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4×4 Pay & Play Days

Sunday 16th May 2021 – FULLY BOOKED

Sunday, 30th May 2021 – Taking Bookings

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our approach for these gatherings. It is NO LONGER first come, first served. For this and all future events: we’re now switching to pre-booking system.

This means we will be LIMITING vehicle numbers to just 35 trucks. We just think this is fair and makes for a better day overall.

For details about this event, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

To book in this or another FUTURE EVENT, please email us (DO NOT CALL) at: info@avalancheadventure.co.uk and include details of the following:

Full name of driver, full postal address, mobile number, type of vehicle and vehicle registration.


Entry is £30.00 per truck and any extra drivers are £5.00 extra.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance & entry to any vehicle or person. The events always run well and 99% are friendly and well behaved, but we will not be tolerating ANY bad conduct or driving that endangers others.

Also on this point: this is for 4×4 vehicles ONLY. Quad bikes or other non-rollcage ATV’s are NOT permitted.

Quarry gates open at 9am, and then stay open until 3:15pm. The cafe will be open only from 9:30am until 1:30pm and will be serving the regular faire of traditional cooked breakfasts, bacon rolls and of course burgers.

Our dates for further upcoming gatherings in winter and spring will be posted here when FULLY confirmed. The very best place to keep up-to-date on them is this section of our Facebook page.


If the presence of motors and dusty trails gets your engine revving, then Avalanche’s 4×4 Club Pay and Play Days are just the tonic! There is nothing better than getting behind the wheel and zooming around the countryside. Avalanche Adventure offers you an incredible off-road session at one of UK’s best and most renowned off road venues.

There is something in store for every skill level and vehicle capability right from beginners to the hardcore off roader!

During our offroading season (September through to early summer) we here at Avalanche host a monthly Pay & Play day. What this offers those with a 4×4 – or indeed willing friends that own one – is the chance to really have some fun. Greenlaning is one thing, but our special sculpted quarry, packs in many varied terrain challenges, all on one site.

Many people who own an SUV or even, full offroad vehicle, never or rarely get to put it through its paces. These days offer the chance to rectify that, or just give the full playground of mud experience to those desiring that freedom. On each of these open day events, everyone is catered for. Assistance & advice given plus help gladly offered, should vehicles get stuck. It’s honestly what a lot of regulars live for: the chance & challenge to put their winching skills to the test and help fellow offroaders out.

It’s also a great day out with friends. This isn’t just because we operate a café on site, offering hot food & drinks, more that we welcome spectators, photographers and those looking to try their hand at offroading for the first time. If you don’t have an offroader yourself, we’re happy to have you accompany a friend that does. Yup there’s just a small extra charge for additional drivers. It’s a great opportunity for a seasoned 4×4’er, to give a newcomer personal tuition.

Please have a watch of this mini video documentary that we shot and edited, during spring of 2018. It depicts many of the antics that can be had and features the voices and opinions of both our regulars, newcomers and those who tagged along for the fun of it.

Basic Instructions for 4×4 Pay and Play Days

At Avalanche Adventure we strongly advise that drivers have a chat with one of our specialist instructors before they use a vehicle on our site. By doing this, we ensure that you understand the capabilities of the vehicle so that it can be used in the safest way possible.

Sign up for our off road land rover driving today for more off-roading ventures.

Our most recent Pay & Play Gatherings:

Sunday 20th September 2019

Thanks to everyone that attended our first 4×4 Pay & Play event of the season. Brilliant turnout, so it was. Hope those of you that just attending the morning part of the day enjoyed the perfect weather. And double kudos to those that were here just for the afternoon or did the entire day, as the rain sure did make things interesting. And when we say interesting, we mean how some of you came down off some of the steeper hills, once the surface mud got properly churned up.

Further photos from this event can be seen here.


Sunday 20th October 2019

Another great turnout and some great hill climb attempts, both successful and unsuccessful.

A specially filmed 5 min highlights video from the day can be viewed here.


Sunday 17th November 2019

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First visit to Avalanche today, amazing place, lovely staff, cant wait to go again.

The 4×4 Pay and Play Days that we offer at Avalanche Adventure is strongly recommended for people who possess some sort of off road experience. If you and your buddies are going to be a part of this Club, then make sure that you are well acquainted with the controls of the vehicles. For instance, get familiar with concepts like Low Box, Traction Control, Diff Lock etc. These measures are really important to ensure maximum safety of the driver at all times.

Off road driving can assume several forms. Right from the weekend trail rider to the die hard rock crawler, off roaders all over the world know that there are better ways to take absolute control of your vehicle as you will take it to places that most people only dream of. At Avalanche Adventure, clubs can hire our entire site for £200+vat per day, with exclusive use of the track and nearby woods. Moreover, we have proper functioning toilets, showers and running water facilities available on-site. Thus, if you and the lads wish to spend the whole weekend driving around, you certainly can! Book the entire site for the whole week and we are good to go!

Our tracks are suitable for vehicles of all types and include of easy sections, winch-only sections and everything in-between. What make the whole site more scenic and picturesque are the surrounding counties of lush green Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. Make sure that all vehicles are fitted with a full exhaust system, but there is no requirement of either tax o MOT. During summer, clubs can also use fields and open land around the farm to stage separate (supervised or unsupervised) events.

