Clay Pigeon Shooting Northamptonshire

There is something satisfying about hitting your target and smashing the clay pigeon into many pieces. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this feeling and looking for an adventure arena nearby, try clay pigeon shooting in Northamptonshire with Avalanche Adventure today. You might not know that you’re a natural at this activity unless you try!

What’s more, when paired with our expert training and shooting-friendly arena, you’re sure to have a memorable day filled with thrill and excitement! 

That said, our facilities include –

  • Catering to a group of 1-18 people
  • Three categories of taking shots – 25, 50 and 100 shots
  • Kit with all the necessary equipment and things required at the arena 

And more!

Challenge Your Inner Shooter With Our Clay Pigeon Shooting Session

We advise you to come prepared, irrespective of whether it’s your first lesson or competition, because it can have a considerable impact on your performance. 

There is no particular outfit for clay pigeon shooting, but it should be shooting friendly; comfortable and perfect for the outside weather.

Additionally, if you’re choosing to come for an individual session, we suggest that you get your kits filled with necessities the evening before. This kit should mainly include ear defenders, thermos and anything that you think might be required for a hassle-free shooting experience.

The most important thing that you need to take care of is to ensure you have your gun certificate in place. After all, you wouldn’t want to be scavenging for it early morning when you are all amped for the day that lays ahead.

Lastly, a well-prepared and good night’s sleep is also necessary to keep a steady and focused mind for shooting the next day.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Northamptonshire – Why Choose Avalanche Adventure?

We have expert trainers, necessary equipment and the right environment for a safe experience. All we’re trying to say is that if you’ve signed up with Avalanche Adventure, individually or as a team-building activity, we’ll be taking charge of making this experience safe and thrilling at the same time for you.

At Avalanche Adventure, we understand and hold safety in high regard when it comes to our part in preparing. This is what helps us keep our clay pigeon shooting equipment and experts ready and at your disposal when you arrive at the arena.

Moreover, we’re located in the Leicester region. Put simply, in our shooting arena, you will be constantly backed up with a professional, something that will give you the best of both worlds – learning and fun. 

Head over to our Booking/Voucher section to select your favourite activities today!  

We often host clay pigeon shooting in Northamptonshire for:

·        Family days out

·        Birthday parties

·        Stag and hen do’s

·        Corporate events

·        Team building days

So if you have a team of veteran clay pigeon shooters, or amateurs on their first shoot – clay pigeon shooting is the ideal activity. We have 3 clay pigeon shooting packages on offer:

25 Bird Sporting Clay Shot (shooting at 2-3 different clays)

50 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 3-4 different clays)

100 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 4-5 different clays)

This is an ideal activity on its own or as part of one of our Avalanche Adventure package days out alongside other activities. If you do spot any other activities on our page that take your fancy that aren’t in our package deals, you can create your own activity day package for a group, with prices starting from just £50 per team member.