Activity Days Out

Planning activity days out with your family or friends can be a great way to spend quality time together, strengthen bonds and create fantastic memories. At Avalanche Adventure, there is something for everyone; whether you are looking for fun, exhilaration, laughter, or just a great experience with your friends or family.

If you are looking to arrange activity days out with your friends and family, but are unsure about where to start, we can help you to plan the perfect day at Avalanche Adventure.

How does Avalanche Adventure Assist in Planning Activity Days Out?

At Avalanche, we understand the importance of activity days out for families and friends who wish to have fun, experience new things together and bring everyone closer by the end of the day.

Avalanche Adventure is not just an activity centre offering various outdoor activities, but is an organisation that has training at its heart.

We have CIPD qualified staff with over 20 years of experience in training development, including delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for the major UK and European organisations.

Using many recognised development theories to underpin each outdoor activity, we work closely with your family and friends to make the most of the activities while you and your loved ones are having fun.

Jon Dixon
Jon Dixon
We used Avalanche for a Stag Do where ages ranged from 30 to over 60. What a fantastic day out. The instructors were awesome, friendly, and so professional. We opted for archery followed by the quad bikes and finished with clay pigeon shooting. Everyone left with huge smiles and wanting to go back. Robin and his staff go out of their way to ensure you have a good time. We will be going again, and next time we may even take our wives. Thank you guys.
Helen Guy (Wildheart)
Helen Guy (Wildheart)
Booked my husband a Land Rover off road experience and he loved it!
Josh Foley
Josh Foley
Visited Avalanche Adventure for a corporate day out. Can highly recommend! The team were brilliant and went out of their way to ensure the experience was as enjoyable as possible. We took part in the Quad Bike Safari and were taken back by not only the fun of the track, but the views of their site too. Would do it again!
Dan Holmes
Dan Holmes
Brilliant day out
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill
Had a brilliant time off Roading
Gareth Mole
Gareth Mole
Travelled an hour to get here from Nottingham and was not disappointed. This is the best quad biking we have done anywhere. They are under charging for what you get to experience, it's incredible value for money. Massive area to explore and have fun in. Brilliant condition powerful quads and an excellent instructor. Forget all the rest as I genuinely think this place is unbeatable. Literally not one bad point. Got there and the weather was appauling! Made quad biking even more muddy and fun. Thank you.
krista graham
krista graham
First day out in years and really could not of been happier, tried Archery for the first time the gentleman who took us for the activity was so lovely and made us all feel really welcome, tea and coffee available and lovely clean on site toilets!! Such a beautiful place to spend a few hours in the countryside! Highly recommend to anyone wishing to just get out there and try something new!! Wellies highly recommended ! Keep up the fantastic work all 3 of us will definitely be back!
Premier Group
Premier Group
Took my kids to quad biking can’t thank Chris enough for the service, professionalism and facilitating a good trek for us THANKS

Types of Activities included in Activity Days Out

Our action packed events and activities are guaranteed to provide the adrenaline, fun and laughs that make a family get-together memorable.

Our quality equipment, experienced safety instructions and joyful leaders ensure that you’ll have a great day with your family and friends. Our activities are flexible, so we can be sure to meet your requirements within your budget and not cut out any of the fun.

Here is a list of some of the activities we provide; we are always ready to help customise a package to suit you and help you to plan your perfect day.

Quad Bike Safari

The safari adventure includes a variety of fast open ground, challenging technical trails around our 400-acre site. Expert guidance will ensure your family achieve the most from their Honda 250cc quad bikes.

The quad bikes are fitted with an easy to use semi-automatic foot shift gear system, which makes them fun and adaptable for all ages.

We offer a variety of safari options for activity days out with your family, from a 1-hour trek around the farm’s woods to our advanced 2-hour course which includes a trek and advanced tuition and our technical tough terrain section.

The minimum age for the safari adventure is 12 years old. Each safari can be tailored to suit the age, ability and experience of the group.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

At Avalanche Adventure, everyone enjoys the thrill of clay pigeon shooting during their activity days out, and you, your friends and family members do not need to have any prior experience to come and give it a try.

Our experienced instructors will demonstrate how to use a shotgun safely and accurately in a pressure free environment.

The clay pigeon traps are positioned to accommodate all levels of experience and simulate a variety of specific game. We tailor each clay shoot to match your ability and experience so that you find the activity days out both rewarding and challenging. As your experience grows you can progress to more challenging clays.

We have 10 remote controlled electric traps which mean we can cater for all skill levels by offering a wide variety of clay pigeons, including – Down the line, Driven, Teal, Crossers, Crossing Pairs and our new Rabbit trap. You can also experience each one of them on different activity days out. We provide both 12 and 20 bore shotguns suitable for children and adults equally.

This is an ideal activity for a family on its own or as part of an Avalanche Adventure day out alongside other activities.

Clay shooting is suitable for 12 years and over.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is an increasingly popular activity that involves throwing axes at a target in order to score points. This thrilling sport has gained a lot of attention in recent years, with many people discovering the fun and excitement of throwing axes.