We also have gift vouchers available for all the activities that we offer. So, call us today to know more!

When you decide to leave the pavement behind, there are some crucial things that you need to keep in mind. Although, we’d like you to know that the brief that you will be reading is a mere introduction and is by no means an ‘all you need to know’ guide before you hit the trail. At Avalanche Adventure, we cannot stress enough the importance of safety and preparation for an off road adventure to be successful.

So, without further ado, let’s get familiar with some common off roading terms!

This basically points towards the ‘all-purpose’ four wheel drive mode which is used in most cases. As opposed to 2 wheel drive, all four wheels are engaged and powered by the power-train. The term ‘high’ refers to the gear ratio, meaning that the gear ratio remains unchanged from the ratio that’s being used in 2 wheel drive.

This reflects the four wheel drive mode where a lower gear ratio is employed which helps deliver higher torque to the wheels while simultaneously lowering maximum speed. This is tremendously useful when you try slowing down in off toad situations, rock crawling and also to help get unstuck when things go downhill.

This term basically refers to the speed at which the wheels turn and is also popularly known as the “diff lock”. In most standard 4×4 modes, the wheels tend to spin at different speeds to make up for the loose or uneven terrain. When the differential is locked in place, the wheels tend to move at the same speed. So, this makes the diff lock a tool that is used in advanced off-roading and for freeing yourself from terrains where there’s a possibility of getting stuck.

Approach Angle

An approach angle refers to the maximum angle of inclination that a vehicle can climb or descend without any part of the body or suspension coming in contact with the driving surface.


This refers to the distance from the centre of a vehicle’s front wheel to the centre of the rear wheel on the same side.

Wheel Travel

The utmost distance that a wheel can move both up and down, is known as wheel travel. The greater the travel, the more capable the suspension system is making the off road traction even better.

Rock Massage

This is what you get if you attempt rock crawling without taking into consideration the necessary precautions! So, be mindful of those because they hurt!

Make sure that you have:

A full gas tank

Tow rate that is rated heavy enough for your vehicle

Spare tyres along with tools that will help you fix and change anything in the field

Navigational aids

Mobile phone

Portable air compressor

First aid kit

Some recommended extras that you must not forget are:

High lift jacket

Fire extinguishers


Vehicle mounted winch

Spare tanks of water for the radiators and for fuel

Two way radios to communicate with your off road buddies.

Check out our activities page and gear up for you next adventure!

You own a 4×4 but don’t know how to really use it. You plan for 4×4 Club Pay and Play Days with Avalanche but do not really have an understanding of how the vehicles are to be driven around. You do not have to worry about it as we will help you get off-road right away without breaking your 4×4 and yourself!

As simple as it may sound, going off road isn’t that easy. It is an adventurous activity that is both challenging and confusing. To help you overcome your worry, we’ve put together some tips to prepare you to head into the wilderness on four wheels!

Lowering The Tyre Pressure

In almost every off-road situation, lower tyre pressure equals increased traction. Lowering the tyre pressure will let the tyre sidewall tread to loosen up and mould itself around a rock or any other trail or obstacle. As the tyre manages to envelope big rocks under its tread, the grip of the vehicle is better and stronger and an added bonus is that the quality of the entire ride is much better.

Finding Traction

Even with lower tyre pressure offering more grip tyres tend to slip easily on sandy surfaces or dig down into holes which will leave you stuck. When tyres begin to spin or slide, drivers instinctively end up feeding more throttle. But, squeezing the throttle more usually loosens the tyre’s grip.

The best solution is to go easy and back off with the gas and gently steer your wheel backwards and forwards to find traction. This will allow the wheels to dig into fresh patches of dirt eventually establishing a grip that cleans the side of the rock to pull your 4×4 through.

Bring Along Recovery Gear

Even with the most precise and calculated moves behind the wheel, every four-wheeler has a possibility of getting stuck eventually. At times, simply slipping a rugged floor mat under each tyre or stacking rocks or filling in holes can help get you free. But in more serious cases, you will need the right recovery gear to make it out of a sticky situation.

If you plan to carry a single piece of recovery equipment, it would be a robust piece of 2 inch wide tow strap with fabric loops on each end. These straps can be directly attached to the vehicle’s frame. Another point to keep in mind is to refrain from wrapping the strap around a suspension arm, axle, or bumper as an attachment point.

Check out the price list of all the activities that we offer at Avalanche Adventure!

At Avalanche you’d be charged £25 per vehicle and driver and £5 per extra drivers for our 4×4 Club Pay and Play Days.

To be a part of these exciting gatherings, look out for updates on confirmed dates in the 2019/2020 off roading season :

October 2019 – Sunday 20th: 9am until 3:30pm

November 2019 – Sunday 17th: 9am until 3:30pm

December 2019 – Sunday 15th: 9am until 3:15pm

December 2020 – Sunday 19th

January 2021 -Sunday 10th

For more information, updates, photo galleries and videos from recent gatherings, visit our Facebook page or give us a call on 01858 880 613.

Breakfast butties, hot drinks and chocolate will be available from our little cafe on site. No prior bookings will be required so get in touch with us today to make your adventurous getaway possible!