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Avalanche Adventure

Terms and Conditions October 2016.

To book a specific time and activity we require no less than a 2 person deposit.

This deposit prevents others from booking this activity and time and is therefore non- refundable at the point the deposit is paid. The balance is either required 2 weeks before event or as agreed by Avalanche Adventure Ltd.

Once your booking is confirmed, your right to cancel without penalty ends as designated by the office of Fair Trading as we have booked you on a sporting event at a specific date and time. The terms and conditions are as follows:

-          Once a booking is confirmed- Loss of deposit.

-          14 days or more prior to the event- Full refund of monies paid less deposit.

-          5 days or less prior to the event- No Refund.

The 5 day rule includes Bank Holiday Weekends and Weekends.

Any reduction in numbers must be confirmed 5 days before either by email or verbal to Avalanche Adventure. Cancellation charges as above apply in the event of a reduction of numbers. This is outlined on the Booking Confirmation letter.

Changes/Cancellation of Group Bookings

Discounted bookings for large groups are priced on the number of participants. Should you reduce your group size at any time prior to the event your booking will be repriced accordingly. In addition to re-pricing, cancellation charges, as outlined above, apply to each person that is cancelled in the group booking.

Arriving Late

Avalanche Adventure Ltd requires participants to arrive preferably 20 minutes but at least 10 minutes prior to the designated ‘’start time’’ to enable a full safety briefing to take place. The time that you receive on your booking confirmation is this important ‘’arrival time’’. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals but during busy periods this cannot be guaranteed and customers will not be allowed to participate if they have missed the safety briefing. The booking will be classed as a cancellation in the event of late arrival with the loss of monies. Your acceptance of this proviso forms part of any booking.

Exclusion from Venue

Avalanche Adventure Ltd holds the right at all times to refuse the participant access to the booked activity at any stage of their booking and remove them from the venue if in their opinion the participants are under the permitted age; are the incorrect height or weight; are unfit to take part in the activity because of physical or mental impairment; be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; have arrived too late to take part in the pre-activity briefing; consider them to be a danger to themselves, other participants, spectators or members of staff; or are displaying aggressive and abusive behaviour ( verbal or physical).  If any of these assurances apply, the booking will have been deemed to have been cancelled and full cancellation charges will apply.  Should any participants damage the property of the venue or verbally or physically injure a member of the staff or other participants, they will be dealt with by avalanche adventure ltd management staff accordingly and may face prosecution by Avalanche Adventure Ltd.

Late Start

Due to the nature of our activities, unforeseen circumstances can delay the start of an event. In all cases Avalanche Adventure will endeavour to minimize your inconvenience and will offer you a later start time or, in some cases an alternative date. If the activity effected is part of an multi activity event, where all other activities are running to schedule, Avalanche Adventure will offer an alternative activity to the same value. The action taken will depend on the circumstances surrounding the situation. As such circumstances cannot be predicted your understanding is appreciated.


If on arrival at Avalanche Adventure Ltd, you are dissatisfied with the booked activity, then you must speak to a member of Avalanche Adventure staff. We do not consider it reasonable if you have not bought your dissatisfaction to the attention of Avalanche Adventure staff at the time and then complain later. If you take part in an activity, either the booked activity or a replacement offered, it is deemed that you considered the activity of which you took part in, is entirely acceptable to you and a complaint at a later date would not be considered reasonable.

Should you have a genuine complaint against Avalanche Adventure Ltd please contact us on 01858 880613 or email

All bookings will be subject to these same conditions without exception. All customers will have deemed themselves aware of these terms and conditions and will have accepted them as part of their booking with Avalanche Adventure Ltd. No verbal or other communications override these terms and conditions in any respect whatsoever. 

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