prepared to give you an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. At Avalanche you get to experience the most varied and exhilarating quad bike adventure in the country.

Whether you are looking to organise an out-of-the-box stag do for your best buddy or any team building activity, Avalanche’s quad biking activity days has all the ingredients to add the flavour that you seek in an adventure.

You don’t need to be skilled with quad bikes to get out there and have a fantastic experience. You will be able to use our quad bikes with absolute ease as they are fitted with semi-automatic foot shift gear system which makes them both fun and adaptable to all age groups. People booking themselves in for quad biking adventure at Avalanche will be tutored by our expert instructors regarding the controls of the machine before the session begins.


What is Quad Biking All About?

Designed especially for off-road driving experiences which is guaranteed to leave you thrilled to the bones, a quad bike or an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is a four-wheeled beast that will help you bounce across the terrain.

Quad bikes were built back in the day as a means to serve as a horseless carriage and since then have undergone considerable improvements which have resulted in a vehicle that moves effortlessly on low-pressure tyres.

Avalanche is home to quad bikes from Honda that have a powerful 250cc engine installed and can race to a minimum speed limit of 20mph to a whopping 80mph in no time. These quad bikes weigh around 500 kilos and move smoothly on off-road courses, through mud, water and dirt.

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Things You Need To Know About Quad Biking Activity Days

A popular and adventurous pursuit among all age groups, quad biking activity days are perfect for all age groups. Quad biking is one of the most promising events for both men and women with varying skill levels. You don’t really need to be an expert to register yourself for quad biking activity days with Avalanche. This event on wheels is perfect for any outing that involves corporate groups or even families. Contact us today and we promise to address all your queries!

The Quad biking activity days at Avalanche become even more fun and adventurous as we have fast open ground coupled with a challenging terrain and with tracks set with obstacles to add zest to your event all across our 400 acre site. You will be driving across a number of trails which will include overhead bridges, bumpy grounds, muddy ditches and large circular tracks. You will have to find your way around tight corners which will be a challenge that you will have to overcome.

The minimum age for quad bike safari is 12 years. Each of the quad biking sessions are tailored specifically to suit the age, ability and experience of the group. Here at Avalanche Adventure, we provide you with the essential gear which consists of protective clothing and equipment to ensure maximum safety and thus ascertain that you have a fantastic time driving with your loved ones.

Well, you can be all of those people and introduce your loved ones and employees with Avalanche Adventure! You can visit us any time round the year and enjoy quad biking activity days without even being a seasoned professional.

Quad biking suits both driving enthusiasts as well as non-drivers. We have a variety of quad biking sessions so that you have the liberty and ease to choose what works best for you. So, make the most of it and have an amazing time off-roading on our tracks. You can even transform this into a multi-activity day and combine it with other daytime events like:

With professional instructors patrolling the course, you can have a safe and delightful quad biking session on the powerful off-road machines. All you need to do is put your safety gear on and head out to those challenging driving courses.

Booking in advance is highly recommended for quad biking activity days. If this will be your first time, you don’t have to worry at all as we will get you on the track and driving in no time at all. The Honda 250cc quad bikes that we use at Avalanche are modern and clever machines that have an in-built semi-automatic changing. This means that there will be no over-revving or stalling which makes the whole thing more fun for those who know how to drive any vehicle. This is exactly why it is possible to tailor quad biking activity days suitable for kids who are at least 12 years old.

If you are based in or around Leicester, quad biking adventure is Leicestershire becomes an obvious choice. We have enlisted a few reasons below that will convince you to opt for a quad biking adventure with Avalanche.

Fantastic Terrain

At Avalanche we have an impressive open space that is perfect for quad biking not to mention the excellent terrain which compliments the adventure. We have terrains that consists of muddy areas and rocky hills that enhance the overall quad biking experience. At Avalanche Adventure have trails that cover 400 acres of land including wooden quarries, orchards and open fields making the most of the quad biking venues that we have.

Spectacular View

A hunger for thrill, action and adventure is what lures an individual to quad biking. Well, they are in for a treat of a lifetime as our venue is extremely picturesque.

Take full advantage of the diversity that our 400 acre wide terrain has to offer and have a fun time riding around the stretch.

Yes you read it right, quad biking activity days is known to have many health benefits. So if you have always been in an illusion that the only purpose of quad biking is to spice things up on your day out then you are in for a big surprise. A comprehensive study on the health benefits of quad biking revealed that riding an ATV and off-road motorcycle has the same impact on our system as it does on our expressions.

This study was conducted by the New York University Faculty of Health in affiliation with the Government of Nova Scotia and 3 riding associations. It was a countrywide survey which observed 128 riders which they divided into 3 age classifications, each with two categories of male and female.  These six groups were closely monitored on quad biking activity days for their physical factors such as oxygen consumption, heart rate, muscle fatigue and exertion using advanced monitoring devices.

