Team Building Leicestershire

Team building activities are a great way to improve communications and better relationships between members of your organisation. According to a study, 89% of employees are more likely to put in extra effort at work due to high morale. Avalanche Adventure specialise in providing activities for team building in Leicestershire to improve morale and unity among employees in an organisation. Making Avalanche the perfect solution to any business in Leicester.

Top Team Building Activities Provided By Avalanche Adventure

Blindfold Driving

In this event, we blindfold the driver and then make them drive through an obstacle course in a 4×4 vehicle. The team members in the car are charged with the responsibility of providing instructions to the driver to successfully navigate the course. If the driver hits any obstacle then the team will be docked five points. The aim of this activity for team building in Leicestershire is to improve communication between team members. Team members have to devise an effective mode of communication quickly or face point deductions.

Opposite Steer Buggy

Powerturn buggies have two engines and two throttles, one for each rear wheel.  Two drivers are required to steer the buggy. That’s why they are also called opposite steer buggies.  Each wheel can be powered and manoeuvred at different speeds which can create a ‘powerturn’. These buggies are different from conventional off-road karts or go-karts as it is possible to do 360-degree spins or even wheelies on them. Too much throttle though and the vehicle could spin out of control. This activity for team building in Leicestershire can be fun and exciting for your employees.

How can Avalanche Adventure designed team building activities benefit your organisation?

Our experienced staff are able to create a customized program designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. At Avalanche Adventure we ensure that we lead your employees through unique events, challenges, and trust exercises. This ensures the following benefits for your organisation:

Boosts Collaboration

Studies in the past have shown 39% of employees believe that members of an organisation are not collaborating enough. 97% of executives and employees in an organisation believe that lack of cohesion within a team affects the outcome of tasks. Also, 86% of employees and executives mention ineffective communication as the number one cause for workplace failures. Activities for team building in Leicestershire promote better collaboration between team members. This ultimately leads to enhanced productivity.

Develop Team Roles

Team building allows every member of the team to develop their individual skills and discover what they are best at. This allows members to find their roles within a team. Also, now every member can make an important contribution towards the team while still working within a group. Activities for team building in Leicestershire can help members of your organisation to find their niche in the company scheme of things.

Why Choose Us?

Avalanche Adventure is located right in the centre of England on a spectacular 400-acre site offering the best outdoor activities in the country. Our Brand new air-conditioned log cabin offers you comfort and refreshments. We offer over ten activities all tailored to suit your group thus guaranteeing everyone a great day out. So if you are situated around Leicester, come on down.

As you can see, we are only a short drive from the centre of Leicester!