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Off Roading Warwickshire

Roads take you where they want to take you, but off roads take you where you want them to take you.

Why Off Roading Warwickshire?

So now that you’ve moved over the beaten trail and are looking forward to get mud on your tyres, there are certain things you should know about off roading. There are many places you can take your 4×4 to, you can use it to climb cliffs and be a rock crawler or you could take it to your favourite track and be a weekend trail rider. In any case you’re always on the lookout for different types of terrain in this hope that this off roading experience will be more memorable than your previous ones.

This search will never end as long as you’re capable of driving on unpaved roads. Whether it is the joy of being to places which are seldom visited or the excitement of discovering a new route that you could invite your off roading Warwickshire buddies to explore, there is always something that will keep you going.

Off roading makes you see what you wouldn’t otherwise. When you have such sights in front of you, you will experience a strange sense of pride. You’re proud because you’ve had the courage and will to carve out your own path. But reaching there takes more than just courage, it takes a lot of skill and technique.

When you are on a guided trail at Avalanche Adventure you will see for yourself why this sport is so popular. You will get introduced to the world of off roading in Warwickshire and take our word on it, it is a beautiful world. Following is a bit of advice which will be provided to you by our expert instructors but which is worth mentioning anyways:

When you are off roading in Warwickshire it is advisable to keep your vehicle in 4WD low mode so that your tyres can gain more traction. If you forget to do it as soon as you hit the dirt you could forget to do it later and this can prove to be an expensive mistake. This change of mode will enable to drive slower with higher torque at the wheels.

You should remember the golden rule of off roading and it says, ‘go as slow as possible and as fast as necessary’. Select the right gear keeping the above rule in mind and you will enjoy off roading to the fullest. If the ground below is soft then you will need higher wheel speed and momentum to keep your vehicle moving and in these cases it makes sense to engage a higher gear. It is also helpful when you are off roading in Warwickshire on muddy terrain as it helps your tyres find fresh biting edges.

  • Lower the Tyre Pressure

Since you will be participating in this event through Avalanche Adventure we will be providing you the vehicle for off roading Warwickshire. The vehicle you will be given will already have lower tyre pressure and therefore you will not have to bother about it. However it is advisable that you check it for yourself. Lower tyre pressure is very important in off roading as it enables the tyre’s tread and sidewall to flex and mould itself according to the surface.

Clearance under the front and rear bumper is extremely important while off roading in Warwickshire. Having sufficient clearance under your front bumper ensures that you can climb a large rock or tall obstacle. Similarly having clearance under the rear bumper makes sure that the vehicle doesn’t drag when you climb. There are three angles that you need to take into consideration and these are the Approach, Departure and Ramp Angles.

Approach angle is a measure of the maximum inclination that can be achieved with a 4×4 without the suspension or body coming in contact with the ground underneath. The angle that your 4×4 makes with surface so as to avoid the skidding of the middle section with the ground is the Ramp angle. Departure angle is concerned with the rear end of a vehicle and the right amount of inclination ensures that your rear end doesn’t hit the ground when launching yourself on a downward slope.

  • Finding Traction

Despite the tyres being inflated to lower pressures there is always the possibility of tyres slipping on surfaces. Slipping of tyres can be risky as it can get your machine stuck. In order to find traction in the right way you should steer your wheels back and forth with minimum power to help your tyres dig fresh patches of ground.

This technique requires some practice but when you have understood how to do it can be immensely helpful on an off road terrain. The only thing you need to be cautious about while learning this technique is to keep your thumb out of harm’s way. Sticking your thumb inside the steering wheel could sprain or injure your finger if you experience any kickback from the vehicle.

At Avalanche Adventure, our trail has stretches where there will be deep or shallow waters. Our expert instructors will make sure you are able to cross these stretches with minimum discomfort and maximum fun. When this patch of terrain turns up do not go blindly into it. You will be informed of the depth of water but if you are uncertain step down from your vehicle and gauge the depth with the help of a stick.

  • Read the Terrain

It’s always good to know where you are getting at, on the road or off the road. If you feel the section ahead is going to be tricky then you should get out of your 4×4 and explore the section on foot. You will then understand what exactly needs to be done. Another helpful tactic is to watch the vehicle in front of you. Their movements should give you an idea of what the road ahead is going to be like.

Looking straight will be particularly helpful, so straighten your posture and elevate your gaze to see how the trail unfolds in front of you. If there has been a climb on your path and the trail ahead disappears over the horizon then you should know that a downhill is waiting for you. There will be rocks that you should take your off road machine and there will be some you should just avoid by passing around them.

Avalanche Adventure has what it takes to give you the best off roading experience. The reason why we call forth all off road junkies is because we have something different to offer to all off roading enthusiasts. Our off roading terrain is sure to leave you spell bound and craving for more. Our track comprises of everything you can wish for, hard and soft ground, shallow and deep water, steep inclines, side slopes, a wooden section and axle twisters. We are home to nearly all types of terrain that you’re ever likely to come across.

Irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or have been off roading for quite some time, our experienced instructors will be there to guide you at every turn and corner. They will give you a quick demonstrative drive around the terrain to brief you on the various obstacles and the best ways to tackle them. Along with proper guidance we deliver a perfect combination of safety and thrill by using the best equipment for off roading Warwickshire.

We have a spectacular 400 acre site where we conduct many adventure activities apart from Land Rover off roading such as clay pigeon shooting, Gemini off road buggies, Amphibious vehicle driving, Hovercraft experience, Paintballing, Caterpillar club days, DTV shredder riding, Blindfold driving and Opposite steer buggy.

For those who have participated in multiple activities and need rest in between can find shelter in our newly constructed air conditioned log cabin that allows you to de-stress yourself completely. We also offer refreshments to ensure that you are well fed during your special day out.

Whether you’re looking to host a corporate day out or conduct some team building exercises we offer exciting vouchers and deals for group bookings. Our staff is CIPD qualified and have over 20 years of experience in training development. They are expert instructors as they have a background of working as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations.

We emphasise on providing a good training because we believe that adventure is best enjoyed when the mind knows what’s coming onto the body. In this way we ensure that any activity that you sign up for, you walk away with a new profound memory.