The activity is conducted at our facilities with designated areas for throwing axes. Participants are given safety instructions and are then shown how to properly hold and throw an axe.  As one of the most incredible traditions of the Vikings, axe throwing is an exceptional sport that most of our visitors love to experience. With the help of exceptional safety equipment, trained instructors and staff, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and exciting experience.

Off Road Land Rover Driving

Whether you are a novice, an experienced 4×4 driver or somewhere in between, we can tailor a route to suit your own ability.

Using one of our 3 off road prepared Land Rover Defender 90’s around our tough terrain track as part of your activity days out with your family.

The Avalanche Adventure tough terrain track comprises of hard and soft ground, steep inclines, shallow and deep water, side slopes, axle twisters and a wooded section. In fact, there is every type of terrain you are ever likely to come across.

One of our experienced instructors will give you a brief demonstration drive to explain how to drive the vehicle and tackle certain obstacles.

Then, you will be in the driving seat for the rest of the session guided by an instructor and your family cheering you up all the while. The minimum age should be 18 to drive the Land Rovers.


Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat purposes. These days it’s most popular as a sport and as a hobby.

Our 15-metre outdoor range is specifically designed for archery practice using bows with a draw weight from 12 to 22 pounds; ensuring that we cater our archery services to a cross section of interested parties from age 12 upwards.

We provide left and right handed bows, and our dedicated team of qualified instructors provide essential archery instruction for beginners all the way to more advanced participants.

During our time in business, archery has proved to be one of our most popular activities.

You can enjoy archery during activity days out with your family in a way that is safe for your family members and for those around them with our committed safety instructors.

Amphibious Vehicle Driving

At Avalanche Adventure we offer activity days out, where you get the chance to manoeuvre an eight-wheeled skid-steer Argocat around our man-made all-terrain course, where you can compete against your family members in a time-trial event or simply try to make your way up and down our steep slope, across our deep water and through our slippery obstacle course.

Please note that this task in activity days out is based on groups of 4 people per hour and driving of the Argocat vehicle is suitable for adults only, although rides are offered to children across all types of terrain when driven by an instructor.

Paintball games

Paintball games are one of the most exciting and popular sports in the UK today. Paintball games are played by two or more teams in rough woodland.

Specially prepared game sites enable teams to battle for supremacy including The Convoy, Castle Camelot and many more.

To play you just need a sense of adventure and reasonable fitness; you don’t need to be Rambo or an Olympic athlete.

The games are only as energetic as most normal sports. Stealth, strategy, teamwork and initiative are just some of the requirements in order to be victorious in paintball games during activity days out.

Buffet / Catering

What’s more, on top of all the exciting and fun activities and adventures, we also offer you a high-quality buffet lunch to help you reenergise after a day filled with adventures. 

Brought to you by one of the best catering service providers in the country, our buffet lunch can be organised as per the requirements of your party.

Benefits of Activity Days Out

Activity days out with your family and friends have a lot to offer, here are just some of the advantages:

Creates Family Bonds

Your family is your first support network, and going on activity days out strengthens the bonds with your family.

A stronger bond with your family members creates feelings of security. Everyone is more emotionally connected with each other during the activities which have their own benefits.

Improves Academic Performance of Younger Members

Family activity days out are often packed with new experiences and provide opportunities to learn.

Getting teenagers in a natural environment and indulging them in outdoor activities can have an astounding impact on how well they can cope with the academics or life problems they might face in the future.

As a parent, you were your child’s initial teacher – he or she learned from you how to behave and communicate. Extend this by going on activity days out with your family and allow them to learn while they are pumped with a rush of adrenaline.

Blow Off Some Steam

Activity days out at Avalanche Adventure are a good opportunity for everyone to blow off some steam.

With the stresses and demands of everyday life often a burden, it is important for everyone to really let their hair down and have a great time.

After the exhilarating experience of a day with Avalanche, you and your friends and family will be feeling rejuvenated and happy.

Fun for Parents

What’s the point in having a child if he or she doesn’t give you an excuse to act younger than your age?

Activity days out present an opportunity for parents to unwind, forget work and focus on their family. You can use your time to catch up with your family and make memories with them.

When the younger members of your family move away from home, you’ll be glad that you have lots of pictures of those days you wish to remember forever.

Keep Active

Usually, activity days out involve a number of physical activities that are fun. Getting out of the house is important for physical health.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is bad for you and family members. Exploring new places while doing adventurous activities is a great way to stay active.

Why not teach your children the importance of a life outside of a virtual world and spend some quality time together as a family?

Activities days out are packed with fun and adventure, so treat your family to this special trip for memories you can look back on forever.

Why choose Avalanche Adventure for activity days out?

As one of the best activity centres in the world, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with an experience like never before. 

Our activity centre is the ideal location for activity days out with your family and friends. It is located in the middle of the country between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, just off the M1.

We have a spectacular 400-acre site, located right in the centre of England, offering the best outdoor activities in the country.

Our brand new air conditioned log cabin offers you comfort and refreshments and with over 10 activities, all tailored to suit your family needs, you are certain to have a great days out.

Our quality equipment and fun attitude ensure that you’ll have great activity days out with your family and friends. Our activities are flexible, so we can be sure to meet your requirements within your budget and not cut out any of the fun.

To learn more about our activities and packages, click here or get in touch with us now!