The first noticeable change they observed in riders was the amount of oxygen they consumed while riding. The oxygen consumption of riders increased by 3.5 to 6 times their normal levels. One simply cannot undermine the importance of 600% more oxygen. This qualifies as an intense physical activity according to the standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Also the amount of physical activity experienced by the upper body and arms during the ride is bound to have a positive effect on the muscle and skeletal fitness. As you may already know, any activity which increases the fitness of an individual also helps in reducing stress and enhancing the quality of life. Think of it this way, the prices at which we offer quad biking adventure is inclusive of health benefits that come along with it.

So what are you waiting for? Break the monotony of your regular life, pump up the adrenaline in your system and take a step towards better health, by living our quad biking activity days. Whatever the stresses or your life, you are bound to push them to the back of your mind when you throttle the engine of your quad bike.

There are two types of safari to make you delve deeper into this adventure, by taking a 1 hour ride around the farm or by opting for our 2 hour ride which includes the quad bike ride, advanced tuition and our technical tough terrain section.

Irrespective of the safari you opt for, there’s a training session that is included to get you acquainted with the technicalities of quad biking. In this session you’re provided with all the important information regarding your quad bike such as the handling, controls and the safety procedures before you hop onto the bike and bring it to life.

This is an opportunity for you to get familiar with the machine and get a good hang of how to control it on uneven terrain. The training along with the facilities will give you the confidence that you need on your quad biking activity days before your bike hits the ground.

If you’re trying to anticipate what the circuit is going to be like then let us assure you, it will be nothing like you imagine it to be. It is filled with unexpected elements that add a tinge of excitement and surprise to the ride, with metal seesaws and limbo bars that have been neatly packed into a safari to take your breath away.

If you opt for a quad bike ride on tracks and trails then you will have a leader in the front to guide you through the turns and twists. If you opt for a race you will find yourself on a manmade circuit lined up with other riders ready to beat each other to the finish line. If you select an obstacle course you will be facing the challenge of riding the quad bike in a way that you do not knock out any module.

Each of these activities will get your heart racing in a unique way and therefore it is highly recommended that you give all these courses a try on your quad biking activity days. If you’re worried about being able to match up with the difficulty level then you shouldn’t panic because we can tailor these treks to suit your abilities, experience and age.

Irrespective of whether you sign up for quad biking activity days with Avalanche Adventure or not, the following handling tips will be extremely useful to you each time you decide to take out your quad bike for a ride. They are:

The reason why a quad bike cannot be handled in the same way as other vehicles is that it does not have any differential. Unlike common vehicles that have obedient steering wheels, a quad bike keeps going in a straight line even when you try to turn it. This is something that may take a lot of time to get used to on your quad biking activity days.

You will experience the difference that the absence of a differential makes, when you ride your quad bike around corners. Thus if such corners turn up and you’re riding with an engaged differential lock then your body weight should be positioned in a way that it suits the sharpness of the turn and a speed that perfectly complements the move.

If you position your body well then your weight will be transferred to the outside of the trajectory of the turn and your torso will do the balancing act. The wheels on the inside of the trajectory will skid to an optimum level and make the perfect turn for you.

A point you should take note of is that each time you’re about to climb an uphill you should be extremely cautious and aware of the route ahead. If you wish to maintain a steady speed then you should move your weight forward and shift the body weight in the forward direction.

The quad biking venue has been designed to craft the best quad biking experience at our vast 400 acre site. There are many other activities that you can participate in at Avalanche Adventure such as Land Rover off road driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Amphibious vehicle driving, Paintballing, Hovercraft experience, DTV Shredder riding, Caterpillar club days, opposite steer buggy, Archery and Blindfold driving.

Our activities can be fun but they can also be tiring and to help you relax we have constructed a highly comfortable air conditioned room that will give you the perfect break in between two activities. The activities we offer, our venue and staff make it a perfect place for corporate day outs, team building exercises, school and college reunions and other such congregations. So if you’re interested in hosting any such event at our activity centre then you should get in touch with us and know about our special offers andvouchersfor group bookings.

We have something to offer to everybody and if you seek adventure you will not walk out of our venue disappointed. We believe in giving everybody an experience of their lifetime and a memory that stays with them for a long time. Our activities will not fail to do justice to your extremes and our trained staff will ensure that you experience the perfect dose of adrenaline and security. Our staffs have over 20 years of experience in development and training and have worked in many big organisations throughout UK and Europe as coaches and facilitators.

So get in touch with us today and book your quad biking activity days.